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 *  * [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningCommunityStands Community Stands] NikButler kicked this off and wondered if any other UK people had some input.

This will be the seventh meeting of the UKTeam, starting at 21:00 GMT and finishing at xx:xx GMT


Please type PRESENT at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention. Active Atendees:


When adding an agenda item please "sign" it by leaving your name next to it. If you won't be attending the meeting please also spell out your item in detail, otherwise we can't fruitfully discuss it.

  • Getting things moving. , NikButler says lets focus on wrapping up items from previous meetings and tabling other items until a later ( agreed ) date.

  • Comic Relief , NikButler says yes/no/maybe to LUG/local events you can do.

  • Expos and Events, NikButler reviews upcomming meetings and who will be responsible for event organisation e.g Guadec, Lugradio, LWE2007 .


Any Other Business

Guide Lines

The chairman of the meeting should endeavour to ensure that key points are discussed in an appropriate time. Key Topics from the Agenda should be tabled in the channel using a market such as [ TOPIC ] or * TOPIC * Followed by the agenda item. Where Suggestions or Ideas are put forward and considered as acceptable to the group then it should be noted by the Chairman as [ IDEA ] or * IDEA * . Where a concept is discussed and agreed the use of [ AGREED ] or * AGREED * should be defined by the chairman and should signify the topic is discussed and the meeting is to move on. Be clear on the channel when the meeting is concluded and how and when the minutes will be posted.


Logs go here


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