Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


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  • Launcher rotation

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[08:29] <Trevinho> Hello

[08:30] <cfhowlett> Trevinho, greetings

[08:30] <handsome_feng> hey , marco, welcome !

[08:30] <Trevinho> hi cfhowlett

[08:30] <Trevinho> hi handsome_feng, how are you?

[08:31] <handsome_feng> yeah, everything is fine

[08:31] <cfhowlett> Is it permitted for me to ask you fine fellows (and ladies) for design help on Ubuntustudio?

[08:31] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: good!

[08:34] <andyrock> hey

[08:35] <handsome_feng> hi , andyrock, nice to meet you

[08:35] <cfhowlett> Are there any designers here?

[08:36] <handsome_feng> I think no ... Sad :(

[08:37] <cfhowlett> tsk. Really wanted some ubuntukylin magic on your wallpapers

[08:39] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so... Speaking of the ongoing work... There's not much new from my side, since I just come back from holidays

[08:39] <handsome_feng> I can try to find some designers later

[08:40] <cfhowlett> handsome_feng, cool! Here's what we are doing over at Ubuntustudio. Please share! While I am in Beijing, I am ashamed to admit that I still do not speak Mandarin. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/UserShowcase

[08:40] <Trevinho> However, the lockscreen code is approved and is going to be included into the next landing

[08:41] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: as for the launcher rotation code, I need to do a new review...

[08:41] <Trevinho> The only concerns I had were related to quicklists and tooltips that IMHO should have the anchor centered when possible, while it should slide left or right depending on the screen space available

[08:41] <handsome_feng> ok, marco, have a good rest today

[08:44] <handsome_feng> i alrealdy do that

[08:45] <handsome_feng> but the tooltips have some problem

[08:45] <Trevinho> Mh, ah, I see... Let me see if I can quickly test the new code

[08:46] <handsome_feng> fine, thinks

[08:47] <Trevinho> also ensure this merges cleanly with lp:~3v1n0/unity/launcher-filemanager-integration

[08:47] <Trevinho> as that's a quite big rework that is going to be merged soon

[08:48] <zhangchao> cfhowlett: hi,What do you need to help in the design?a wallpaper?

[08:48] <handsome_feng> OK

[08:49] <cfhowlett> zhangchao, yep. Your designs are so outstanding! I was hoping that someone from the Kylin team or community might contribute a wallpaper or 4 to Ubuntustudio for the 16.04 release!

[08:54] <zhangchao> cfhowlett: thanks,When do you need it?I'll ask about the timing of our designers.

[08:55] <handsome_feng> Trevinho, We are going to Tianjin tomorrow to attend the annual meeting, so i think i will do this next week

[08:55] <cfhowlett> zhangchao, we are running the contest from 10 January - 10 February so as to complete before Feature Freeze. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/UserShowcase

[08:58] <zhangchao> cfhowlett: ok

[08:59] <cfhowlett> Many thanks zhangchao!

[09:00] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I don't see the tooltip/quicklist anchor change...

[09:00] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: also, what about moving the dash?

[09:00] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: are you planning to do that in a different branch or what?

[09:01] <handsome_feng> er.. now have no plan to move the dash ...

[09:03] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: well, it should be somethin like http://www.linux.org.ru/gallery/7062768.png when restored

[09:03] <Trevinho> with the panel not showing window buttons at all

[09:03] <Trevinho> otherwise there wont' be any connnection between the dash and the launcher...

[09:03] <Trevinho> and while pressing the BFB something far will open

[09:05] <handsome_feng> Ok... and about the tooltip/quicklist anchor, any pictures ?

[09:06] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-knc-K_RQ_CA/Tql1oI93zUI/AAAAAAAARek/NuDSNCw4Qzc/s800/unity.jpg

[09:07] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: or https://danslinux.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/9qdds.png

[09:08] <handsome_feng> ok, got it,you mean the anchor should at center of the bottom.

[09:09] <handsome_feng> but in my branch it at the left of the bottom, right ?

[09:11] <handsome_feng> point take Smile :)

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