Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


  • Lockscreen and Launcher changes review

Action Items from last meeting

  • Lockscreen and launcher-rotation

Meeting Notes

  • Meeting was done privately because of late arrival of Marco, log attached.

Meeting Log

09:39:01 <handsome_feng> hi, marco, are you there?
10:28:40 <Trevinho> Hey, sorry... I didn't get the meeting notification. In case just ping me if you need anything
10:28:42 <Trevinho> Sorry about this
10:30:10 <handsome_feng> hi
10:31:23 <Trevinho> Hey
10:31:32 <Trevinho> Is it too late for you, right?
10:31:58 <handsome_feng> It doesn't matter
10:33:02 <Trevinho> :)
10:33:06 <Trevinho> Do you have anything to ask?
10:33:11 <Trevinho> About the review or anything else?
10:33:56 <Trevinho> As I said, if you want I can help with factorizing common stuff, so I can also check how things go in a deeper way
10:34:13 <handsome_feng> yes, it's fine 
10:35:01 <Trevinho> Ok, I'll prepare a branch that I'll link in the merge proposal, so that you can merge it with yours
10:35:10 <Trevinho> Other comments remain vaild
10:35:21 <Trevinho> But I think we're almost there
10:35:58 <handsome_feng> I have update a new version about other comments
10:36:50 <Trevinho> cool
10:37:06 <handsome_feng> after I move the UserPromptView.h to .cpp file
10:37:14 <Trevinho> I didn't notice, since we don't get email when code changes... Only if you comment there (in case do it)
10:37:38 <handsome_feng> i need to add a "LockScreenAbstractPromptView.h" in LockScreenController.h
10:37:57 <Trevinho> Yeah
10:38:14 <Trevinho> How is the launcher rotation branch going?
10:38:25 <Trevinho> I didn't check the commits yet...
10:38:38 <handsome_feng> I update a new version today too
10:38:44 <Trevinho> Yeah, I just noticed
10:38:49 <handsome_feng> and about the autopilot
10:38:51 <Trevinho> I mean, what's  the status=
10:38:52 <Trevinho> ?
10:39:14 <handsome_feng> even use the original unity code, running autopilot test will get dozens of fail, is't normal ?
10:41:34 <handsome_feng> I think it will be ready for review soon
10:41:37 <Trevinho> Well.... ~30-40 failures happens :-(
10:41:42 <Trevinho> We need to fix them really
10:42:29 <handsome_feng> Do you meaning in my branch ?
10:42:34 <Trevinho> No, no... 
10:42:54 <Trevinho> We know we have some failures, that are actually false positive. Because if you run the tests by them selves, they generally work
10:43:11 <Trevinho> It's just that when we run them all together, it might happen something that break things
10:43:16 <Trevinho> and... Thus lots of failures
10:43:39 <Trevinho> autopilot is not really a rock solid solution unfortunately.
10:44:41 <handsome_feng> ok , I notice this, if i run separatlly, some test will pass
10:46:00 <Trevinho> yeah... It's a shame :)
10:46:05 <handsome_feng> i notice some hard-coding in keybindings.py
10:46:10 <Trevinho> Just checked the changes in the lockscreen branch, very nice
10:46:15 <Trevinho> You're doing a great work!
10:46:35 <Trevinho> yeah... We never implemented a feature to get some keybindings from compiz
10:48:38 <handsome_feng> and when the launcher at bottom, the key should changed.. 
10:48:56 <Trevinho> Ah, you mean to navigate?
10:49:02 <handsome_feng> yes
10:49:14 <handsome_feng> i use up to open quicklist
10:50:41 <Trevinho> Mhmhm... I see
10:50:51 <handsome_feng> "left" to close and go pre, "right" to go next ,Is't ok?
10:50:55 <Trevinho> Let me see how we can deal with thatù
10:51:33 <Trevinho> One thing you can do for now is just calling self.keyboard.press_and_release("KeyName") ... 
10:51:46 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: it's fine yes
10:52:02 <handsome_feng> ok... 
10:52:04 <Trevinho> The thing is keybindigs.py is not part of unity, but part of autopilot-legacy
10:52:15 <handsome_feng> yes, i know
10:52:48 <Trevinho> You can propose a change against lp:autopilot/legacy
10:52:55 <Trevinho> but i was wondering how we can deal with that...
10:53:45 <Trevinho> Not sure you can override that _keys["value"] at unity AP level depending on the tests...
10:54:30 <Trevinho> One possibility, would be to add the "-rotated" version of those keybindings...
10:54:43 <Trevinho> and then call them when launcher is in the rotated scenario
10:54:44 <Trevinho> but...
10:54:52 <Trevinho> I don't love this solution
10:55:45 <Trevinho> I would actually prefer that _keys dict to be definied inside unity tests and passed to the keybindings module...
10:55:52 <Trevinho> I can see what I can do there
10:56:01 <handsome_feng> ok :/
10:58:07 <Trevinho> or you define some "launcher-rotated/foo/bar": "key" for everything... then in tests you do something like keybinding.press("launcher{}".format("" if not is_rotated else "-rotated"))... But not too cool :-)
10:58:39 <Trevinho> err, launcher-bottom maybe better than rotated
11:01:22 <handsome_feng> ok , i will try those method
11:03:56 <handsome_feng> It's a litter late here, if any question, i will ping you , :)
11:04:16 <Trevinho> You can define that at top-level of tests, in the class __init__ somethin like keybinding_prefix = ... ; then callking keybinding.press(keybinding_prefix+"/... name")
11:04:34 <Trevinho> Or, any other way you like it to keep logic in one place
11:05:13 <handsome_feng> fine, got it
11:14:00 <handsome_feng> marco , I have to go home now , talk to you next time ! :)

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