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'''This has been replaced with [[JoeODell]]'s incarnation at the bottom of this page'''

This is the official logo for the ubuntu-uk LoCo team:

  • PNG Format (smaller version)

  • SVG Format - Note: When viewed in Firefox, the 'UK' part of the logo does not contain the Union Flag as it should. Download and view locally to rectify this.

This logo has been approved under Ubuntu's Trademark Policy.

It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please respect this.

Square logo (non approved/unofficial)

This has been replaced with JoeODell's incarnation at the bottom of this page

Originally Created for use on launchpad page Also used on last.fm group last.fm

Union Flag/Circle of Friends (non approved/unofficial)

I created this logo as an experiment using Gimp and Inkscape. Please feel free to put it to any legitimate use. ChrisRowson

Union Flag & Circle of Friends (Square) Unofficial

This is to replace the square logo that is mentioned above, as the file can't be found on the ubuntu-uk.org server. Mainly an experiment, but also made to complement a gift Smile :)

Please use this for any use which you feel fit. JoeODell


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