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Note: This page contains only the meeting log, it will be edited later to include the other meeting information.

== Meeting Log ==

[10:29:57] <handsome_feng> hi, meeting time

[10:31:52] * zhangchao (~Thunderbi@ has joined

[10:33:18] <handsome_feng> hikiko Trevinho

[10:33:48] <hikiko> hello handsome_feng

[10:33:50] <hikiko> Smile :)

[10:33:53] <hikiko> how are you?

[10:34:15] <handsome_feng> Yeah , I'm fine Smile :)

[10:35:13] <handsome_feng> Seems marco is offline now

[10:35:43] <hikiko> let me ping him on telegram

[10:35:55] <handsome_feng> cool

[10:37:27] <hikiko> mmm he didn't seem to receive it

[10:37:55] <hikiko> my message is not marked as seen, he must be off

[10:39:26] <handsome_feng> I think so

[10:40:25] <handsome_feng> eleni, Can you edit the wiki page ?

[10:41:49] <hikiko> sure, give me a moment to find the link

[10:42:35] * liuxg (~liuxg@ has joined

[10:43:41] <handsome_feng> It is very strange that It show Immutable Page here

[10:44:03] * liuxg has quit (Client Quit)

[10:44:24] * liuxg (~liuxg@ has joined

[10:44:35] * liuxg has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[10:44:54] * liuxg (~liuxg@ has joined

[10:45:29] <hikiko> handsome_feng, what do you mean by immutable page?

[10:45:36] <hikiko> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu%20Kylin/Meeting/

[10:45:44] <hikiko> should I add a new page?

[10:46:26] <hikiko> it looks alright to me

[10:48:12] <hikiko> add a new page shows the last page added to edit it I think

[10:49:50] <handsome_feng> :/ I just can't edit any page

[10:50:14] <hikiko> oh I see

[10:50:15] <handsome_feng> the top left of the page shows "Immutable Page"

[10:50:19] <hikiko> I got it too

[10:50:22] <hikiko> yes

[10:50:45] <hikiko> there's no edit action

[10:50:51] <handsome_feng> yes

[10:52:23] <hikiko> http://askubuntu.com/questions/632048/how-to-give-feedback-to-an-immutable-page-at-wiki-ubuntu-com

[10:53:07] <hikiko> but there must be a faster way than filling an lp bug

[10:53:17] <hikiko> let's see if there's an admin

[10:53:56] * willcooke (~willcooke@ubuntu/member/willcooke) has joined

[10:54:26] <hikiko> willcooke, hi

[10:54:42] <hikiko> do you know any ubuntu wiki administrator?

[10:54:58] <willcooke> hummmm

[10:55:14] <willcooke> I'd say ask dholbach or mhall119

[10:55:16] <hikiko> it seems that we can't edit the ubuntu kylin wiki page anymore

[10:55:25] <hikiko> thanks Smile :)

[10:55:34] <willcooke> yw

[10:55:50] <willcooke> I think I read somewhere that the wiki was getting a lot of spam so they had to lock it for a little while

[10:56:01] <willcooke> maybe they didnt unlock it yet

[10:56:02] <hikiko> oh

[10:56:09] <willcooke> but yeah, one of the community guys wil know for sure

[10:58:26] <handsome_feng> Thank you , willcooke, but jack and anthony can edit the wiki page ... :/

[10:58:45] <willcooke> aohh

[10:59:56] <handsome_feng> Me and zhangcao can't ...

[11:00:31] <willcooke> then I don't know, sorry. The community guys will be able to fix it though for sure

[11:01:25] <handsome_feng> Ok, Thank you very much , willcooke

[11:02:26] <hikiko> handsome_feng, I am asking the sys admins

[11:03:06] <handsome_feng> Thank you Smile :)

[11:09:45] * liuxg has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)

[11:10:01] * liuxg (~liuxg@ has joined

[11:26:53] <Trevinho> It might be that the wiki is in readonly mode. Sometimes they do it for maintenance

[11:28:24] <handsome_feng> But it last for a long time , a couple of months

[11:29:12] <hikiko> sajoupa> hikiko: I can see that you are in the right group to edit pages, didnt see anything useful in the logs... I'll ask for a second pair of eyes.

[11:29:59] <hikiko> is it in this mode for 2 months?

[11:30:12] <hikiko> I thought 2 weeks, how did you edit it last time?

[11:30:54] <hikiko> handsome_feng, when was the last time you could edit it?

[11:31:06] <handsome_feng> I don't remember it clearly。。。

[11:31:08] <hikiko> they asked me and I said last meeting

[11:31:19] <Trevinho> Mh weird

[11:31:21] <hikiko> because I saw marco's log

[11:31:33] * zhangchao has quit (Quit: zhangchao)

[11:32:14] <handsome_feng> Let me find out from the wiki page

[11:32:25] <handsome_feng> wait a moment

[11:32:36] <hikiko> sure

[11:33:47] <handsome_feng> 20160128

[11:35:04] <hikiko> ok I told them

[11:35:19] <handsome_feng> Maybe because we are not in the group of ubuntu ?

[11:36:45] <hikiko> then Trevinho would have access

[11:36:53] <hikiko> he is in that group

[11:37:02] <handsome_feng> hmm ...

[11:37:19] * liuxg has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)

[11:37:21] <handsome_feng> and Trevinho, I have update the code about move dash

[11:39:32] <hikiko> <sajoupa> hikiko: with the spam issues we have allowed only the members of ubuntuetherpadTeamACL to edit pages, but you are in it

[11:40:15] <handsome_feng> errr...

[11:40:28] <handsome_feng> Can we join that team ?

[11:41:26] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so... dash code, let me check it again, but I think we're there

[11:41:40] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: have you been able to check about that small black corner in the top-left?

[11:42:23] <handsome_feng> Yes, I have fix that

[11:42:30] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: cool

[11:42:52] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I think i'll setup a landing today or tomorrow, so that we can get it in ubuntu in next week

[11:43:32] <handsome_feng> Great !

[11:44:23] <handsome_feng> And do you see my email about wizard ?

[11:45:18] * Trevinho currently can't either login to ubuntu wiki -_-

[11:45:34] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: yes I did, but it's not material for this LTS unfortunately

[11:45:39] <hikiko> handsome_feng:

[11:45:42] <hikiko> [11:44:32] <hikiko> sajoupa, this wiki page is part of the tools we use in collaboration with some chinese NUDT developers that are not working for canonical, could they join the ubuntuetherpadTeamACL team somehow to be able to edit it (after it's back I mean)

[11:45:42] <hikiko> [11:44:56] <sajoupa> hikiko: that should be possible

[11:47:01] <Trevinho> yeah, wiki page is unlocked now

[11:47:02] <Trevinho> thanks hikiko

[11:47:16] <hikiko> thanks sajoupa Smile :)

[11:47:29] <handsome_feng> Thank you , hikiko , sajoupa

[11:48:49] <handsome_feng> What do I need to do ? hikiko

[11:48:53] <hikiko> handsome_feng, are you able to edit it?

[11:49:27] <hikiko> let me ask again

[11:49:54] <hikiko> sajoupa> np. for the chinese developers, the best is to file an RT requesting group ownership

[11:50:21] <hikiko> I am asking what the rt is now :p

[11:51:00] * Trevinho 's network is sh*t today...

[11:52:04] <handsome_feng> Trevinho, yes, I know, I just want some suggestion for the further developing Smile :)

[11:54:50] <hikiko> handsome_feng, I need the users that must have access to the page

[11:55:04] <hikiko> so that I email them to rt@ubuntu.com

[11:55:08] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so, using a different app, which is detached from unity could in some way give you the ability to land it also in ubuntu kylin 16.04 at later stages

[11:55:14] <hikiko> and they are added to the group

[11:55:56] * maclin has quit (Quit: maclin)

[11:56:13] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: while if we keep it inside unity itself you could control unity more directly (i.e show what happens by clicking something), but, in the other side it won't be in 16.04.x without kylin patching

[11:57:19] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: as for developing it, you can use cairo in any case... So that it could imported to unity in case... While nux is something more unity related, and if you use it, it means you want the wizard to be embedded in unity itself

[11:58:10] <Trevinho> which, as we discussed in the past, is something nice to have. But it all depends on the question I did before (would you like to get it in 16.04 versions of kylin?)

[11:59:01] <handsome_feng> Yes, This is the plan :/

[11:59:31] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: about the last changes to your branch, I'm happy with those... However about your comment in MP «I apply the diff , but the unity will crash when call "animation::Skip(fade_animator_)", :/»

[12:00:02] <Trevinho> I also got something similar, but... It seeems that it's just about rebuilding the whole stuff... At least, it worked to me after a clean build...

[12:00:10] <Trevinho> Could you retry (and in case use it)?

[12:00:28] <handsome_feng> I have use fade_animator_.Stop() instead of Skip()...

[12:00:32] <Trevinho> Since you're stopping the animator, which is fine, butt..... In case that tooltip is shown again, then it won't fade-in.

[12:00:37] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: yeah, i saw that

[12:01:01] <Trevinho> I also got the very same crash honestly (and I've no clue why. Since I used the same code in other places with no troubles)

[12:01:22] <Trevinho> it seems that C++ is doing something weird with templates class that define a virtual method that has no implementation...

[12:01:46] <Trevinho> But, there should be an implementation of that...

[12:01:56] <handsome_feng> I trid this in unity trunk , It also crashed ...

[12:02:21] <Trevinho> ah, ok... whatheve..

[12:02:47] <Trevinho> i'll give it a quick look, if you can wait, again...

[12:03:27] <handsome_feng> ok, and i will try to rebuilding the whole stuff

[12:05:03] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: FYI we had a small regression in the losckreen, but I've fixed it: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/lockscreen-promptview-scaling-fix/+merge/289162

[12:05:17] <Trevinho> nothing big really, we just forgot to remove a duplicated definition

[12:06:07] <handsome_feng> oh, Thank you ! I didn't notice that

[12:08:39] <Trevinho> yeah, me neither Smile :)

[12:10:45] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: I've checked the animation using .Stop()... It works, and there's no problem when doing a new tooltip (I've used the ccsm slow animation mode, under composite, FYI). And it works fine

[12:11:03] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so.... if you get that not crashing fine. Otherwise we can keep it in this way and avoid troubles.

[12:12:18] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: ah. I've just spotted a tiny bug...

[12:12:37] <handsome_feng> errr, what ?

[12:12:56] <handsome_feng> what it is ?

[12:13:38] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: if you open the QL: if you press left, you move to another icon selection. But if you press right, nothing happens

[12:13:51] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: in theory it would be nice it to move to the icon when pressing down

[12:13:57] <Trevinho> let me see this,...

[12:15:10] <handsome_feng> press left will close the quicklist first time

[12:16:04] <handsome_feng> oh, yes, press right nothing happens...

[12:18:41] * handsome_feng has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[12:24:24] * handsome_feng (~feng@ has joined

[12:25:01] <handsome_feng> sorry, my computer just reboot from a dpkg error

[12:25:33] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: no worries...

[12:25:38] <Trevinho> So I think I'll have a diff in seconds

[12:26:11] <handsome_feng> ok !

[12:26:14] <Trevinho> this is the quick fix... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15406995/

[12:26:19] <Trevinho> but... I'd like somehting different

[12:28:29] <handsome_feng> hmmm, apply this diff first ? or waiting for a clearly design?

[12:33:53] * handsome_feng has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

[12:57:09] * handsome_feng (~feng@ has joined

[12:58:21] <handsome_feng> sorry, my computer crashed again Sad :(

[12:59:53] <handsome_feng> hikiko, still here ?

[13:00:50] <hikiko> handsome_feng, yes

[13:00:59] <hikiko> about the edit

[13:01:19] <handsome_feng> sorry , I missed your message, the user must access the wiki page are me and zhaochao

[13:01:22] <hikiko> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad

[13:01:28] <hikiko> popey said

[13:01:35] <hikiko> that users that are in this group

[13:01:42] <hikiko> have write access in the wiki

[13:01:59] <hikiko> I applied to become a member

[13:02:18] <hikiko> I think you must apply too

[13:02:41] <hikiko> and then if you still don't have write access I'll fire an rt

[13:02:58] <hikiko> as sajoupa said

[13:03:36] <hikiko> i see your name next to mine in Pending Approval Smile :)

[13:04:38] <handsome_feng> yeah, but i still can't edit any wiki page ... Sad :(

[13:07:31] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: so are you ok with that diff?

[13:09:25] <handsome_feng> sorry, i have not do that yet,I fix my computer just now...

[13:09:30] * chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk

[13:09:47] <hikiko> handsome_feng, if you still cant when we join it

[13:09:55] <hikiko> I ll email the rt

[13:10:32] <hikiko> <popey> hikiko: Once you do that, you need to logout and log back in again to the wiki.

[13:11:50] <handsome_feng> Ok ,I will try

[13:13:13] * chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun

[13:15:05] <Trevinho> handsome_feng: no worries...

[13:15:41] <handsome_feng> hikiko, still can't edit ...

[13:16:10] <hikiko> ok I am emailing Smile :)

[13:17:49] <handsome_feng> Thank you ! and did you add zhaochao in the email?

[13:28:17] <hikiko> now sec

[13:33:33] <handsome_feng> Thank you !

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