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This is the sixth meeting of the UKTeam, starting at 21:00 GMT and finishing at xx:xx GMT


Please type PRESENT at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. Active Atendees:


When adding an agenda item please "sign" it by leaving your name next to it. If you won't be attending the meeting please also spell out your item in detail, otherwise we can't fruitfully discuss it.

  • The Open Source Schools movement and what Ubuntu-UK can do to help. -Roberto Sarrionandia
  • What progress has been made on the mentoring document mentioned last week? - DeanSas

  • Forum and list integration - Do we, or don't we? - DeanSas

  • Political Party Conferences - What is the news from Canonical/Jono? - DeanSas

  • Comic Relief, what and how can we get involved NikButler

  • Insert agenda items here


Any Other Business

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The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is concluded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


21:03 < LoudMouthMan> #startmeeting
21:03 < Mootbot> Meeting started at 21:03. The chair is LoudMouthMan.
21:03 < dsas> c) after you've had a few spoons
21:03 < LoudMouthMan> ahh there we go , can I have a role call please say present let me know your here now.
21:03 < jayteeuk> present
21:03 < popey> dsas: already have :)
21:03 < popey> [present[
21:03 < Nik_Doof> present
21:03 < stdin> present
21:04 < LoudMouthMan> present
21:04 < dsas> popey: then a.
21:04 < dsas> present
21:04 < andy101> present
21:04 < Owdgit> present
21:05 < LoudMouthMan> anyone else ? hmm okay gazzak is a  little quiet .
21:05 < danbuntu> present
21:05 < X3N> i'm sort of here
21:05 < LoudMouthMan> so lets bring this meeting to order with the first topic
21:05 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] The Open Source Schools movement and what Ubuntu-UK can do to help - Robert Sarrionandia
21:05 < Mootbot> New topic:  The Open Source Schools movement and what Ubuntu-UK can do to help - Robert Sarrionandia
21:05 < LoudMouthMan> Robert, can you explain ?
21:06 < popey> [IDEA] Encourage people to join SchoolForge, as they are already doing this in the UK
21:06 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  Encourage people to join SchoolForge, as they are already doing this in the UK
21:06 -!- alecjw [n=alec@] has joined #ubuntu-uk
21:07 < X3N> good..
21:07 < LoudMouthMan> Any other comments , is the agenda sponsor here, popey can you expand on that ?
21:07 < popey> not really :)
21:07 < dsas> makes sense to me. No point in duplicating efforts.
21:07 < popey> yes, that's why I suggested it, exactly
21:07 -!- DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-uk
21:07 < popey> why should we do something that schoolforge is already doing
21:08 < jayteeuk> URL please popey?
21:08 < popey> and also distro-agnostic
21:08 < popey> google + schoolforge :)
21:08 < popey> = http://www.schoolforge.net/
21:08 -!- stdin changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://www.ubuntu-uk.org | Ubuntu FAQ: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/Gallery/Members add your picture | UKTeam Meeting in progress : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20070131Meeting
21:08 < Nik_Doof> From my limited experience with school computing when i worked for a council, its the council itself who usually decides their systems. So maybe some advocacy at council level?
21:08 < jayteeuk> For the record. :)
21:08 < popey> schools have some autonomy
21:08 < LoudMouthMan> then all we are left with is to ask popey for a link please and since theres nothing to agree perse id sugest we table it to discuss another time?
21:08 < danbuntu> the problem with schools is m$ practically pay them to take their software
21:08 < andy101> why does google tell me: http://www.shoolforge.org.uk ?
21:09 < popey> thats good too andy101 
21:09 < popey> indeed danbuntu 
21:09 < andy101> what happened with the EDM, anyone know?
21:09 < jayteeuk> andy101: Looks like schoolforge.net is international, whereas schoolforge.org.uk is UK-centric.
21:09 < popey> andy101: 126 signatories last count
21:10 < popey> that would make sense jayteeuk 
21:10 < popey> thanks
21:10 < danbuntu> it's worth taking a look at the karoshi project
21:10 < DaveMorris> PRESENT
21:10 < medders> PRESENT
21:10 < jamesbrose_> PRESENT
21:11 < danbuntu> http://www.karoshi.org.uk/
21:11 < LoudMouthMan> well okay but the question is how can we help the answer seems to be "go there" the question may be better phrased to chat about what we can say we will do  possibly ?
21:11 < popey> indeed, a kent lug member project iirc?
21:12 < popey> I would say we put down that we agree to encourage school requests towards schoolforge and edubuntu
21:12 < DaveMorris> Is Alistair Crust prsent? As he works in a school and has linux running prehaps hae has some more insight
21:13 < LoudMouthMan> [IDEA] invite alistair crust to come to a meeting and answer questions and tell us more about such a thing ?
21:13 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  invite alistair crust to come to a meeting and answer questions and tell us more about such a thing ?
21:13 < DaveMorris> I can't remember his nick, but he hangs around in here
21:13 < LoudMouthMan> right couple of minutes left no the topic ? anything else or shall we move on ?
21:13 < LoudMouthMan> on the topic rather .
21:14 < jayteeuk> Do we need someone to scope out schoolforge and report back?
21:14 < jayteeuk> Or just all join en-masse and see how we can muck in?
21:14 < LoudMouthMan> that would be good yes
21:14 < jayteeuk> Those who are interested, of course.
21:15 < LoudMouthMan> indeed
21:15 < LoudMouthMan> next topic ?
21:15 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC]  What progress has been made on the mentoring document mentioned last week
21:15 < Mootbot> New topic:   What progress has been made on the mentoring document mentioned last week
21:15 < jayteeuk> I'll try to see what their current activities are and how we can help.
21:15 < LoudMouthMan> none , ive been ill sorry .
21:16 < dsas> where last week means at the last meeting
21:16 < dsas> LoudMouthMan: fair enough :)
21:17 < LoudMouthMan> okay moving on <grin>
21:17 < LoudMouthMan> popey , are we okay to move on or are there anything else you want to add ?
21:17 < popey> no
21:17 < popey> i am aware of nothing
21:17 -!- mafitzpatrick [n=martin@82-35-214-81.cable.ubr08.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-uk
21:17 < popey> [FACT]
21:17 < LoudMouthMan> cool
21:17 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Forum and list integration - Do we, or don't we?
21:17 < Mootbot> New topic:  Forum and list integration - Do we, or don't we?
21:18 < LoudMouthMan> dsas ?
21:18 < dsas> Right, we discussed this last week, and I don't think really reached a consensus...
21:18 < dsas> uhm, last meeting rather.
21:19 < LoudMouthMan> I believe we hoped for some feedback from MDKE and Neuro_ , now Neuro_ is recording . and I cant see mdke ?
21:19 < dsas> It's technically possible to create a list to forum gateway, where messages on the forum are mailed to the list, and list mails are posted on the forum. Is it something we want?
21:19 < jayteeuk> Was it agreed to enable the forum/list synchronisation on a trial basis?
21:19 < popey> i believe it was
21:19 < jayteeuk> Or was is simply suggested?
21:20 < popey> I think there was overall consensus
21:20 < LoudMouthMan> it was . but we didnt know how .
21:20 < andy101> there has always been a basic web viewer, could we not add a form to that and have the server do the mailling?
21:20 < popey> we speak to the forum people
21:20 < popey> pricechild for example
21:20  * jayteeuk scuttles off to find last meeting's minutes.
21:20 < dsas> andy101: That is not the same as being part of ubuntuforums.org
21:21 < popey> generally "people" want there to be a forum
21:21 < popey> other people dont want to split the community
21:21 < popey> generally the former people hang out on forums
21:21 < jayteeuk> Mailing List It was suggested that a trial of using [ANNOUNCE] in the subject lines for headers on the Ubuntu-UK Mailing list would be proposed by ? and reviewed for a later date.
21:21 < popey> the latter hang out on lists
21:22 < popey> jayteeuk: that wasnt it
21:22 < dsas> right, but this is a Third Way. we get the best of both worlds...
21:22 < popey> that was after we discussed having another list
21:22 < LoudMouthMan> jayteeuk yes that was not related to forum intergration perse
21:22 < popey> not the forum
21:22 < jayteeuk> Ah yes, there's a later item.
21:22 < jayteeuk> MDKE and Neuro_ would investigate the issues relating to intergration of forums and mailists and report back to the team.
21:23 < popey> postpone and chase then
21:23 < LoudMouthMan> My personal view is if a forum wants to exists or a maillist or irc or a group down the pub or three guys in a bus shelter all can exist the question needs to keep being addressed how do we cross communicate to avoid duplication which is the reason people google get confused and come to one place or another and dont know where to start
21:24 < andy101> is neuro_ here?
21:24 < LoudMouthMan> agreed postpone until later .
21:24 < LoudMouthMan> no its a HLR night.
21:24 < popey> andy101: no, he is busy
21:24 < andy101> k
21:24 < dsas> LoudMouthMan: the forums integration will mean all forum messages go to the list and all list messages go to the forum. there's no community splitting and no duplication.
21:24 < jayteeuk> ISTR someone pointed out nabble.
21:24 < jayteeuk> As an example of how it might work.
21:24 < popey> jayteeuk: still no good
21:24 < LoudMouthMan> dsas I know , i hope it works it would be a good thing .
21:24 < popey> that isn't ubuntu forums
21:24 < popey> it's okay
21:24 < jayteeuk> And I think there was some bad feeling towards it. :)
21:24 < popey> all this is possible
21:25 < popey> its just getting people to fscking well do it
21:25 < popey> IMO
21:25 < LoudMouthMan> meanwhile I think we are agreed to table this for now and move on ?
21:25 < popey> yus
21:25 < jayteeuk> Yep.
21:25 < popey> [yes]
21:26 < LoudMouthMan> [AGREE] table this topic until it can be reported back on effectively ?
21:26 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Political Party Conferences - What is the news from Canonical/Jono?
21:26 < Mootbot> New topic:  Political Party Conferences - What is the news from Canonical/Jono?
21:26 < popey> did anyone contact Jono/Canonical?
21:26 < LoudMouthMan> Ive been pointed in the direction of another person at canonical I will email and chat with them about whats and ifs  other than that theres nothing new here yet.
21:27 < LoudMouthMan> popey : yep me .
21:27 < dsas> LoudMouthMan: Cool
21:27 < popey> groovy
21:28 < LoudMouthMan> Since im actually visiting many local MPs and Local Councillors theres a lot to report / talk about in the future but nothing id define just now.
21:28 < dsas> LoudMouthMan: Sounds like you're putting in quite some effort!
21:29 < LoudMouthMan> dsas : thanks . but its all just bridge building at present.
21:29 < popey> pssst, he wants to be PM :)
21:30 < jayteeuk> Out come the posters. ;)
21:30 < dsas> LoudMouthMan for PM and popey for president? Sounds good for free software.
21:30 < LoudMouthMan> popey : ironically I do want to be involved in local politics and my local party , me for PM ? hmm why not .. you for president after all <grin>
21:30 < popey> hahah
21:30 < LoudMouthMan> anyway moving onto the next topic
21:30 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Comic Relief, what and how can we get involved
21:30 < Mootbot> New topic:  Comic Relief, what and how can we get involved
21:31 < LoudMouthMan> Comic Relief is 16th of March and will be a very public event. id like to request ideas for what we can do at LUG and National levels to promote Ubuntu and benefit Comic Relief on the day . I
21:31 < LoudMouthMan> Ideas should be tabled lets not worry about whats practical just ideas....
21:32 < LoudMouthMan> [IDEA] sponsored bug fixing
21:32 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  sponsored bug fixing
21:32 < popey> [IDEA] wiki page for suggestions
21:32 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  wiki page for suggestions
21:32 < popey> (for comic relief)
21:32 < jayteeuk> Damn, I'll be on my way to South Africa that day.
21:32 < popey> takes the pressure off us actually coming up with anything now)
21:32 < LoudMouthMan> popey good point i'll build that and ping the lists/forums as well.
21:32 < LoudMouthMan> sure but im open now the mootbots got space <Grin>
21:32 < DaveMorris> [IDEA} Install fest
21:32 < Mootbot> IDEA received: [IDEA} Install fest
21:33 < popey> might be a bit late to schedule one of them
21:33 < LoudMouthMan> well its an idea . any more ?
21:33 < PriceChild> hey dsas #
21:33 < popey> I know a guy who has organised a large-scale linux installfest in the past
21:34 < popey> he can provide pointers
21:34 < danbuntu> [IDEA] sponsered hack together a relevent program
21:34 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  sponsered hack together a relevent program
21:34 < popey> last time I spoke to him he said "never, ever again"
21:34 < Nik_Doof> lol
21:34 < LoudMouthMan> [IDEA] sponsor a day blog one for each canonical staff member or developer to write about what they are doing on 16th march
21:34 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  sponsor a day blog one for each canonical staff member or developer to write about what they are doing on 16th march
21:34 < popey> [IDEA] make a game? a comic relief based one
21:34 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  make a game? a comic relief based one
21:35 < andy101> I like that idea
21:35 < DaveMorris> [IDEA] Comic relief theme for ubuntu
21:35 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  Comic relief theme for ubuntu
21:35 < popey> python + pygame or something
21:35 < jayteeuk> I like the idea.
21:35 < popey> ooo, I LIKE that DaveMorris 
21:35 < popey> they will already have desktop images I guess
21:35 < LoudMouthMan> me too for the davemorris
21:35 < popey> but we could have icons etc
21:35 < DaveMorris> icons, screen saver, small games
21:36 < popey> yeah
21:36 < dsas> yeah that does sound like a good idea DaveMorris. Do we have artistic people?
21:36 < DaveMorris> link to donate
21:36 < jayteeuk> Penguins, but with Pudsey instead. :)
21:36 < LoudMouthMan> okay so we are agreed we want to do it  and a tux witha rednose ?
21:36 < popey> heh
21:36 < popey> yeah
21:36 < popey> the ubuntu logo with a red nose in the middle
21:36 < LoudMouthMan> pudsey is children in need, comic relief is Red Nose.
21:36 < popey> or something
21:36 < jayteeuk> Yeah, Comic Relief, not Children in Need.
21:37  * Seeker` returns
21:37 < popey> [IDEA] re-theme our site for the day?
21:37 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  re-theme our site for the day?
21:37 < DaveMorris> but we get a head start on Children in Need using the same ideas
21:37 < LoudMouthMan> wb Seeker`
21:37 < popey> none of this actually raises money though eh?
21:37 < DaveMorris> I'd theme it for the week starting 16th
21:37 < Seeker`> ty
21:37 < LoudMouthMan> Davemorris indeed.
21:37 < popey> yus
21:38 < DaveMorris> raising awareness helps to raise the money
21:38 < jayteeuk> Only if we have a donate link or something I guess.
21:38 < LoudMouthMan> okay so are we agreed to do something to 1) raise money 2) make something newsworthy regarding Ubuntu and Comic Relief for th 16th ?
21:38 < popey> yus
21:38 < andy101> [IDEA] Sell Ubuntu CDs (and/or other FOSS), donate profits to RND
21:38 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  Sell Ubuntu CDs (and/or other FOSS), donate profits to RND
21:39 < popey> good one
21:39 < LoudMouthMan> I'll volunteer to manage the rundown on this and accept any helpers unless someone feel strongly enough to take it on .
21:39 < Seeker`> [idea
21:40 < Seeker`> [idea] sponsered something
21:40 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  sponsered something
21:40 < LoudMouthMan> well then , any other ideas ?
21:40 < DaveMorris> [IDEA] london mathron dressed as Tux
21:40 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  london mathron dressed as Tux
21:41 < Seeker`> [IDEA] tube marathon, wearing ubuntu logos
21:41 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  tube marathon, wearing ubuntu logos
21:41 < popey> [IDEA] london marathon dressed as linford christie dressed as Tux
21:41 < DaveMorris> thought I'd bring it up now as it will involve a bit of training before hand
21:41 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  london marathon dressed as linford christie dressed as Tux
21:41 < Seeker`> where you try to get round all of the tube stations in 24 hrs
21:41 < LoudMouthMan> [AGREE] plan to be involved in Comic Relief on 16th March and to define a project via a wiki page to host ideas.
21:41 < jayteeuk> Does Ubuntu have a similar iconic character?
21:41 < popey> no jayteeuk 
21:41 < Seeker`> jayteeuk: popey
21:41 < popey> just the circle of friends
21:41 < DaveMorris> [IDEA] create ubuntu iconic character
21:41 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  create ubuntu iconic character
21:41 < LoudMouthMan> so Gentleman and Ladies, any other business?
21:41 < jayteeuk> Which is a bit difficult to dress up as. :)
21:41 < popey> lol
21:42 < LoudMouthMan> im still working on the ingredients to a ubuntu pizza
21:42 < Seeker`> I would like to advertise the Ubuntu Scribes
21:42 < LoudMouthMan> Seeker` you have topic.
21:42 < LoudMouthMan> [TOPIC] Ubuntu-Scribes
21:42 < Mootbot> New topic:  Ubuntu-Scribes
21:42 < Seeker`> right
21:42 < DaveMorris> what are ubuntu scribes?
21:42  * popey gets some wine and sausages
21:42 < popey> i suspect Seeker` is typing that right now da    
21:43 < popey> er
21:43 < popey> DaveMorris: 
21:43 < Seeker`> I am trying to set up a new team, called the Ubuntu Scribes
21:43 < jayteeuk> Pass it round popey. ;)
21:43 < Seeker`> The main aim of the group is to create a centralised repository of meeting logs
21:43 < Seeker`> and to improve the quality of meeting summaries
21:43 -!- GazzaK [n=Dogbert@unaffiliated/GazzaK] has joined #ubuntu-uk
21:43 < popey> you know scribes is a package in ubuntu?
21:44 < Seeker`> This will be aided by MootBot
21:44 < popey> \o/ Mootbot 
21:44  * Mootbot 
21:44 < GazzaK> sorry I am late
21:44  * Mootbot bows
21:45 -!- rbs-tito [n=tito@host86-128-219-33.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-uk
21:45 < rbs-tito> hi
21:45 < Seeker`> We are having our first meeting to decided how exactly we can do this in #ubuntu-scribes on 5th February
21:45 < Seeker`> at 2000 UTC
21:45 < DaveMorris> UTC=GMT?
21:45 < Seeker`> yes
21:45 < LoudMouthMan> I think a  point is that we feel the Ubuntu-uk had productive and controlled meetings with clear output and goal settings which leads to productive and synergistic realisation of ideals. we want to share it with other teams.
21:45 < Ruffles> I dig, You dig, He digs, We dig, They dig. Not poetic, but deep...
21:46 < Ruffles> DaveMorris, UTC isn't GMT
21:46 < popey> Bullshitometer just exploded LoudMouthMan 
21:46 < jayteeuk> Give or take a second or too. :)
21:46 < jayteeuk> s/too/swo
21:46 < dsas> \o/ synergy
21:46 < andy101> Ruffles: yes it is
21:46 < jayteeuk> Sod it
21:46 < Ruffles> andy101, no it's not
21:46 < andy101> what time do you make it UTC?
21:46 < DaveMorris> I wish I never asked now
21:46 < popey> it is right now 
21:46 < LoudMouthMan> okay how about . our meetings make things happen e.g. screencasts, edm, mootbot, wikipages etc etc
21:46 < Ruffles> andy101, gmt = greenwhich meridian time.. utc = universal time something..
21:47 < LoudMouthMan> we want to share that experience and the benefits of mootbot.
21:47 < popey> andy101: Ruffles: please dont argue about this, we are having a meeting
21:47 < DaveMorris> yeah sounds like a good idea
21:47 < popey> i say we pimp ubuntu-scribes meeting 
21:47 < popey> Seeker`: have you created a team?
21:47 < Seeker`> popey: +1
21:47 < jayteeuk> Certainly something the community would benefit from.
21:47 < Seeker`> we are in the process of creating it
21:47 < DaveMorris> *tries to find his diray
21:48 < popey> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-scribes
21:48  * popey joins
21:48 -!- jamesbrose_ [n=jamesbro@cpc3-bolt6-0-0-cust407.manc.cable.ntl.com] has quit ["Nooooo!"]
21:48 < Seeker`> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam
21:48 < DaveMorris> [IDEA] bot which you can subscribe to and it reminds on that day about it
21:48 < LoudMouthMan> I will be attending and I know seeker` put a lot of work and heart into mootbot. I think constructive and controlled meetings are the way to go for many irc meetings . if only to avoid catching the late trains home in the future eh popey .
21:48 < DaveMorris> about meetings in irc
21:48 < Mootbot> IDEA received:  bot which you can subscribe to and it reminds on that day about it
21:50 < Seeker`> DaveMorris: That may take a while to do
21:50 < andy101> Does launchpad not have a calendar or something?
21:50 < popey> yes
21:50 < dsas> no
21:50 < popey> for official meetings
21:50 < popey> there is a system isn't there?
21:50 < dsas> they took the calendar out.
21:50 < popey> oh :(
21:51 < LoudMouthMan> So thanks again to seeker` for the bot and lets see if we can help make things happen well and ordered.
21:51 < dsas> they said no-one uses it and it had issues...or something.
21:51 < DaveMorris> seeker, just an emailing system would do
21:52 < Seeker`> DaveMorris: Its the keeping track of meetings that is more difficult
21:52 < dsas> DaveMorris: It's not very fine-grained, but there is a calendar feed available on fridge.ubuntu.com
21:52 < LoudMouthMan> okay well there isa  meeting to discuss the finite varieties of the project so lets note this and give ausimage and seeker` some ubunutu-uk support .
21:53 < PriceChild> ping dsas
21:53 < dsas> pong PriceChild
21:53 < PriceChild> dsas, <ubuntu-geek> Yeah we could setup something for sure.
21:53 < LoudMouthMan> so do we have any other business ?
21:53 < jayteeuk> andy101: Ruffles: DaveMorris: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTC
21:53 < jayteeuk> I have more of a question really.
21:54 < andy101> BBC Consultation?
21:54 < LoudMouthMan> go on
21:54 < jayteeuk> So I'm happy for it not to be an official topic.
21:54 < LoudMouthMan> well ask and ill decide <grin>
21:54 < dsas> LoudMouthMan: Yeah, PriceChild has been in touch with UbuntuGeek and said we can set up forum integration
21:54 -!- rbs-tito [n=tito@host86-128-219-33.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:54 < Ruffles> jayteeuk, i already know UTC isn't GMT
21:54 < LoudMouthMan> dsas : okay lets table this for now ill note it later .
21:54 < Ruffles> jayteeuk, but thanks anyway
21:55 < LoudMouthMan> jayteeuk fire away
21:55 < jayteeuk> Relating to advocacy.  When handing out CDs to people and lending them support getting started, is there a way of demonstrating it in support of Ubuntu membership application?
21:55 < popey> jayteeuk: help them via the support ticket system :)
21:56 < popey> then its all documented
21:56 < PriceChild> a present ubuntu member being able to back you would also do probably...
21:56 < popey> they like to see evidence of work done
21:56 < GazzaK> jayteeuk, you could get a few to join the CC meetings to "\o/ yay" you?
21:56 < jayteeuk> For example, does the LiveCD or a fresh install ask "How did you get your Ubuntu disc?" or something?
21:56 < jayteeuk> Just a thought really.
21:56 < popey> no, but you could sick a label on the back of the cardboard cover "For support, call me - jayteeuk .."
21:57 < LoudMouthMan> jayteeuk good question . directly no theres no clear answer but if your an advocate then you could ask them to blog ( http://paulshepard.wordpress.com ) or get them to come into the irc and the community . I guess.
21:57 < popey> but make sure you have evidence of your work
21:57 < GazzaK> or just blame popey and put his personal number on it?
21:57 < popey> wiki pages, launchpad entries, whatever
21:57 < LoudMouthMan> popey : good point , ive yet to find out who we can ask to edit the cd cover cardboard containers to create a suitable blank space for just such a label.
21:58 < jayteeuk> So generally get them to use the "official channels" where possible.
21:58 < jayteeuk> And big me up in IRC when they get the chance. :)
21:58 -!- danbuntu [n=dan@82-45-115-193.stb.ubr03.maid.blueyonder.co.uk] has quit ["screw you guy's, I'm going home- (oh wait, i'm already there)"]
21:58 < LoudMouthMan> jayteeuk : better question is : are you thinking of becoming a Ubuntumember ?
21:59 < LoudMouthMan> because id like to see some new members put forward if possible.
21:59 < jayteeuk> LoudMouthMan: Yes, I'd love to.
21:59  * Seeker` wants to be a member
21:59 < PriceChild> LoudMouthMan, I saw a really good design by i think it was ohio...
21:59 < jayteeuk> But I don't think I'm anywhere near that level of contribution yet.
21:59 < LoudMouthMan> Seeker` you should , and jayteeuk youd get my sponsorship.
21:59 < PriceChild> LoudMouthMan, they're basically sorting their own dvd case labels and a booklet for inside.
21:59 < GazzaK> I'd like to be a member too, someday
21:59 < stdin> reminds me to actually get round to my wiki page
22:00 < PriceChild> GazzaK, never happen.... the whole irc council would perma ban you at the mere suggestion :P
22:00 < Nik_Doof> i actually need to start contributing
22:00 < Nik_Doof> instead of idling
22:00 < LoudMouthMan> cruel PriceChild, cruel .. .heheh
22:00 < jayteeuk> I do also intend to add myself to the support page on ubuntu.com once I've sorted out my web site.
22:00 < andy101> oh but idling is so much easier
22:00 < Seeker`> LoudMouthMan: If ubuntu-scribes gets going do you think it would be enough to get membership?
22:00 < LoudMouthMan> yes Nik_doof and by the way , welcome to the channel <Grin>
22:00 < jayteeuk> Well, request to be added at least.
22:00 < Nik_Doof> thank you :)
22:00 < LoudMouthMan> Seeker` mootbot should be enough in my opinion. but yes.
22:00 < GazzaK> oh, news update - my last convertee, is very very happy with ubuntu, and she (who is 9) thinks "it's wicked" and so much better than windows :-)))
22:00 < LoudMouthMan> and Nik_doof since my name is Nik ... hello also
22:01 < GazzaK> PriceChild, thats horrid :'(
22:01  * PriceChild huggles GazzaK 
22:01 < LoudMouthMan> okay I think we can wrap up this meeting yes ?
22:01 < andy101> I have something
22:01 < LoudMouthMan> andy101 go on ?
22:01 < GazzaK> did I miss anything important btw?
22:01 < DaveMorris> is there a link for ubuntu membership info?
22:01 < PriceChild> !member | DaveMorris
22:01 < ubotu> DaveMorris: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember
22:02 < jayteeuk> DaveMorris: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMemberHowto
22:02 < LoudMouthMan> andy101 go on .
22:02 < andy101> Are we as the Ubuntu-uk community, or canonical them selves going to respond to the BBC trusts call for concultation, particularly about downloads for non windows platforms?
22:02 < jayteeuk> Oh OK. :)
22:02 < popey> we should
22:02 < popey> individually
22:02 < popey> more voices == better
22:02 < stdin> how about as an "entity" too ?
22:03 < LoudMouthMan> andy101 I think we should individually and we should Blog and mail list about our responses as well.
22:03 < popey> does ubuntu-uk pay a license fee?
22:03 < jayteeuk> :D
22:03 < DaveMorris> how about an open letter which we sign at LUG's
22:03 < stdin> popey: good point :P
22:03 < popey> nope
22:03 < popey> individuals DaveMorris 
22:03 < LoudMouthMan> Canonical is not equal to ubuntu as a community so think of them just like a whole other company whom happen to pay money for ubuntu stuff to happen , if that makes sense
22:03 < popey> open letter == one person doing work, lots of signatures
22:03 < popey> individuals == lots of people == lots of license payers
22:04 < popey> they dont want a letter or a petition, they want feedback
22:04 < popey> the site clearly asks specific questions
22:04 < LoudMouthMan> but we should begin to learn from our experiences re: EDM in order to be better at campaigning. so we should add this to our knowledge of how to approach it.
22:04 < jayteeuk> I think it has to be done on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes it would be better to approach as an organisation, but in this case I agree it'd be better to go as individuals.
22:04 < stdin> 1000 letters/email is going to get more attention than 1
22:04 < popey> IMO individuals should answer those questions individually
22:04 < popey> stdin: ++
22:05 < popey> jayteeuk: if the organisation were a TV lobby group, yes, I would agree
22:05 < popey> we aren't though
22:05 < LoudMouthMan> indeed. i have answered them.
22:05 < DaveMorris> which carries more weight?  Mail or email?
22:05 < popey> neither
22:05 < GazzaK> mail
22:05 < Nik_Doof> mail
22:05 < popey> use the form they ask you to fill in!
22:05 < GazzaK> email is very light :p
22:05 < LoudMouthMan> the postman ?
22:06 < LoudMouthMan> no sorry <grin>
22:06 < jayteeuk> Popey: URL again please, for the record?
22:06 < popey> http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/consult/open-consultations/ondemand_services.html#
22:06 < LoudMouthMan> right have we answered the question ?
22:06 < andy101> I think so
22:06 < popey> read the pdf, follow instructions, answer questions
22:06 < jayteeuk> You saw that coming. ;)
22:07 < popey> I need to go
22:07 < popey> are we done?
22:07 < LoudMouthMan> andy101 okay , can I ask you to refer to the last meeting notes we are trying to co-ordinate campaign data and howtos specific to EDMs if your interested could you add/give thought to the document as well relating to this.
22:07 < LoudMouthMan> I believe we are done .
22:07 < stdin> if everyone can Add/Edit your Comic Relief ideas here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/CharityWork/ComicReliefIdeas :)
22:07 < LoudMouthMan> stdin : cheers <grin>
22:07 < stdin> no problem :D
22:07 < LoudMouthMan> okay so shall we meet in 2 or 3 weeks time ?
22:08 < Seeker`> 3
22:08 < LoudMouthMan> 14th or 21st <grin>
22:08 < Seeker`> 14th
22:08 < Seeker`> 9pm
22:08 < popey> hahah
22:08 < DaveMorris> 21st would be safer
22:08 < LoudMouthMan> err you mean 21st at 9pm <grin>
22:08 < jayteeuk> I think so. :)
22:08 < popey> for your nuts?
22:08 < DaveMorris> yeah
22:08 < LoudMouthMan> i know we are geeks but some of us want typing privileges...
22:08 < popey> agreed
22:09  * popey takes away LoudMouthMans typing privs
22:09 < DaveMorris> My misses gets violent at times
22:09 -!- elate [n=elate@] has quit ["All I want for Christmas is a sleeping pattern."]
22:09 < popey> chmod -w LoudMouthMan 
22:09 < LoudMouthMan> [AGREE] the next meeting of the Ubuntu-UK will be on the 21st February at 9pm
22:09 < popey> \o/
22:09 < LoudMouthMan> #ENDMEETING
22:09 < popey> one week before fosdem
22:09 < Mootbot> Meeting finished at 22:09.
22:09 < jayteeuk> Rock on.
22:09 < popey> we should arrange a meet up there too :)
22:09 < LoudMouthMan> well done everyone and thanks for your time .. another productive meeting is in the can.
22:10 < LoudMouthMan> popey agreed: