Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


  • Launcher rotation and Lockscreen reviews

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  • Lockscreen and launcher-rotation

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09:31:01 <handsome_feng> hi, marco, eleni, andyrock :)
09:40:41 <handsome_feng> I guess you must be very busy with your work recently,and i will wait for some time.
09:45:47 <Trevinho> Hi handsome_feng 
09:46:14 <Trevinho> Sorry guys, for some reason I don't get notifications for this meeting anymore :-|
09:46:54 <handsome_feng> Don't matter :)
09:47:01 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so... Locks like lockscreen it's landing in next weeks 
09:47:30 <handsome_feng> fine
09:48:28 <handsome_feng> and about launcher, I meet some problem in showtooltip :(
09:49:06 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: what kind of problem?
09:49:58 <handsome_feng> when at last icon in the launcher when at bottom, the tooltip didn't show right
09:50:47 <handsome_feng> i added an offscreen_size in settooltipposition
09:50:55 <Trevinho> last icon you mean, the rightmost?
09:51:01 <Trevinho> like the trash?
09:51:04 <handsome_feng> yes
09:51:37 <Trevinho> I guess that in that case the "arrow" of the tooltip has to move to the right, like it happens with quicklists, no?
09:51:38 <handsome_feng> but seems it can't got the right value sometimes
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09:53:00 <handsome_feng> yes
09:53:47 <handsome_feng> Do you seen my new layout of tooltip and quicklist ?
09:54:24 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: not yet.... I had no time to review the code by commits yet, sorry :(
09:54:38 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I could give a test run to that, though.. And see what I can find if you want
09:54:54 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: a part from that, whats't the global status?
09:56:04 <handsome_feng> The edge barrier also need to handle
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09:58:35 <handsome_feng> I found a vertical_barriers_ and a horizontal_barriers_ in EdgeBarrierController, and what't the function of the previous one?
09:58:49 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: yeah, I think we added the horizontal support for edge barrier some time ago (for the panel), so the lower level should be done.
10:00:21 <Trevinho> So, basically the launcher had only vertical barriers... And it was using them to block the pointer to switch monitor easily. Then we added the same to the panel, but it needed horizontal barriers.
10:00:50 <Trevinho> The barriers are used to both prevent the pointer to switch monitor too easily, but also to get the pressure of the mouse on the edge when using the auto-hidden launcher
10:01:15 <Trevinho> In your case you need to use horizontal barriers when the launcher is in the bottom
10:01:52 <handsome_feng> yes, i know, and  when the launcher at bottom, I need to add a new horizontal barriers ?
10:02:45 <handsome_feng> add a new one or just change the horizontal barriers?
10:04:15 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I think you've to add one... Vertical barriers should stay anyway I guess
10:04:42 <Trevinho> Or, well... Maybe they should be less strong... Not sure about this. Maybe some design (even from yours) input might help here
10:05:57 <handsome_feng> OK
10:07:46 <Trevinho> Indeed you've to add one at the bottom, though
10:08:15 <Trevinho> If it's easier for you, just switch the vertical to horizontal for now
10:09:44 <handsome_feng> If just switch the vertical to horizontal , the pointer will be too easy to switch monitor, so i will try to fix this
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10:11:19 <Trevinho> ok as you prefer. We also don't have this in vertical right now... So if you've a monitor in top of another, you'd not get this. But I guess that moving horizontal is way more common than the other scenario
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10:16:01 <handsome_feng> moving horizontal from top to bottom?
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10:17:42 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: no, you need both at the top and at the bottom
10:17:48 <Trevinho> at the top for thepanel, at the bottom for the launcher
10:17:56 <handsome_feng> OK,got it
10:18:02 <Trevinho> if there are multiple monitors, one in top of another, I'm not sure this will work well though
10:18:19 <Trevinho> I mean, there should be just one barrier in between two monitors
10:18:29 <Trevinho> but they shouold work in different directions
10:20:45 <handsome_feng> ok, i will test this
10:22:54 <handsome_feng> and except for these two things, nothing else, i think
10:23:01 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: that's great...
10:23:07 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I'll give a test to that shortly...
10:23:42 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: in case i see something I might send you a merge request with some improvements, but I can't promise anything since I've already lots of things in the stack
10:24:34 <handsome_feng> OK, Think you !
10:24:41 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: also, I guess our next meeting will be on January 14st, since there's the Christmas break, and I'll be in holidays till 11st.
10:25:08 <Trevinho> I won't be much at home in january, as I've holidays, ubucon and fosdem, but I should be able to make it for the meetings.
10:28:03 <handsome_feng> OK, Merry Christmas! and so next meeting january 14?
10:28:48 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: thank you. Yes.
10:29:09 <Trevinho> If i'll be able to recover from the jatlag (I'm flying back few days before from LA) :_D
10:29:18 <Trevinho> but now I've set the alarm on the meeting :)
10:30:36 <handsome_feng> OK, have fun !
10:30:58 <Trevinho> handsome_feng: thanks you too
10:31:00 <Trevinho> cheers

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