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Planning for

This topic has provoked a lot of debate on the mailing list and more different threads than is good for it. This page will allow us to create content for the site and spread our discussions throughout that content. Hopefully this will decrease disjointed duscussions and promote creation of useful material! It will also make it easier for new people to contribute without having to read through mailing list archives.

Please start your comments with your WikiName and spread them between the relevant sections.


Purpose of the site

SteveSmith: After reading the comments of Mark Van de Borre and [:GeemanUK:Grant] [ on the mailing list] it seems to be the consensus that [] should be something similar to [], but obviously with a UK slant.

Things to be included

Please add content here, under relavant headings.

What Ubuntu is

  • It's an alternative to Microsoft Windows
  • It's Free/Open Source Software
  • It's free as in beer
  • It's easy to set up and use, you don't have to be a geek
  • You can get free, friendly community support
  • It's being used in education

Concise, inspiring description of FOSS

SteveSmith: Could someone write something under this heading that's so short and so beautiful but that still encapsulates all the important bits that we'll all be in awe of you for weeks please! (Something that reads better than my last sentence would be a start)

Where you can get Ubuntu

  • Download it from []

  • Request it on CD free from [], which may take a few weeks at busy times

  • Buy it from third-party organisations immediately if you can't download it and need it quickly (please add known sources here)


To get you up to speed if you haven't read the mailing list:

  • The Belgian LoCoTeam maps ([ Dutch] and [ French]) have inspired the our team to create a similar map, indicating where free/non-commercial support/friendly faces can be found.

  • MatthewEast has suggested that we should first recruit people who can offer support before it's worth creating a map. In order to keep this list "live" and available for easy immediate use it is located on [:UKTeam/Support]. Please add yourself there if you can help!

  • [ Google Maps] is used by the Belgian team.

  • [:GeemanUK:Grant] has offered to deal with the coding-end of such a map.

  • You sign up for a Google Maps API key on a "per-domain" basis. It would probably be easiest for the person coding the map to temporarily sign up for it on their own domain under their own name, then when we're ready to port it to [] we can sign up for a new API key then.

  • When you click on the support points the link should go to somewhere that as well as providing a contact form should feature fun, friendly photos of support people in that area.

SteveSmith: I'm very keen to support/advertise Google maps ([ details of Google Maps APIs here], because of their whole business practice (have you seen their office? ;-)), involvement in Open Source (Summer of Code, porting Google Earth to Linux, Wine, etc.) but that's just a personal preference. Also, the map is easily zoomable, scrollable and you can navigate around it like lightning compared with any other map I've used online.

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