How to evangelize

Ubuntu Evangelists

  • Let the other person explain his point of view by asking intelligent questions. In the end, who is able to understand better one's reasons is oneself; and people like this to be recognized.

  • Anger is other face of fear. Sometimes people get angry because their own motives, rather because of something with you.

  • Contra-argumentating so hardly many times is a clear indicator that the person recognizes the proposed solution is already good, but the person wants to get sure there isn't any drawback in taking it.

  • People tend to over-react on new changes, but this can easily be reverted by showing them how these changes already connect with their own objectives (not yours); and showcasing before getting into words.

  • What is visually measured tends to improve itself. Use the social tool-kit for actually being objective of what's really going on.

  • Evangelizing is more about informing than convincing, because convincing oneself takes time. With key information people tend to choose wisely what options actually makes things simpler.

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