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September 2016

August 2016

  • End of UbuContest 2016

  • Announce final conference schedule

May 2016

  • Announce the full conference schedule and full information for visitors, speakers and partners

April 2016

  • Decide on the entrance fee
  • Open registration

January 2016

  • Start UbuContest 2016

  • Provide basic information for visitors
  • Try to make deals with hotels for accomodation

December 2015

  • Announce location and dates
  • Finish basic design work
  • Start social media campaign
  • Start polls
  • Invite Mark Shuttleworth, Jane Silber etc.
  • Check which teams at Canonical would be interested in having their sprints at Ubucon Europe
  • Check which Canonical employees are interested in giving talks


  • 04.11.2015: "UbuCon Europe planning" as a part of the Ubuntu Online Summit (svij)

  • Talks with the location (University of Duisburg-Essen) are ongoing (svij)
  • Start talking to partners and sponsors (TODO)


  • 25.10.2015: First planning meeting at Ubucon DE 2015 in Berlin

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