1 <Syntux> lovely, can we discuss the agenda now ? :D
   2 <effie_jayx> boredandblogging, shall we?
   3 <boredandblogging> sure, I have about 15 minutes
   4 <effie_jayx> ok
   5 <effie_jayx> Syntux, let's do it
   6 <JanC> Syntux: about the Arabic thing, did you also contact the other Arabic speaking LoCoTeams yet?
   7 <Syntux> JanC, yes and as documented in the /talk https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda/talk
   8 <Syntux> through their forums and mailing lists
   9 <JanC> that's not all of them, right?
  10 <Syntux> JanC, that's all of them or at least those with forums and/or mailing list
  11 <JanC> well, at least tehre are other countries where people speak Arabic?
  12 <Syntux> JanC, yeah we are talking about 23 country with around 250million human being
  13 <udienz-> wew
  14 <Syntux> yes
  15 <JanC> like Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, ... don't they have LoCoTeams ?
  16 <Syntux> Tunesia do have one but not Algeria and Morocco
  17 <Syntux> nizarus, is the team leader of Tunisia and he's here now
  18 <Syntux> alsadi, is one of the most active translators, developers in the region and he's here now too
  19 <alsadi> Hi
  20 <effie_jayx> Syntux, I think the idea makes sense
  21 <Syntux> effie_jayx, I guess so, having one interface for Arabic users is good.
  22 <boredandblogging> yeah, I agree
  23 <Syntux> LoCo teams cannot solve the problem because not all arab locos prefer to use arabic, like Jordan team prefer English and the Lebanese prefer French
  24 <alsadi> yes, we (Arabic speaking people) have same interests, and having a common group will make things easier
  25 <Syntux> on the other side there are plenty of LoCo members interested in supporting people in Arabic
  26 <Syntux> so having arabic team would solve the problem.
  27 <alsadi> I agree
  28 <JanC> FWIW: as all languages spoken in Belgium (Dutch, French & German) are also spoken in other countries, we already point users to those respective forums
  29 <JanC> so this is quite similar
  30 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  do you have an estimate of users you'll be helping?
  31 <effie_jayx> just vague numbers
  32 <Syntux> true but since the Ubuntu Arabic community is small having one interface would be for its own good
  33 <Syntux> and it will help in increasing the number of people in the community
  34 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  right, true... That would realy help boost adoption
  35 <Syntux> for example, if someone asked in Arabic in Jordan or lebanese or loco mailing list, we might not answer to be honest
  36 <Syntux> but having one place for people interested in helping in that language would make it easier to Arabic community and hopefully increase it
  37 <JanC> Syntux: like, I'm a member of both the Belgian (country) & Dutch (language) team -- you would be members of both Jordanian (country) & Arabic (language) team
  38 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  I like the idea, however it would be god to have commitment from all teams involved so that it is not your team and alsadi 's and other listed. since it has to be a structure that can be sustainable long after you and him are gone
  39 <alsadi> ubuntu says Linux for humans not for hackers (who know three of more human languages), we need to speak  to people in their native language
  40 <Syntux> JanC, yeah and this is why I'm proposing for this team, the other arabic teams that exists in the community focus on translation not support.
  41 <effie_jayx> alsadi,  it is one of the ubuntu promises yes...
  42 <Syntux> effie_jayx, of course, we have received some good feedback from all arabic LoCo members else we wouldn't bothering you guys in this proposal
  43 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  but they will offer a heloping hand in your initiative riught?
  44 <effie_jayx> Syntux, perfect
  45 <Syntux> effie_jayx, yes.
  46 <boredandblogging> Syntux: whats the next step to take?
  47 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  I say the proposal needs a bit of shaping up. but the idea makes perfect sense. and it is clear that your intentions is to integrate support work
  48 <Syntux> boredandblogging, establishing forum, mailing list and ubuntu-arabic.org and spread the word about it
  49 <Syntux> boredandblogging, and we already talked with some of the large arabic linux communities to work with them
  50 <boredandblogging> Syntux: maybe also contact some other similar teams and see what they would recommend?
  51 <Syntux> boredandblogging, that would be an idea
  52 <udienz-> Syntux: what's difference between Ubuntume community and ubuntu-arabic
  53 <JanC> I guess a forum would be good to start with giving support?
  54 <persia> udienz-: language and religion tend not to map well
  55 <Syntux> udienz-, UbuntuME is the Muslims Edition of Ubuntu and it has nothing to do with the language
  56 <Syntux> udienz-, they do have packages for religious human beings ;)
  57 <JanC> not all muslims speak Arabic, e.g. some speak Persian  ;)
  58 <persia> Some speak Flemish
  59 <Syntux> true, and UbuntuME main focus is on packing religious apps not support or anything
  60 <Syntux> our main focus is support not apps nor translation
  61 <boredandblogging> Syntux: so maybe come up with a formal document stating purpose, and what needs to be done?
  62 <JanC> persia: yes, I know several who do (although they also speak Arabic mostly)
  63 <udienz-> hmm... ic... many member at ubuntume speak using arabic but not all member using arabic (me too)
  64 <alsadi> as a member of UbuntuME, it's multi lingual which ranges from English (main), German (DE), ..., and even ordo
  65 <Syntux> boredandblogging, I don't mind working more on the proposal if we have definition of "formal document" :D
  66 <udienz-> sorry anot all using arabic
  67 <Syntux> actually I'm not that good at paper work hehe
  68 <JanC> and some people speaking arabic might not be muslims either
  69 <Syntux> right
  70 <udienz-> JanC: perfect
  71 <boredandblogging> Syntux: yes, whatever you want to call it, to make sure everyone is discussing the same thing
  72 <alsadi> let the numbers speacks, 20% of Muslism speacks Arabic, 96%  of arabs are Muslims
  73 <effie_jayx> ok
  74 <Syntux> there is already some ubuntu arabic sites http://www.arubuntu.org/ http://ubuntu.byethost13.com/ http://ubuntustory.com/ar and we just want to make it one work under Ubuntu Community umbrella  for better reach
  75 <udienz-> yup. indonesian have 200Million pepple and 80% Muslim but 10 % speak arabic
  76 <Syntux> boredandblogging, yeah sure, I was able to get alsadi and nizarus but nizarus (Tunisian LoCo leader) seems to be sleeping now hehe
  77 <Syntux> so basically we just need the permission to use ubuntu-arabic.org, a mailing list and a forum.
  78 <alsadi> yes ´╗┐indonesia is not an arabic country,
  79 <Syntux> and then we can start reporting our activities on monthly basis
  80 <udienz-> right
  81 <alsadi> I must leave, excuse me
  82 <Syntux> alsadi, thanks for coming.
  83 <Syntux> ex-squeezed :D
  84 <Syntux> so that's it guys
  85 <Syntux> if forumMathew was here he would be able to verify the links of discussion about it, provided in the /talk
  86 <effie_jayx> ok
  87 <effie_jayx> ok
  88 <Syntux> ok
  89 <Syntux> hehe
  90 <effie_jayx> I say we have the document down and teams participating? we can have a final quick look
  91 <boredandblogging> agreed
  92 <effie_jayx> and then we cwill have the final say about the team
  93 <effie_jayx> It all looks resonable
  94 <Syntux> wait wait
  95 <Syntux> Teams will NOT participate
  96 <Syntux> but individual members of the teams
  97 <JanC> Syntux: I think teams should participate
  98 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  so do i
  99 <Syntux> but not all teams interested in supporting people in aRabic
 100 <Syntux> Arabic*
 101 <JanC> as in providing links to the site etc.
 102 <boredandblogging> this is why we should have a doc ;-)
 103 <Syntux> well, that's easy but first they have to have a website for themselves :D
 104 <effie_jayx> Syntux, right, but  think teams should be able to be a apart of it
 105 <Syntux> effie_jayx, of course, they are able but it's up to them
 106 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  exactly
 107 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  i would expect a bit more depth on the kind of support and the resources needed
 108 <Syntux> yet we don't have any approved LoCo team btw
 109 <JanC> Syntux: participate also means that teams won't duplicate efforts, etc.
 110 <Syntux> of course\
 111 <Syntux> Ok, can we have a mailing list so we can start discussing the project instead of using google groups.
 112 <effie_jayx> Syntux, i think all you need is to ptresent this document and then we can approve resources ;)
 113 <Syntux> effie_jayx, I agree but presenting an official document would require interacting with all those interested to work on it
 114 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  you are free to contact Loco contact in the loco-contact maling list to gather more work
 115 <Syntux> and having an ubuntu mailing list would encourage many people to join us
 116 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  right but it wouldrequiere usto have you already considered a team :S
 117 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  to give you a cliue the conucil did not havea mailing list long after it had it's first meeting
 118 <Syntux> yeah but that means having to send the email to like 6 mailing lists and then come up with an artificial way to sync the discussion.
 119 <JanC> effie_jayx: teams don't have to be approved to get a list
 120 <JanC> Syntux: you have Google Groups set up already though?
 121 <effie_jayx> JanC, true, but it does help if we put in a word for the list to happen
 122 <JanC> with 8 members?
 123 <Syntux> JanC, yup created it two days ago.  http://groups.google.com/group/ubuntu-arabic
 124 <Syntux> yes
 125 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  do you think itwould help having a new list (considering you have to settle and all ) and then presenting this dc?
 126 <Syntux> definitely  it will help
 127 <Syntux> and anyway, we are not asking to get approved now or in the coming six months
 128 <effie_jayx> ok
 129 <boredandblogging> we have not finished figuring out the process of getting resources yet
 130 <Syntux> all we are asking for is to get a mailing list and permission to use ubuntu domain as in wiki, irc channel and stuff like that
 131 <effie_jayx> boredandblogging,  thatis also true
 132 <boredandblogging> so the mailing list may take some time
 133 <effie_jayx> popey was in charge of that
 134 <effie_jayx> boredandblogging, we can find outad get in touch then with Syntux
 135 <boredandblogging> yeah
 136 <Syntux> sorry, didn't get it ?
 137 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  do you agree with this?
 138 <JanC> Syntux: using the domain is okay as long as you follow this policy: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy
 139 <Syntux> JanC, great.
 140 <Syntux> effie_jayx, I didn't get it
 141 <Syntux> <effie_jayx> boredandblogging, we can find outad get in touch then with Syntux
 142 <Syntux> find out about what ?
 143 <boredandblogging> Syntux: we'll try to figure out how to get the mailing list, but it may take some time
 144 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  we will get in touch twith the man that helps us with the mailing lists and we wil find out the resource request and we shall get in touch with you through email
 145 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  about setting up the mailing list
 146 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  does that make sense?
 147 <Syntux> lovely
 148 <juliux> hi
 149 <effie_jayx> my keyboard abilities suck today
 150 <Syntux> hi juliux
 151 <juliux> topic atm?
 152 <effie_jayx> well
 153 <effie_jayx> gotta get going
 154 <Syntux> juliux, Ubuntu-Arabic team proposal.
 155 <effie_jayx> boredandblogging,  you do the minute
 156 <effie_jayx> or i do?
 157 <boredandblogging> umm, don't remember
 158 <Syntux> and btw I have already contact Jorge for the mailing list, not sure if that would cause any of diplomatic conflict :D
 159 <boredandblogging> effie_jayx: I can do this one
 160 <boredandblogging> Syntux: we'll figure it out
 161 <Syntux> splendid :-)
 162 <JanC> juliux: you don't?
 163 <boredandblogging> ok, so we are done with ubuntu-arabic for now?
 164 <juliux> JanC: i am still waiting for one
 165 <JanC> juliux: I got one recently
 166 <Syntux> I guess so.

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