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Meeting minutes for 2021-03-17



  • 2021-03-17 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9
  • Text chat meeting on telegram


  • Chair: Jeremy Cheng(HK)
  • Note taker: Youngbin Han(KR)
  • Gunyoung Yoon (KR)
  • Sartika Lestari (ID)
  • Fumihito Yoshida (JP)
  • Rhoit Man Amatya (NP)
  • Yudhi Satrio (ID)


New members

  • No new members this time

Updates from teams

  • Coordination team
    • Started to discuss about Code of Conduct. Because Youngbin asked other member about this only a few days ago. No details on this yet. This was discussed on this meeting instead.
  • Marketing Team
  • Announce CFS
    • Prepare announcement text for social media
    • Release the CFS across channels (wait confirmation from content team ab CFS)
    • Contact Eventyay to feature UbuCon on eventyay.com main page

    • List of all Ubuntu channels that can be used for marketing (Still listing)
  • Technical team
    • fenris and rhoit setup temporary email server for each teams.
    • Tested generating subtitle with Google Speech-to-text(pyTranscriber)
      • Tested Korean and Japanese
      • The time syncs were mostly good. We didn’t need to adjust time in most cases.
      • We needed to fix about 1~3 words per each line. Mostly filler words.
      • Some people(like Yoshida) prefer writing subtitles from scratch. We may let volunteers choose between automation tools or writing by hand.
      • Yoshida: I think that we should test per local lang based, I'm afraid that auto-transcribing quality is depended on per-lang. so we need more tests.
  • Sponsorship team
    • Asked Liam if most ubuntu partners will provide goods as sponsorship. No updates yet.
  • Content team
    • Decision about how many slots available for each session (will do this after CFS opened)
    • So far, the content team don’t need budget for the event
    • Content team suggests opening submission for CFS in early May until the end of June (2 months). But teaser for CFS can be shared as soon as possible to give the submitter “time to get ready” with the paper.
    • Planning to create CFS scoring guidelines for accepting/reject submission criteria. (Will do this around April before CFS open)

Action items from last meeting

  • DONE Each Team: List their cost and budget at the google doc (budget plan draft).

  • DONE Content Team: Discuss about event scale and details and bring some updates.

  • DONE Content Team: Setting up the telegram channel and starting the team.

  • DONE Koala Yeung: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse

  • DONE Jeremy Cheng: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting

  • DONE Youngbin Han - Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)

Topics for discussion

  • (Please add agendas)
    • Our detailed event scale and program. (from last meeting)
      • Other teams will be able to expect their required budget with detailed plans.
      • When do we start calling for papers(was it already begun?)
      • Exact event start time and end time.
        • 9AM UTC+9 is too early even for Korean and Japanese people.
        • Time has been adjusted to 1PM ~ 8PM UTC+9
      • How many rooms? (==How many sessions will happen at the same time?)
        • Maximum 4 rooms except virtual booth for sponsors(if we decide to have).
        • This can be shrink down to 2~3 rooms if we got less number of CFPs then we expected.
      • How many session slots? => This will be discussed by content team

      • We have regular session and Lightning talks(recorded or live), Workshop, Panel talks,
      • Do we also have virtual booths(or virtual exhibitions) with video calls? => This will be discussed by content team

  • Code of Conduct
  • T-shirts and other swags
    • On last meeting, we discussed: Marketing design t-shirt and other swags, LoCo teams order and distribute swags with that design.

    • Question: How should we deal with if people from region we don’t have loco want to get t-shirt or swags?
      • We can gather more volunteers from that region on-demand if possible.
      • Or we can just provide design file and link to website that can order custom t-shirt
      • Like this website https://skyline.github.com/ provides custom 3d print model file with link to 3rd party website to that can actually order custom 3d printed swag. We can also consider provide website with t-shirt design file and link to custom t-shirt order website.

      • Another ideas: 3d printed swags? Keycaps? Keychains?

Action Items

  • Youngbin Han: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Youngbin Han: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Hong Phuc Dang: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • Next meeting: 2020-03-31 22:00 UTC+9
  • Content Team
    • Discuss about virtual booths with video calls
    • Discuss about session slots, breaktimes, and overall timetable of the event
  • Technical Team: Bring some more results on Google speech to text
  • Everyone: Read carefully Ubuntu Code of Conduct 2.0 and suggest rules or items that should be added on our own Ubucon Asia Code of Conduct(which will be appended on Ubuntu CoC 2.0)
  • Gunyoung: Create and setup repo for Ubucon Asia CoC

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