To Do List

Team Page A list of current and upcoming projects with details and information about what needs to be done. This as a holding page for ideas and tasks to accomplish. It will be superseded by a more dynamic task manager later.

Team To Do

  • Create plan of action
  • Recruiting!
  • Select another task manager for managing group goals/projects/tasks.
  • Find Volunteers for the roles that are needed.
  • Possible roles:
    • Meeting facilitators/organisers
    • Wiki team members
    • New member team
  • Create wiki template pages for:
    • Projects (for projects that have their own wiki page)
    • Meeting minutes
    • Member pages to share their interests and talents.
      • Ubuntu forum profile page as example
      • What's your itch?

Ubuntu To Do

  • New Theme
  • New Icons
  • Move Desktop Icons to Right side
  • Move Window Function Controls to Left side
  • Mac-like Application Doc

Add More

  • Please feel free to add any items to the ToDo list you think necessary.

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