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Minutes of First video call meeting


2021. 02. 03 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9 On Eventyay BBB Video call


  • Youngbin Han(KR)
  • Hong Phuc Dang
  • Yudhi Satrio (ID)
  • Sartika Lestari (ID)
  • Fumihito Yoshida (JP)
  • RJ Hsiao (TW)
  • Jeremy Cheng (HK)
  • Liam Zheng (CN)


Meeting Duration: 2 hours(Maximum)

Ubucon Objectives and Expectations (Youngbin)

  • Ubuntu people from Asia can get to together, share case studies, what user can do with Ubuntu, discuss common issues in Asia (e.g. CJK font, Input methods)
  • Get to know each other
  • Share activities what local teams are doing
  • How to operate the local community better by sharing activities and case studies of the local committee
  • We have 7 - 8 local teams to join
  • This is the first time this kind of conference happen with many different groups
  • Expect each local teams get speakers from their region,
  • Goals to have diverse topics representing different group
  • Ideas: Collect video sessions and stream Youtube premier and activate chat Youtube channel (does not work for China)
  • English subtitle for videos
  • Language matter must be taken into account

Introduction round

  • Hong Phuc: organizer of FOSSASIA, vietnamese based in Singapore, stuck in Germany,
  • Sartika: OpenStack, CNCF Indonesia

  • Jeremy: Based between Hong Kong and Taiwan and now in US, involved in open source, Ubuntu HK
  • RJ: Taiwan Local Team, speak a bit of Japanese
  • Yoshida: Japan Local Team
  • Liam: Based in Shanghai, Marketing Manager at Canonical, invite sponsors
  • Youngbin: Korea Local Team, active since 2013, still study in University

Event Overview

  • Sept 25th ~ 26th (2 days)
  • Program details/schedule outline
    • Desktop, Server, Cloud, WSL, Localization(Internationalization)
    • Community
    • Case Studies
    • IoT
    • and more...
  • Session Duration
    • 5 (lightning)
    • 30 (standard)
    • 45 (extended)
    • 90 (workshop/handons)

Action Item: Hong Phuc to set up a Call For Speakers and share access to everyone

Way of Working

  • Form dedicated teams for dedicated topics: content team, marketing team, sponsorship team, technical team etc.
  • Communication channels: Telegram
  • Data sharing: where to store/share data across different groups: Google Drive
    • HP: to create Google Drive
  • Decide and create some pre-event checklist (maybe in Trello/gsheets, or etc.)
    • Tika to set up Trello
  • Team meeting
    • Bi weekly, on Wednesday, on Video call, the same time as today
    • Coordination team will take care of invitations.

Event infrastructure

  • Website domain( or
  • Ubucon Pretalx instance

  • Mailing list + link with

  • Call for speakers
    • Eventyay (HP will set up)
  • Registration
    • Free ticket same with CFS system
  • Video platforms
    • Mix: Live + pre-record
    • Video platform (BBB) for networking, Q&A, Lightning talk

    • YouTube Premieres (30 mins)

    • YouTube Premieres alternative for Mainland China: YouTube is blocked there

      • Bilibili + can be considered
  • Consider Check if it also works in Mainland China
  • Which license is better for videos/materials(CC? or proprietary?)
    • Content should be under CC license
    • its maybe impact to constraint of tools, especially Machine Translation and VoiceToText/TextToVoice services -> This will be discussed at next meeting

Action Items

Actions that needs to be conducted after this meeting

  • Hong Phuc
    • Set up a Call For Speakers and share access to everyone
    • create a google drive to share
  • Tika: Set up Trello
  • Youngbin
    • invite volunteers to join different dedicated teams
    • Setup mailing list
  • Next meeting: Feb 17th 10:00 PM UTC+9

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