Meeting minutes for 2021-07-07


  • 2021-07-07 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9
  • Text chat meeting on telegram


  • Chair: Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA)
  • Note taker: Gunyoung Yoon (KR)
  • Youngbin Han (KR)
  • Ko Ko Ye (MM)
  • Rohit Man Amatya (NP)
  • RJ Hsiao (TW)
  • Aron Xu (CN)


  • Updates from teams
  • Action items from last meeting
  • Topics for discussions

New members

  • None

Updates from teams

  • Coordination team
    • New partner: Ubuntu Unity, Ubuntu DDE
      • Ubuntu DDE will collaborate with Foss Nepal to bring some speakers and attendees from Nepal.
    • Ubuntu Kylin team is coworking with Aron(Ubuntu CN) to bring some speakers
      • Expected to receive about 4 proposals
  • Marketing Team
    • Sartika tried to submit Twitter ads, but couldn’t because the AD submission form didn’t show any tweets that can choose to promote. Submitted a ticket to twitter ads team instead
    • Youngbin tried to submit ads on Facebook. It worked well on the first few days, But Facebook eventually denied ads because they thought the Ubucon CFP ad was a cryptocurrency ad(???)
    • Liam and Sartika prepared a marketing post draft that will be published on Ubuntu blog. Since Sartika shared the draft to Liam, He will check the posting schedule and publish it soon.
    • Hong Phuc made an announcement on UbuCon Asia on official FOSSASIA Social media.

    • Youngbin created event on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6816022777355730944/

  • Technical team
    • Patron Page (https://2021.ubucon.asia/patrons/)

      • for Featuring people who purchased donation tickets
    • CI for rendering video
      • Need to work on GCP storage bucket integration
  • Sponsorship team
    • Canonical Funding
      • Liam: Payment & PO will be approved next week

    • More Funding Companies
  • Content team
    • We have 27 Session Proposal is made until now
    • And 7 people submitted them as a speaker but not a session

Action items from last meeting

  • All: please submit a session or a session holder to our own event
  • Youngbin: Check MS translator license for use in conference (Waiting response from MS)
  • Youngbin: Publish donation ticket information on website and discourse
  • Hong Phuc Dang: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Hong Phuc Dang: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Marketing team: publish a blog article on Ubuntu.com
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)

Topics for discussion

  • Dedicated time slot for virtual booth
    • Rather than ask sponsors/partners for their desired virtual booth video call time. Put 30min~1h breaktime in the middle of the timetable each day. and tell them to run video call during break time (It’s like office hours format)
    • Postponed to after the CFS
  • Workshops
    • Debian packaging workshop / Robbi
      • Have issues with local ISP bandwidth to have long video call
      • Any progress on plan?
    • Linux desktop customization / Rhoit - proposal submitted
    • GPG + Ubuntu CoC signing workshop / Any volunteers? (RJ - Pending)
    • Some workshop sessions from canonical? - Liam will ask internal team
    • microk8s workshop (Ko Ko Ye - Pending)
    • Workshop requirements
      • submit proposals with some brief timetable and requirements for attendees
      • Will be a live workshop during event hours
  • Suggestion: subtitle for Lightning talks? (based on each local team’s resource status of course)
    • KR, ID - Possible
    • Other - Decide later, since it’s related to each LoCo’s translation resources

Action Items

  • All: please submit a session or workshop until July 14 (no further extension of deadline)
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Youngbin Han: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • Next meeting: 2020-07-21 22:00 UTC+9

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