Register for Ubucon-Boulder here in sequential order.

You'll need to have a id to edit this page, but it just takes a simple email round trip to get an id, and launchpad promises not to disclose or misuse your email address. When you have that, click on "login" in the upper right of this page to register with the wiki, then click "edit" on this page (it will appear near the upper left after you login) and add a line for yourself, like the other entries.

If we're overcrowded (probably around 30 at any given time) we'll give preference to those that signed up first.

If you later find that you can't come, please remove your name.

  1. NealMcBurnett - network auth,

  2. JimHutchinson - learn more, collaborate, TIE stuff

  3. JoeyStanford - Canonical/Launchpad

  4. Nick Verbeck - collaborate, network

  5. TristanRhodes - Open source network management tools, Utah team

  6. Brian Fromme - Have fun, laugh often, learn something

  7. DavidOvercash - (Can only attend till about 12:30) - TIE Stuff, Thin-Client Demonstration, Using RSYNC/SSH to Backup Home Folder

  8. KevinFries - Embedded Linux Developer, Telecomm

  9. RebeccaSobol - gal

  10. BrandanLloyd - using SSH to tunnel traffic

  11. Joe Pezzillo - - among other things, a Mac developer...interested to attend with eyes open

  12. Dave Vanderploeg - learn, network
  13. Bob Acker - Current - SUSE/Vmware; want to see Ubunto
  14. Mitch Mahan - Cisco, Perl, Server Admin/Network Design

  15. Paul Casey Ubuntu user / fan

  16. yourNameHere" "your launchpad entry" "your interests

We're not using the launchpad meeting attendees list because that doesn't let us track who signed up first.

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