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 * ["/Teams"] - PaulMellors

 * ["/UkSupport"] - PaulMellors


This page is designed to collect ideas from the UKTeam. It is envisaged that all ideas would be discussed and the good ones potentially turn into projects and get implemented, the bad ones don't. The team (and individuals) can of course decide what is good and bad.

See [#newidea Adding an Idea] for how to add an idea to the pool.


Adding an Idea


  1. Check if the idea already exists in the above list.
  2. Think of a good WikiName for the idea. It will be used to create a subpage under this page.

  3. Do a search to ensure that the page doesn't already exist.
  4. Create your page by entering the name here:
  5. Read the instructions and fill in the requested data.
  6. Come back to this page and add it to the list of ideas above.
  7. Contact the team and introduce your idea for further discussion.

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