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Meeting opened by DJones at 19:59

  • <danfish> brobostigon: agree re footie, but wife loves it Sad :(

    <brobostigon> oh well.

    <brobostigon> present

    <AlanBell> present

    <theopensourcerer> present

    <MunkyJunky> present

    <screen-x> present

    <Lord-Readman> present

    <Gadget3000> present

    <Yorvyk> present

    <DJones> present

    <Azelphur> present

    <danfish> present

    <DJones> Another Ubuntu-uk team meeting, a few progress reports and a couple of new agenda items

    <DJones> Daviey: You around for a progress report?

    <YaManicKill> present

    <dutchie> present

    <YaManicKill> but busy

    <issyl0> Hello.

    <DJones> I'll take that as a no, for now, next one from the agenda

    <YaManicKill> won't be long

    <DJones> [PROGRESS REPORT] lucyb to work with MunkyJunky and gord to plan Manchester Jam

lucyb to work with MunkyJunky and gord to plan Manchester Jam

  • <popey> o/

    <MunkyJunky> It's going good, basically.

    <MunkyJunky> We have the venue & apparent interest from people

    <dutchie> 19:07:31 * Daviey would like to raise that is most likely i won't be here for the meeting

    <DJones> dutchie: Thanks

    <MunkyJunky> Everything is more or less set, so now we're going to do some more publicising before the event, but thats about it.

    <Gadget3000> Has anyone else said that they want to do presentations?

    <MunkyJunky> As far as I'm aware, we just have the bug presentation Saturday morning

    <MunkyJunky> Lucy seemed more on top of presentations than I was, as she knew the appropriate people.

    <daubers> present (sorry net died)

    <DJones> Is Lucy likely to be around for the meeting? Gord didn't expect to be here

    <Gadget3000> Maybe we could suggest presentation topics and people could volunteer? May get more interest

    <MunkyJunky> I don't think she will be, DJones

    <MunkyJunky> Gadget3000: Me Lucy & Gord talked about that, but we decided that could make it too formal

    <MunkyJunky> The idea was people can just turn up and help out as much as they can, not run it like a highly organised board meeting

    <Gadget3000> makes sense

    <DJones> ok, anything else on that point?

    <AlanBell> MunkyJunky: date and venue?

    <MunkyJunky> We'll have people (i.e. gord) about to help people when needed, but we also realised people thought they needed a high technical skill for it, which they dont.

    <MunkyJunky> AlanBell: See, I should know that off the top of my head. One sec.

    <MunkyJunky> Date: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March, 10am - 4pm.

    <Gadget3000> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ManchesterJam10-04

    <MunkyJunky> Venue: Madlab Manchester, 36-40 Edge Street (Northern Quarter)

    <DJones> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ManchesterJam10-04

  • <DJones> Thanks MunkyJunky

    <MunkyJunky> If anyone feels like Tweeting/denting/blogging about it too, it'd be appreciated to help get the word out even more.

    <MunkyJunky> Oh yea, one last thing:

    <MunkyJunky> If anyone here is attending: bring a mug for tea/coffee! Wink ;)

    <DJones> [PROGRESS REPORT] AlanBell to follow up on Showcase Lucid Launch Party

AlanBell to follow up on Showcase Lucid Launch Party

  • <AlanBell> The update is that Canonical want to just do the pissup in a bar kind of party rather than a product launch event on the 29th April.

    <AlanBell> They are aiming to find a slightly less noisy bar with slightly more room. I did point out that finding one with an 18 age limit would exclude fewer people than one with a 21 age limit so they will take that on board too.

    <AlanBell> They would be interested in doing a community led professional event perhaps in late May after UDS. They have done a number of business focussed events in the past but had issues getting the right people to attend. They were interested in the concept of a community led "Invite the boss" kind of event

    <AlanBell> done

    <DJones> [PROGRESS REPORT] daubers More planning and discussion for real life training events

daubers More planning and discussion for real life training events

  • <daubers> I'm going to run a workshop at Oggcamp, and base future planning from that

    <daubers> Everyone still seems quite eager to see a few more run Smile :)

    <daubers> Am open to suggestions and whatnot as usual though.

    <AlanBell> [LINK] http://oggcamp.org/

  • <daubers> Otherwise thats it. I'm liasing with the training team as and when

    <DJones> Ok, moving on

    <DJones> [PROGRESS REPORT] popey Discussion about new policies to be done in ML. To be reviewed and finalised for policy at next meeting (popey to start discussion on ML)

popey Discussion about new policies to be done in ML. To be reviewed and finalised for policy at next meeting (popey to start discussion on ML)

  • <popey> not done

    <DJones> ok, that was a nice short one, YaManicKill are you back yet?

    <popey> on the to-do list

    <AlanBell> is that one being carried forward or dropped?

    <DJones> Is it worth going to the list with it now, or do we stick with whats been happening over the last 2 months

    <popey> good question

    <popey> what do you think?

    <Gadget3000> Sorry but is ML mailing list?

    <DJones> yes it is

    <Gadget3000> k ty

    <Gadget3000> Why was it decided that new policies were needed?

    <AlanBell> pretty happy with the status quo personally

    <DJones> Not everybody who uses IRC uses the mailing list & vice versa

    <Gadget3000> Why not use the mailing list to encourage people more onto using IRC?

    <popey> thats a separate issue

    <AlanBell> so this was about how on-topic we keep the #ubuntu-uk channel

    <popey> i dont think we can force people to join irc

    <popey> most people are pretty set in their ways

    <Gadget3000> true

    <popey> generally speaking you're either a mailing list person, a forums person or an irc person

    <popey> not many people are all 3

    <DJones> Gadget3000: At a point, people were going quite far off topic, probably everybody at some point, the suggestion was that if that was happening and people came for support, they could get put off from the channel, so we asked if people could try and keep a bit more on topic and if somebody came for help while an offtopic discussion was going on, for it be suspended or taken to another channel for a short time

    <theopensourcerer> ml's & forums are nice because they are asynchronus. IRC ins't.

    <screen-x> I would be interested in knowing the bounds of acceptable off-topicness

    <brobostigon> good question screen-x

    <YaManicKill> back

    <YaManicKill> man alive...sorry bout that

    <AlanBell> ok, so it still has merit as an activity, popey: still willing to take it on?

    <popey> ok

    <popey> screen-x: basically dont piss people off

    <AlanBell> great, lets carry it forward and move on

    <popey> thats it in a nutshell Smile :)

    <screen-x> Smile :)

    <DJones> screen-x: Give me a sec, I think there's a link from the last meeting

    <DJones> [LINK] http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/oAOozkiuN8

  • <DJones> Sorry, that wrong, ignore that one

    <DJones> screen-x: I'll try & find it & let you have the link

    <screen-x> DJones: Thanks.

    <DJones> Moving to the last progress report

    <brobostigon> iwould be interested in that info aswell please DJones

    <DJones> [PROGRESS REPORT] YaManicKill investigate a possible launch party in Scotland

YaManicKill investigate a possible launch party in Scotland

  • <YaManicKill> ok...

    <YaManicKill> venue and date are confirmed

    <YaManicKill> lemme just double check...

    <YaManicKill> think it is 5th May

    <YaManicKill> at Strathclyde Uni's Union

    <brobostigon> screen-x: could you linkme up with that please, when youhave it from DJones please,

    <YaManicKill> I've put it into the lucid release parties page

    <YaManicKill> we have people interested on going

    <YaManicKill> quite a few, infact

    <DJones> brobostigon: If you don't get it, let me in a few days

    <YaManicKill> and apart from that, just looking through docs seeing what people have done for previous release parties and deciding if there are going to be talks/presentations etc...

    <brobostigon> will do, thanks DJones

    <YaManicKill> done

    <DJones> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Making Meetings Awesome

AlanBell - Making Meetings Awesome

  • <popey> Smile :)

    <AlanBell> OK, so this is following on from last meeting where we introduced some new meeting topics including a new agenda format, a set of guidelines and a modified mootbot that outputs minutes in moin wiki syntax.

    <AlanBell> #

    <AlanBell> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/Meeting/Guidelines

  • <popey> (which is awesome)

    <YaManicKill> +1

    <AlanBell> yup, you will see the minutes later!

    <AlanBell> ok, so any questions or points people want to raise about this, in particular the guidelines?

    <dutchie> AlanBell: have you turned into jono with a topic name like that? Wink ;)

    <AlanBell> Making Meetings Rock!!

    <YaManicKill> lol

    <popey> its tricky

    <screen-x> \m/eeting

    <popey> meetings are inherently dull

    <brobostigon> agreed popey

    <popey> we (as a loco) need to be doing more 'things'

    <popey> whatever those are

    <YaManicKill> can i also say that i like having it in here rather than #ubuntu-uk

    <Gadget3000> I think more brainstorming might be good to get more ideas floating about and more than 1 preson involved in the planning/execution of a topic

    <Gadget3000> *person

    <popey> bug jams, translation sessionss whatever

    <YaManicKill> popey: +1 - however, very few people up here to do stuff with

    <AlanBell> Gadget3000: yes, the progress reports bits are supposed to be one person reporting, the topics bits are more of an open discussion

    <popey> YaManicKill: you'd be surprised

    <Gadget3000> Agreed. More group stuff maybe

    <YaManicKill> popey: really? i only know 1 other person who is actively involved in the loco who lives in scotland

    <Gadget3000> AlanBell: ok. I new to this whole meeting thing Wink ;-)

    <popey> get more people involved then Smile :)

    <AlanBell> Gadget3000: the new format is new to everyone!

    <Gadget3000> In which case I think this new format is working well Big Grin :)

    <YaManicKill> popey: theres a limit to what i can do. lots of studying, and planning for wedding, and work. but yeah, am doing stuff :-P

    <AlanBell> so are we ready to vote on adopting the guidelines?

    <YaManicKill> yup

    <Gadget3000> I am

    <Lord-Readman> yes

    <DJones> [VOTE] Adopt the proposed meeting guidelines

Motion: Adopt the proposed meeting guidelines

  • <YaManicKill> should we vote to see if we are ready to vote? :-P

    <YaManicKill> +1

    <DJones> +1

    <AlanBell> +1

    <screen-x> +1

    <MunkyJunky> +1

    <theopensourcerer> +1

    <Yorvyk> +1

    <TonyP> +1

    <brobostigon> +1

    <Lord-Readman> +1

    <popey> +1

    <Gadget3000> +1

    <MunkyJunky> I get the feeling these new guidelines are popular.

    <DJones> [ENDVOTE]

Results: 12 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstained.

Overall: 12

Motion Carried: Adopt the proposed meeting guidelines

  • <YaManicKill> MunkyJunky: i disagree :-P

    <AlanBell> great, thanks all

    <DJones> AlanBell: Your work looks to be a resounding sucess

    <DJones> [TOPIC] Lord-Readman - English (Great Britain) Translations

Lord-Readman - English (Great Britain) Translations

  • <Lord-Readman> Hello

    <Lord-Readman> ok, At the beginning of 2010, the Untranslated Ubuntu (en_GB) strings figure stood at over 70,000.

    <Lord-Readman> Now at the beginning of March that figure now stands at under 7,000!

    <Lord-Readman> If members of the translation team could really try and set aside some time for this important project, then the Ubuntu en_GB translations could be near complete by Ubuntu 10.04 Beta1.

    <Lord-Readman> This target would require a total of 750 translations each day by the team until Beta1.

    <Lord-Readman> Hopefully with a small number of members doing around 50-200 a day this would become an easy target.

    <Lord-Readman> Anyone wanting to help with the effort should review the EnglishTranslation Guidelines (see links below) and join the team to get cracking.

    <Lord-Readman> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EnglishTranslation

  • Gadget3000 is signing up now

    <Lord-Readman> Beta1 is approaching fast, however 10.04 could really be a 100% en-GB ubuntu

    <Lord-Readman> Unfortunately Launchpad is going down for maintainance tonight and the best start would probably be tomorrow

  • AlanBell is going to send links to the word substitution table to some American friends

    <DJones> I hadn't considered that there'd be much of a problem from US English to UK English, but I signed up earlier, I'll start having a look over the next few days

    <Lord-Readman> I know issyl0 has been trying to do a good few each day

    <Lord-Readman> if we could all pitch in

    <AlanBell> it is actually quite important for use of Ubuntu in schools

    <YaManicKill> thats amazing that you guys got it down tenfold in that time

    <Lord-Readman> then we won't have to see "center" and "color" and other americanization around the place

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <Lord-Readman> Smile :-)

  • AlanBell wonders if that is the correct spelling of Americanisation Smile :-)

    <DJones> Lord-Readman: What about "Software Centre" or "Software Center" Smile :)

    <Lord-Readman> Software Centre

  • dutchie has already complained about this

    <popey> its already fixed

    <daubers> \o/

    <dutchie> this is true

    <theopensourcerer> It says Centre on my Ubuntu

    <popey> in the last release

    <Lord-Readman> If you are using Karmic it has already been translated

    <dutchie> even if the package is software-center Wink ;)

    <Lord-Readman> ah please remember not to translate package names

    <DJones> Yup, just noticed it

    <popey> make a meta package if you feel that strongly

    <dutchie> I don't really

    <popey> or

    <Lord-Readman> or strings that state "run apt-get install center-***"

    <popey> shush

    <Lord-Readman> please think before translating

    <Lord-Readman> as commandline help for "--normalize" would not get translated either

    <Gadget3000> lol. The UK translation mailing list is in 'English (USA)'

    <Lord-Readman> or we would have alot of UK bug reports for "--normalise" doesnt work

    <DJones> Just looking at the word list, there'll be a lot to think about, they're not all going to be obvious

    <Lord-Readman> DJones, that raises the current problem

    <Lord-Readman> mistakes in the current translations

    <Lord-Readman> Hopefully if we can get it done by Beta1, then we can set another plan at the next meeting

    <Lord-Readman> for checking and fixing mistakes

    <DJones> Presumably, somebody does the initial work, then somebody checks it as a 2nd pair of eyes

    <Lord-Readman> this would require everyone checking there favourite packages manually

    <Lord-Readman> DJones, you can make suggestions only, or you can suggest and approve

    <Lord-Readman> We are in need of both

    <DJones> Thanks for that, it probably helps if people who are thinking of getting involved have an idea of whats involved and what checks are made

    <Lord-Readman> Anyone with a Launchpad account can suggest strings

    <Lord-Readman> If you join the UK translations team, you can suggest and approve, and also approve suggestions.

    <theopensourcerer> I signed up to the list and project on LP. I'd like to know where do we look for strings to check/change?

    <AlanBell> ok, lets have a concerted effort tomorrow to get people signed up and operational, kind of a group training/therapy session

    <Gadget3000> agreed

    <Lord-Readman> theopensourcerer, https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+lang/en_GB/+index?start=750&batch=250

    <DJones> Good thought

    <theopensourcerer> Thanks Lord-Readman

    <DJones> [ACTION] Could all members of the en_GB translation team, please try to get through some of the last remaining translations.

Could all members of the en_GB translation team, please try to get through some of the last remaining translations.

  • <DJones> New topic

    <DJones> [TOPIC] popey - Ubuntu Hours

popey - Ubuntu Hours

  • <popey> i mailed the list, and we have at least one regular hour

    <popey> so thats done

    <AlanBell> there are two I believe

    <AlanBell> #

    <AlanBell> Newbury, Berkshire, UK

    <AlanBell> Saturdays 2PM to 3PM @ Costa Coffee, Northbrook Street - MattDaubney

    <AlanBell> #

    <AlanBell> Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

    <AlanBell> Second Saturday each month. 11am to 12 midday @ South Hill Park & Wilde Theatre, Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7PA, Atrium Bar (used to be called the Terrace bar) (ground floor). Non alcoholic drinks and light meals also available. Easy car parking. Next event is Saturday 13th March. AlanCocks.

    <daubers> I believe the Bracknell one is mor successful than the Nebwury one

    <DJones> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour

  • <AlanBell> A london one would be kind of good, but I can't commit to being there on a regular basis

    <Gadget3000_> Damn free O2 routers!

    <Gadget3000_> and manchester

    <popey> AlanBell: farnham one would be good Smile :)

    <MunkyJunky> I'm sure one wouldn't be too hard to start in Manchester

    <Gadget3000_> I don't think an 'organiser' has to be there every time as long as they get the first few going to get more regulars

    <daubers> I've been considering pottering down to the Bracknell one at some point

    <theopensourcerer> 8minutes left DJones

    <DJones> I would have thought around student unions could be a good place to look at starting one

    <DJones> theopensourcerer: We're on the last topic

    <DJones> Is there anything else people want to add to that

    <Gadget3000> Maybe we could encourage interest at the manchester jam

    <MunkyJunky> Yea, the right sort of people will be there Smile :)

    <DJones> If anybody is able to get involved, can you add the details of yours to the wiki page

    <DJones> Moving on

    <DJones> [TOPIC] DJones - Any Other Business

DJones - Any Other Business

  • <DJones> Aubergine=Purple

    <Gadget3000> Is there a list of main targets for lucid to achieve?

    <MunkyJunky> Is that new rebranding & themes coming into effect for 10.04 then?

    <popey> yes

    <YaManicKill> they look nice

  • theopensourcerer likes Aubergine

    <DJones> I like the colour in those screenshots

    <AlanBell> it could mean rebranding a lot of Ubuntu websites and related stuff

    <YaManicKill> i like the bootscreen

    <theopensourcerer> And my blog.

    <AlanBell> ah yes http://www.theopensourcerer.com is very brown

    <theopensourcerer> No it is Aubergine, just not yet.

    <DJones> Ok, if there's no other points, last topic of the day

    <AlanBell> the font will be released under an open license but I don't think it has been yet

    <popey> its not finished yet

    <brobostigon> when is the new theme to come into affect in lucid builds?

    <popey> they've only done the letters ubntCANOILM

    <theopensourcerer> Jono tweeted something about tomorrow for the themes.

    <AlanBell> lol

    <brobostigon> ok.

    <YaManicKill> popey: lol wonder why :-P

    <DJones> [TOPIC] DJones - Date of next meeting

DJones - Date of next meeting

  • <YaManicKill> i like wednesday

    <popey> wednesday is good

    <DJones> When do we want the next meeting, is midweek ok for people or go back to sunday?

    <theopensourcerer> wednesday is ok for me.

    <popey> there was a suggestion to keep moving it

    <Gadget3000> agreed

    <brobostigon> fine here aswell.

    <Lord-Readman> wednesday is good

    <DJones> midweek suits me better

    <screen-x> I can make alternate wednesdays, but that is more likely than making a weekend time..

    <AlanBell> everyone here is by definition OK with Wednesday

    <Gadget3000> Anyone who it isn't good for may not be here

    <theopensourcerer> Have we more (or less) delegates than a typical Sunday?

    <brobostigon> yes AlanBell

    <YaManicKill> theopensourcerer: about the same i think. hard to tell as this is only the 2nd meeting in the new channell

    <AlanBell> theopensourcerer: way less, but partly because we are in the new channel

    <DJones> theopensourcerer: We have more than last meeting (now that freenodes blocking of unregistered users has been fixed in the channel)

    <YaManicKill> and when we were in #ubuntu-uk it was hard to tell how many people were actually there

    <DJones> Midweek does seem easier to manage and make time for

    <Lord-Readman> Wendesday the 31st of March or the first wednesday of April (7th) ?

    <theopensourcerer> Either looks fine

    <theopensourcerer> for me.

    <YaManicKill> 7th of april is better for me

    <YaManicKill> think i'm busy on the 31st

    <YaManicKill> TMU

    <MunkyJunky> Why not try a running date of first wednesday of each month?

    <Gadget3000> 31st may be a bit close to the jam to get a decent update on how it went???

    <Gadget3000> MunkyJunky: +1

    <Lord-Readman> 31st is day before Beta2 freeze, 7th is day before beta2 release

    <Lord-Readman> MunkyJunky, +1

    <DJones> I'm away for the 7th April, so can somebody else take on the Chairpersonship for the meeting

    <theopensourcerer> MunkyJunky: +1

    <Gadget3000> vote then?

    <AlanBell> DJones: I don't mind having a go at that

    <Gadget3000> or agreed

    <AlanBell> Gadget3000: I think we can agree on the next date today

    <screen-x> I'm also away for the 7th

    <AlanBell> but I would put it to the mailing list before agreeing on a rolling first wednesday

    <DJones> I'm quite happy with the 7th, I can possibly get involved via mobile, just won't be able to chair

    <AlanBell> because all those who may object are not here

    <screen-x> I could do similar.

    <DJones> AlanBell: How about agree on 7th April as next meeting, and go to mailing list for opinions between now and then, and take a vote to decide at that meeting

    <YaManicKill> AlanBell: +1

  • issyl0 is OK for 7th April.

    <YaManicKill> DJones: agreed

    <theopensourcerer> DJones: +1

    <Gadget3000> agreed

    <MunkyJunky> +1

    <AlanBell> DJones: yup, fine by me, say it with [agreed]

    <DJones> 8pm again?

    <Gadget3000> yes

    <AlanBell> yup

    <theopensourcerer> yes

    <screen-x> yep

    <YaManicKill> aye

    <brobostigon> fine.

    <DJones> [AGREED] Accept 7th April 8pm as date of next meeting, AlanBell to go to mailing list for opinions on a regular 1st Wednesday each month as the meeting date, discussion and vote at next meeting

Accept 7th April 8pm as date of next meeting, AlanBell to go to mailing list for opinions on a regular 1st Wednesday each month as the meeting date, discussion and vote at next meeting

  • <DJones> and Alan Bell to chair next meeting (to see how easy he's made the job)

    <AlanBell> ok

    <DJones> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 21:08

People Present

  • danfish
  • brobostigon
  • AlanBell

  • theopensourcerer
  • MunkyJunky

  • screen-x
  • Lord-Readman
  • Gadget3000
  • Yorvyk
  • DJones
  • Azelphur
  • YaManicKill

  • dutchie
  • issyl0
  • popey
  • daubers
  • TonyP
  • Gadget3000_

Actions Recorded

  • Could all members of the en_GB translation team, please try to get through some of the last remaining translations.