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19:29 < johnc4510> eightyeight: you know how an approved loco adds it's blog feed to the planet section for loco's?
19:30 < johnc4510> i can't find any documentation on it
19:30 < pleia2> johnc4510: might try the loco-contacts list?
19:30 < eightyeight> i think Zelut was in charge of that, iirc
19:30 < johnc4510> k
19:30 < johnc4510> thx
19:31 < pleia2> eightyeight: I think he means the ubuntu.com one
19:31 < johnc4510> yes
19:31 < eightyeight> oh. i was thinking the us teams planet
19:31 < etank> i didn't know that teams put feeds on ubuntu.com planet
19:31 < pleia2> etank: not feeds, links
19:32 < etank> i was thinking the same thing that eightyeight was
19:32 < johnc4510> http://planet.ubuntu.com/ under "solar system"
19:32 < eightyeight> oh. i see
19:32 < johnc4510> :)
19:33 < johnc4510> somebody suggested an rt ticket to the sys.admins
19:33 < johnc4510> but i wasn't sure
19:34 < pleia2> johnc4510: I think this might be something to talk to jono about - just one example of how disjointed things are, he's trying to get locos excited again and little things like this are maddening
19:34 < johnc4510> k, will do
19:34 < pleia2> so, I think jon will be late, but we can start anyway
19:34 < pleia2> yay :)
19:35 < JonReagan> hey folks... sorry I'm late... I have some bad weather around my house
19:35 < JonReagan> power is flickering atm
19:35 < johnc4510> np
19:35 < pleia2> glad you could make it
19:35 < JonReagan> yeah, me too. :)  I will be ready in just a sec
19:35 < dantalizing> johnc4510: i think the process for some of those things was changed and i dont know where it was documented
19:36 < pleia2> so JonReagan dropped by yesterday and gave us a status update on things (he can fill in in a few)
19:36 < johnc4510> dantalizing: yeah, i have combed the wiki with no luch
19:36 < johnc4510> luck
19:36 < pleia2> I spoke with Zelut about the site and planet, I'm going to talk to the canonical sysadmins about transferring ownership over to the board
19:37 < pleia2> and Zelut said he'd do whatever he needed to do to help with that (tell the sysadmins, send them an email, whatever)
19:37 < pleia2> I just need to figure out what he needs to do :)
19:37 < pleia2> now launchpad and mailing list
19:37 < JonReagan> and I'm back
19:37 < pleia2> wb
19:37 < eightyeight> i know he's logged in. maybe he should join the meet. :)
19:38  * eightyeight jabs Zelut
19:38 < pleia2> should the board be admins of launchpad? what should we do with it?
19:38 < etank> eightyeight: Utahs not that big right? just drive over and push him to the PC :)
19:38 < pleia2> hehe
19:39 < eightyeight> etank: heh. utah is bigger than most of the states in the union
19:39 < etank> well at least gas prices are down
19:39 < johnc4510> pleia2: are you asking if the loco board should be in charge of launchpad?
19:39 < pleia2> johnc4510: yep
19:39 < johnc4510> k
19:40 < eightyeight> of the page on launchpad? i can make that change fairly easy. it's trivial
19:40 < pleia2> eightyeight: yeah
19:40 < JonReagan> you mean the launchpad page for the ubuntu-us project?
19:40 < pleia2> and what we should do with it, doctormo asked the other day for Mass to be added
19:40 < eightyeight> johnc4510: yeah
19:40 < pleia2> should we add all the US teams that aren't yet?
19:40 < eightyeight> pleia2: is MA approved? « doctormo ?
19:41 < doctormo> eightyeight: yes
19:41 < eightyeight> pleia2: i was keeping track of it the same way ubuntu-members was: approved states
19:41 < eightyeight> s/states/locos/
19:41 < pleia2> eightyeight: yes, they are approved
19:41 < doctormo> eightyeight: it's been aproved for a year and a half
19:41 < eightyeight> doctormo: well, why didn't you bug me back then? :) j/k
19:42 < doctormo> eightyeight: oh, so busy spreading ubuntu *-)
19:42 < pleia2> using it for approved states is fine :) I just wasn't sure of the purpose, or whether it had just been abandoned (since MA wasn't on it)
19:42 < johnc4510> pleia2: well, AZ needs to be added for sure
19:42 < eightyeight> so, MA and AZ. any others?
19:43 < pleia2> eightyeight: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList
19:43 < pleia2> can compare the United States ones with whats in launchpad
19:43 < eightyeight> ok
19:44 < itnet7> FL too
19:44 < itnet7> :-)
19:44 < eightyeight> FL is approved?
19:44 < eightyeight> gah. i'm out of touch. :)
19:44 < johnc4510> OH and GA are approved and should be there
19:44 < pleia2> hehe
19:44 < itnet7> Yes since sept 2007
19:44 < pleia2> florida is on there
19:44 < johnc4510> ah both are
19:44 < JonReagan> my loco's not even on the list!?
19:44 < doctormo> So it's well known that it's out of date
19:44 < JonReagan> 8-O
19:45 < JonReagan> wow... yeah, it needs to be updated
19:45 < johnc4510> eightyeight: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona
19:45 < JonReagan> so, we just need to use the loco team list and update the site?
19:45 < JonReagan> er... launchpad page
19:45 < pleia2> johnc4510: yep
19:45 < pleia2> err JonReagan
19:45 < eightyeight> i'm working on it now
19:45 < JonReagan> cool
19:45 < pleia2> thanks eightyeight :)
19:46 < eightyeight> no reason to put it off. also, adding pleia2 and JonReagan as admins, so we have better redundancy
19:46 < doctormo> great
19:46 < JonReagan> :D
19:46 < johnc4510> sounds right
19:46 < pleia2> okay cool, that's launchpad handled :)
19:47 < pleia2> JonReagan: any comments about your tasks that you wished to bring up? or are we good?
19:47 < doctormo>  /offtopic Do we have a plan for the druple/other website stuff for our locos.
19:47 < JonReagan> yeah sure, (begins typing)
19:48 < pleia2> doctormo: plan?
19:48 < JonReagan> for the forums, all that needs to be done to add a forum/add/remove a mod, etc. is to send a PM to ubuntu-geek, who will take care of it
19:48 < eightyeight> pizza called. brb
19:48 < doctormo> pleia2: Tools for navigating new locos towards getting _all_ resources set up, including website for front facing communications (i.e normal people)
19:48 < JonReagan> any mailing list issues can be solved by emailing mailman@lists.ubuntu.com
19:49 < JonReagan> ...but I have heard that it is rather slow
19:49 < pleia2> doctormo: I think in general we want to refer upstream for much of that major stuff (loco-contacts, global loco community)
19:49 < JonReagan> pleia2, you were talking about this yesterday with someone, did you find out if there was anyone else to contact?
19:49 < pleia2> JonReagan: nope :(
19:50 < dantalizing> doctormo: pleia2: shouldnt that stuff be handled by the existing LoCo HowTo wiki page?
19:50 < JonReagan> ah
19:50 < pleia2> dantalizing: yeah, I think the USTeams can mentor teams into pointing teams to things like that
19:50 < johnc4510> JonReagan: i am still a mod on the us team forums, just an FYI
19:50 < doctormo> dantalizing: Perhaps, but ubuntu-us is in a more local position to help with resources, esp when we mentor
19:51 < JonReagan> cool, thanks johnc4510
19:51 < JonReagan> so, what other topics did we have that we need to discuss?
19:52 < pleia2> doctormo: did you have anything in mind?
19:52 < pleia2> JonReagan: want to get to mentors soon :)
19:52 < JonReagan> heck yeah!
19:52 < JonReagan> are we ready to discuss that?
19:53 < pleia2> I think doctormo brings up a good point about what this project is best equipped for vs the global loco community
19:54 < pleia2> but maybe we can get our thoughts together and come back to that?
19:55 < JonReagan> we can contribute to the how-tos of course if an individual is so inclined
19:55 < dantalizing> morning dinda
19:55 < JonReagan> si, let's move on for a sec
19:55 < itnet7> All: Maybe it would be a wise place to make how-to's and possibly guides for creating a basic page on drupal to help a bit with the learning curve for brand new teams and other things to get newer teams started
19:55 < dinda> dantalizing: evening :)
19:55 < pleia2> itnet7: MTecknology is one of the big players in handling drupal themes for ubuntu, we can nag him :)
19:55  * johnc4510 suggests that approved teams need to be filing "teams reports" on a monthly basis too
19:55 < itnet7> pleia2 sweet!
19:56 < pleia2> johnc4510: perhaps "encourage" is the right word :)
19:56 < eightyeight> back
19:56 < johnc4510> pleia2: yes, didn't mean to sound "Pushy" LOL
19:56  * JonReagan suggests that jonc4510 has a good idea, but during some months some teams may not have anything to report
19:56 < JonReagan> like my loco :P
19:56 < pleia2> yeah, pennsylvania too
19:56 < johnc4510> sure it happens
19:57 < pleia2> johnc4510: I think this team wants to be extra careful not to seem too pushy
19:57 < pleia2> bad history :\
19:57 < johnc4510> i just happen to look at the team reports every month for the UWN
19:57  * pleia2 nods
19:57 < JonReagan> when my team uploads stuff, it's usually when we have something big to report -- e.g. a face to face meeting, installfest, or the Atlanta Linux Fest
19:58 < pleia2> or bugjam \o/
19:58 < JonReagan> :)
19:58 < eightyeight> yeah. those are things to report
19:58 < johnc4510> yep
19:58 < JonReagan> so, about the mentors...
19:58 < eightyeight> no one wants to hear what they _should_ be doing as much as what others _are_ doing. like the planet
19:58 < pleia2> yes, mentors
19:58 < JonReagan> I say we go ahead and make a call for mentors
19:58 < JonReagan> and approve them in a meeting scheduled sometime next week
19:59 < JonReagan> not to be too specific ;)
19:59 < pleia2> +1
19:59 < JonReagan> the biggest question in my mind is how... and I think a wiki page with a table might help
19:59 < johnc4510> +1
19:59 < pleia2> yeah, similar to member approvals and such
19:59 < eightyeight> what did we end up with as far as criteria for a mento is concerned?
19:59 < dantalizing> is it unhelpful to say 'blech'
19:59 < dantalizing> ?
19:59 < johnc4510> we use to have a mentors wiki page with a table
19:59 < eightyeight> ubuntero from an approved state?
19:59 < pleia2> eightyeight: signed coc, part of approved loco
19:59 < JonReagan> when we make the call on the mailing list and forums, maybe link to the page, tell them to add their name
20:00 < eightyeight> ok
20:00 < pleia2> and recommendation from a team member
20:00 < JonReagan> dan:  ROFL!
20:00 < pleia2> (so they aren't just some random person who happens to be in an approved state :))
20:00 < JonReagan> so, then we can also have a contact address just in case they cannot make it to the meeting
20:00 < etank> what are the duties for mentors?
20:00 < JonReagan> and can talk to them later
20:00 < JonReagan> basically help out teams in any way they can
20:01 < JonReagan> growing the team, helping get forums and wiki pages set up, etc.
20:01 < eightyeight> JonReagan: were we going to assign out specific tasks to mentors, or just as they are around?
20:01  * cprofitt comes in late
20:01 < cprofitt> sorry folks
20:01 < eightyeight> tasks or states
20:01 < JonReagan> we were going to appoint mentors to teams
20:01 < JonReagan> if I remember correctly
20:01 < JonReagan> I imagine if we had a specific task we could ask them to cover that as well
20:01 < eightyeight> so, it's not anarchy, but specific assignments
20:02 < JonReagan> right
20:02 < JonReagan> like "would you be interested in helping the *teamname* team"
20:02 < eightyeight> how many teams per mentor?
20:02 < JonReagan> maybe see how many we end up with
20:02 < eightyeight> i would think no more than 1, but it might be slow for that team
20:03 < JonReagan> and then assign them to teams accordingly
20:03 < pleia2> probably 5 at most
20:03 < JonReagan> yeah, I wouldn't want to overload the mentors, but maybe use a little strategy and hit the most crucial states first
20:03 < pleia2> but there are slow times for every team, some need more attention than others at any given time
20:03 < pleia2> and it really depends on what a mentor has time for
20:03 < eightyeight> i guess we'll handle it on a per situation basis
20:03 < JonReagan> exactly
20:03 < JonReagan> sounds good to me
20:04 < etank> is there a way for teams to ask to have a mentor assigned to them?
20:04  * JonReagan goes off to set up a wiki page
20:04 < etank> an official way i mean
20:04 < eightyeight> so, i see two things that we _need_
20:04 < dinda> etank:  yeah b/c Texas needs one!
20:05 < eightyeight> mentors and teams to be mentored. getting people interested in mentoring shouldn't be too bad, but how do we proselyte inactive, or non-existant teams?
20:05 < dantalizing> shame
20:05 < MTecknology> pleia2: what?
20:05 < eightyeight> i used to hang out in #ubuntu, and every day, i'd run '/lastlog utah' or /lastlog ut.comcast.net' or similar, looking for bait for the utah team. :)
20:06 < pleia2> MTecknology: were discussing helping teams getting going with drupal for their sites, I volunteered you to help ;)
20:06 < cprofitt> are you still planning on limiting mentors to people who are members of approved teams?
20:06 < pleia2> cprofitt: yeah
20:06 < MTecknology> pleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDrupal
20:07 < JonReagan> just for the wiki page, are we requiring all applying mentors have a team reference?
20:07 < pleia2> JonReagan: hm, I am not sure how we want to handle that
20:07 < eightyeight> we could have the referrer email us, or pm on irc
20:08 < JonReagan> I was wondering if we need them at all
20:08 < johnc4510> i think the loco board is capible of deciding if a candidate is qualified or not
20:08 < JonReagan> some folks may feel uncomfortable getting references
20:08 < eightyeight> rather than _any_ referrer, what about the loco team lead referring?
20:08 < JonReagan> if they are bad apples, I am sure we will be able to tell
20:08 < cprofitt> pleia2, what can those of us like MTecknology and I do to assist then?
20:08 < JonReagan> hrm... that's an idea, but it adds more work
20:09 < MTecknology> pleia2: I'm going to make a README for that whole package. It'll be in the release package as well as a separate download file.
20:09 < eightyeight> JonReagan: well, we make the call for mentors, but require that the team lead refer them. then, when the referral comes in, we validate against the team lead?
20:09 < MTecknology> I plan on finishing it next week
20:10 < MTecknology> cprofitt: like me?
20:10 < eightyeight> i don't know if i like that solution though
20:10 < cprofitt> yes... you and I can not be mentors as we are not on 'approved' teams
20:10 < cprofitt> so I am curious what we can do MTecknology
20:10 < cprofitt> I am sure there are other tasks, but not sure what they are...
20:11 < MTecknology> cprofitt: bring your team to an approved status?
20:11 < pleia2> maybe we don't need referrals
20:11 < cprofitt> Obviously I can do that MTecknology, but what can we do with the -US
20:11 < pleia2> if we feel we need one we can ask them
20:11 < JonReagan> yeah, I'm just up for folks adding their info on the wiki... we can look at their contributions as they add their names to the list
20:11 < johnc4510> pleia2: i agree
20:11 < eightyeight> cprofitt: before helping other teams, you should focus on your team first. spend your energy there. that will actually be helping us. you'll be the mentor for your team
20:11 < cprofitt> Like you with Drupal -- you can help teams set that up -- but you would not be a mentor...
20:11 < MTecknology> cprofitt: You don't need to be a "mentor" to help people, you can just volunteer your efforts in the channel
20:12 < cprofitt> MTecknology, right...
20:12 < cprofitt> got that...
20:12 < eightyeight> pleia2: +1. just like the rmb. they apply, we review their application, and make a decision. if we regret it, we can always pull it later
20:12 < cprofitt> so I was curious what the tasks are that they need help with... from non-mentors
20:12 < dantalizing> cprofitt: if you make yourself available, they will come
20:12 < johnc4510> eightyeight: agree
20:12 < JonReagan> alright, the wiki page is just about ready...
20:13 < cprofitt> dantalizing, right.... I guess that is what I was saying and I did not get that across...
20:14 < cprofitt> eightyeight, I think an active person can assist other teams as well as their own... since there is no way to magically get a team approved in a short period of time.
20:14 < MTecknology> cprofitt: I fall into the category you just mentions
20:15 < MTecknology> I've been working on things with the Quebec team as well as trying to build up my own team
20:15 < cprofitt> I also think that people who are working on getting their team approved have potentially more to offer in concrete help then a person on an approved team who was not part of the approval process...
20:15 < JonReagan> final word on reference letters?
20:15 < cprofitt> MTecknology, I know... you and I have talked before.
20:15 < johnc4510> JonReagan: i think we nixed that
20:16 < eightyeight> JonReagan: -1 on referrences. just have them apply like standard ubuntu membership process. we review their application, and decide from there
20:16 < MTecknology> -1. what he sais ^
20:16 < MTecknology> said*
20:16 < eightyeight> MTecknology: -1 as in you think there should be a referrence letter, or not?
20:16 < MTecknology> not
20:17 < pleia2> cprofitt: I think we want mentors to be people who have experienced the process and really know the ropes about full approval
20:17 < eightyeight> ok. wasn't sure if you were disagreeing with me
20:17 < cprofitt> pleia2, I agree...
20:17 < cprofitt> I guess I am seeing 'mentors' as more of a coordinator
20:17 < pleia2> cprofitt: so yes, I think there is a place for people like you to help out :) just mentors are a different thing
20:17 < cprofitt> and a person who can give advice to teams...
20:18 < eightyeight> cprofitt: we won't keep people from making recommendations or help on irc or the mailing list
20:18 < pleia2> so like, you can hang out here and on the mailing list and forums and help out
20:18 < cprofitt> and the people that are active with their team can be used as a 'peon' or 'pawn' or some other term to assist other teams
20:18 < cprofitt> it would especially helpful in the mentors could 'sift' out the good ideas from the 'bad' ones...
20:18 < johnc4510> not coordinators, but guides
20:19 < JonReagan> when will we hold the approval meeting?
20:19 < cprofitt> to 'condense' the successful ideas for others trying
20:19 < eightyeight> i think we encourge 100% any ideas and help for struggling teams, regardless of the source
20:19 < MTecknology> IMO: the referral should be more like a testimonial for an ubuntu application; helpful but not necesary
20:19 < JonReagan> how's next friday at 8pm EST?
20:19 < eightyeight> JonReagan: i think that's a bit early. i say make the call first, see what response we get, and decide from there
20:19 < johnc4510> JonReagan: it's ok with me
20:20 < MTecknology> what timezone is est? -7?
20:20 < eightyeight> we might not have any applicants. :)
20:20 < johnc4510> -5
20:20 < JonReagan> -5
20:20 < johnc4510> maybe two wks out would be better
20:20 < JonReagan> yeah, we will see :)  but let's give them a time and place where we can work on this so people won't be signing up 2 weeks from now
20:20 < JonReagan> maybe a deadline for adding their name to the list?
20:21 < pleia2> nah
20:21 < eightyeight> JonReagan: for the RMB, we just wait until we think there's enough on the wiki to validate a meet. otherwise, we let it sit
20:21 < JonReagan> the only thing is that most are probably not on the mailing lists and would forget
20:21 < pleia2> eightyeight: no we don't, I nag you guys once a month :)
20:21 < eightyeight> heh. ok. pleia2 does nag. :)
20:21 < JonReagan> many of the applications don't even look at the wiki, and might forget that way as well.
20:21 < eightyeight> pleia2: but, what if there's only 1 on the list? would you still nag for a meeting?
20:22 < JonReagan> blah!  "applicants"
20:22 < pleia2> eightyeight: not unless they'd been there for a month+
20:22 < pleia2> I dont think we want to keep people waiting for ages, even if "its only one"
20:22 < JonReagan> 1 is better than nothing, but I have a few people in mind who have been asking me about becoming mentors
20:22 < eightyeight> true
20:23 < JonReagan> so, do we at least want to assign a rough date/time that people can expect?
20:23 < eightyeight> i say give it a full month
20:23 < pleia2> yeah
20:24 < MTecknology> pleia2: just fyi - #loco-drupal-dev is where we're supporting that project ; I know it's kinda random
20:24 < JonReagan> full month...
20:24 < pleia2> MTecknology: cool, thanks
20:24 < JonReagan> are y'all sure you want to wait that long?
20:24 < pleia2> JonReagan: oh, not for the first round of mentors
20:24 < JonReagan> that will push us late into march
20:24 < JonReagan> oh!
20:24 < pleia2> I thought we meant in general :)
20:25 < JonReagan> nvm
20:25 < JonReagan> I thought y'all meant the first round lol
20:25 < pleia2> first round we want to get rolling in 2 weeks, at the latest
20:25 < JonReagan> agreed
20:25 < johnc4510> why don't you say that is there are enough applicants, approval will be scheduled for the next board meeting ????
20:26 < JonReagan> board meetings are typically 2 weeks apart
20:26 < JonReagan> and I'm an impatient individual. :)
20:26 < eightyeight> i'm good with 2 weeks, i guess. we really need to push for mentors then
20:26 < JonReagan> so, I'm cool with 2 weeks, as long as we hit all the major communication channels
20:26 < eightyeight> and i can't do fridays. date night with the wife. :)
20:26 < pleia2> eightyeight: I think there are probably some folks in channel even who will apply, this will just be the first round
20:26 < JonReagan> I want to be sure people will actually *be there*
20:27 < pleia2> we can seek more as time goes on
20:27 < eightyeight> yaeh. i guess we don't need a lot
20:27 < johnc4510> start and  build from there
20:27 < JonReagan> so, 2 weeks... how about on a Wednesday night again?
20:27 < eightyeight> yeah. works for me
20:28 < pleia2> no go for me :(
20:28 < pleia2> no go for me :(
20:28 < JonReagan> cool... pleia2?
20:28 < JonReagan> oh.
20:28 < pleia2> that's plug night
20:28 < JonReagan> erm... how about thursday nights?
20:28 < pleia2> and my boss is making me go to this one ;)
20:28 < johnc4510> lol
20:28 < eightyeight> johnc4510: btw, i want to chat with you for a min post meet, if you have a sec
20:28 < johnc4510> slave driver
20:28 < pleia2> thursday is fine
20:28 < johnc4510> eightyeight: sure
20:28 < eightyeight> thu works
20:28 < eightyeight> mar 4th?
20:28 < eightyeight> er, 5th
20:28 < pleia2> johnc4510: yeah, mandatory lug meetings! oh the life
20:28 < JonReagan> cool... at 8pm EST?
20:29 < johnc4510> hee hee
20:29 < pleia2> eightyeight: yes
20:29 < pleia2> 8PM eastern is good for me
20:29 < eightyeight> works
20:29 < pleia2> just mentors at that meeting, then?
20:29 < eightyeight> yeah. i think so
20:30 < pleia2> okay, cool
20:30 < eightyeight> i'll finish up with launchpad tonight. get all the teams squared away
20:30 < pleia2> alright, I'll follow up with getting ubuntu-us.org et al back under control
20:31 < johnc4510> nice
20:31 < johnc4510> we have a link yet to the mentors page?
20:31 < eightyeight> cool. anything else on the agenda?
20:31 < pleia2> nope
20:32 < johnc4510> k
20:32  * pleia2 prods JonReagan link to mentor page when you have it?
20:32 < pleia2> we'll post to the list too in a "apply to be mentors!" post :)
20:33 < eightyeight> cool
20:33 < pleia2> I'll post logs and minutes... in a hopefully timely manner :)