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 * GlennjiMason  * GlennjiMason (Edinburgh)
 * Chad Longstaff (Aberdeen)
 * KennyDuffus (Glasgow)

There are a few of us in the [UKTeam] who are lucky enough to live in Scotland; we should be able to organise a semi-regular meetup at least, even if we just piggyback onto one of the many fine Scottish GNU/Linux user groups such as ScotLUG, AberLUG and EdLUG.


Obligatory list of the "usual suspects".


This is a bit tougher, as there are already localised LUGs for various cities and towns. Ideas?


Again, it's a tough one. I ([:GlennjiMason:glennji]) don't finish work until after 6pm of a night, so even travelling to Glasgow during the week is an effort. Would anyone be interested in meeting on a weekend?

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