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Hi, I am Purvesh R. Shah. <<BR>> Hi, I am {{https://launchpadlibrarian.net/50163457/Purvesh_Shah%20.jpg}}Purvesh R. Shah. <<BR>>

About Team

Hi, I am https://launchpadlibrarian.net/50163457/Purvesh_Shah .jpgPurvesh R. Shah.
This is Ubuntu Gujarati(gu) Translation info page where you can get info about how to join the team and after applying the team you have to also apply for our mailing list.
You have to go at https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Ubuntu Gujarati(gu) Translation Team
and after that you have to apply to join the team.
I like to contribute Ubuntu Translation.

I had also attached 2 files here which will help you also for Translation.

1) Gujarati Fonts : GujaratiUnicodeFonts.zip

2) Gujarati Keyboard Layout : GujaratiKeyboard.gif

Translation Team

Ubuntu Gujarati(gu) Translation Team


The aim of the Ubuntu translation team is having an environment completely Gujarati of this distribution. Efforts should focus, therefore, all packages that are part of the components main 'and' universe, "according to the following criteria:

  1. Translate all components default desktop of Ubuntu.

  2. Translate all your own applications regardless of whether Ubuntu found in the deposits 'main' or 'universe', such as Update Manager (main) or Boot Up Manager (universe).

  3. Translate all the Ubuntu documentation.

  4. Translate the other applications, the priority component "main" (without being too strict).

Needs analysis

Before translating anything is very important to know what the real needs, that is, what packages are not translated into Gujarati or currently being translated. In an ideal environment, we know from the Rosetta translation state of all packages that integrate with Ubuntu, but now it is not possible and therefore necessary to establish a process to detect which packages should work on . It is necessary to establish a procedure for the detection of needs:

  1. In principle, all people involved in the translation is, somehow, the Ubuntu user and therefore can go to monitor applications that are not translated.

  2. I need a list of all applications that people go untranslated finding. This way, interpreters must know what will work and tell you if there is someone working there or not. To prepare this document, we can proceed as follows:

    1. People find packages without translation and it communicates to the mailing list (ubuntu-l10n-gu@lists.launchpad.net).

    2. The person responsible for the wiki name of this package adds to the list of translations.
    3. When a translator wants to translate a package it says on the mailing list.
    4. The owner of the wiki and the translator assigns the package indicated in the list of translations.

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