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Amaro Guerra

London, UK

"If you do it well, live once is enough"

About me

I think It's a bit hard for everyone try to describe themselves, but I consider myself a hard-working person, original, sometimes inquisitive, and open minded. I love learn by myself, for that reason I think the fire and the wheel were good for human beings, but internet is even better! is my freedom window in the world, a lot of information (and that's power my friend!). Following always my own path, to discover the free software world years ago was amazing, and love at first sight. I love do things towards goals (it motivates me), and I am very respectful working in teams, trying to give always my point of view about the matter. In my life, I have enjoyed playing football in a team when I was younger (I still enjoy). I do like sports in the nature and do trekking or take the bike (I use the bike to go work) really makes me feel happy! in any moment of the day. Also, I can sit and have a coffee with people, talk, and spend hours trying to fix the world, for me is a good moment to delight as well.


Html, Php (or at least trying), a bit more about Linux distributions everyday, Web Design whit Adobe Dreamweaver, learning languages (still English is not my mother tongue), about the relationship between marketing and new technologies (I did Marketing in the university), how to go deeper in development and contribution in projects, more Inkscape, more Gimp, and learning about people every day!.


Five years experience using Linux, most of them Ubuntu. Skills in bash scripting, and the Unix system. Degree in Business Administration and specialized in Marketing. Years using Gimp and Inkscape, Excel advanced user (I did a course to improve skills), and more courses in Adobe Dreamweaver, Html, and Community Manager among others.

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