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 * {{attachment:uuklogo.png}}

This is the official logo for the ubuntu-uk LoCo team:

This logo has been approved under Ubuntu's Trademark Policy.

It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Please respect this.

Square logo (non approved/unofficial)

This has been replaced with JoeODell's incarnation at the bottom of this page

Originally Created for use on launchpad page Also used on last.fm group last.fm

Union Flag/Circle of Friends (non approved/unofficial)

I created this logo as an experiment using Gimp and Inkscape. Please feel free to put it to any legitimate use. ChrisRowson

Union Flag & Circle of Friends (Square) Unofficial

This is to replace the square logo that is mentioned above, as the file can't be found on the ubuntu-uk.org server. Mainly an experiment, but also made to complement a gift Smile :)

Please use this for any use which you feel fit. JoeODell


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