Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


  • About wizard, Feedback on design

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  • Lockscreen and launcher-rotation

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Meeting Log

09:31:03 <zhangchao> hi,marco
09:33:30 <zhangchao> hi everyone,meeting time:)
09:33:39 <handsome_feng> hi
09:35:45 <handsome_feng> @Trevinho
09:36:16 <Trevinho> Hey 
09:36:35 <Trevinho> Sorry I've some connection issues this morning 
09:36:55 <zhangchao> hi marco,let's begin?
09:37:07 <Trevinho> Yeah 
09:37:30 <zhangchao> did you get anything back about the wizard?
09:38:52 <Trevinho> zhangchao: unfortunately not... I've asked will cooke few days ago, but he probably got nothing as well :-(
09:39:07 <Trevinho> He'll be around in 1/2 hr, so we can ask again
09:39:47 <Trevinho> If we don't get anything, btw... I'd go with what you proposed.... Then we can reiterate it. Because we can't wait too much to start doing stuff, or it won't be ready.
09:40:42 → ypwong joined (ypwong@2400:8900::f03c:91ff:fe6e:a73d)
09:41:19 <zhangchao> ok
09:44:08 <zhangchao> so, you will begin do it now ?
09:45:00 <Trevinho> zhangchao: you can begin to do it now :)
09:45:48 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: any question about the code review I did?
09:47:46 chihchun → chihchun_afk
09:48:01 <handsome_feng> not yet now ,  because of some other things, i'm still working on it..
09:50:00 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: fine, take your time
09:50:10 <Trevinho> if you've any question just ping me
09:50:48 <handsome_feng> OK, think you ! :)
09:52:14 <zhangchao> Trevinho: e...We hardly find time to develop wizard:(
09:52:41 <Trevinho> zhangchao: mh, ok... I see if we can find resources.. But we're also quite busy
09:55:35 <Trevinho> Well, I think we can quickly wrap this up at this point... 
09:55:36 <zhangchao> Trevinho: We can provide some design resources,but develop resources is too lack
09:55:53 <zhangchao> ok
09:56:30 <zhangchao> thinks,bye
09:57:35 <Trevinho> zhangchao: ok, that is great as well
09:57:42 <Trevinho> yeah, bye
09:57:55 <handsome_feng> bye!
09:59:26 → willcooke joined  
09:59:40 <Trevinho> ah willcooke... Any news from design for wizard?
09:59:48 <Trevinho> (hey!) :)
10:00:06 <willcooke> sorry folks, no.  I chased them on Tuesday - still "in progress"
10:00:20 <Trevinho> :(
10:03:18 <willcooke> They assure me it's going to get looked at, but it's taken far too long, sorry

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