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 * It will be managed and monitored by [[https://launchpad.net/~ubuntukylin-council|Ubuntu Kylin Council]]. Up-loaders should be Ubuntu members and have signed the CoC of Ubuntu.  * It will be managed and monitored by the [[https://launchpad.net/~ubuntukylin-council|Ubuntu Kylin Council]]. Uploaders must be Ubuntu members and have signed the Ubuntu CoC.

Ubuntu Kylin archive is designed to provide software co-developed by Ubuntu Kylin team and Chinese commercial companies. Most of these software are only useful for Chinese. Packages developed by Ubuntu Kylin team with GPL/LGPL licenses will be delivered through the regular Ubuntu repository as usual. The management of Ubuntu Kylin archive will follow basic rules as following:

  • It will be managed and monitored by the Ubuntu Kylin Council. Uploaders must be Ubuntu members and have signed the Ubuntu CoC.

  • Packages must be built in the Canonical-managed Launchpad builders, using the same build chroots as the Ubuntu archive and with no build-dependencies on other PPAs.
  • The result should be signed by a GPG key managed by Canonical within the Canonical infrastructure.
  • That GPG key should be separate from any other key currently in use and should be (not a hard requirement for 14.04) signed by the archive master key.
  • Distribution will be done through servers managed by Ubuntu Kylin team which will get its content from a private server on Canonical's network.
  • Packages in the repository must adhere to the Extension Repository Policy.

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