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How We Got Involved

This page aims to act as a collection of experiences as to how members of Team UK got involved in Open Source Software and what they do to help with the community.

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I was working as a consultant for a company Called Palmer & Webb back in 1995 when colleague called Damien Murphy first mentioned Linux from there my Landlord Andrew Hollingsworth had brought up the topic. It wasnt until 1998 that I would start installing Linux on my own PC though and I had the opportunity to trial it with Specialist Data Solutions as a possible File/mail server. That didnt catch on but when I was made redundant from there I went self employed with Wired4Life and I promoted FOSS to Small and Medium Sized Businesses in the South of England. Primarily the projects used to provide answers to clients questions are Samba, Exim, courier-imap, open-ldap, apache, mysql, php, openoffice, thunderbird and firefox. Now I use networking groups such as BNI and Federation of Small Business to promote the use of FOSS and Ubuntus community centric brand means I can stop feeling out there and start talking to the development community directly

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