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 * Guide to bash scripting - TMKCodes  * [[http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0Abeqw3xBUqsUZGY2YnM5Z2tfMjVnOWJqZjlkNQ&hl=en|Guide to bash scripting]] - TMKCodes


Ubuntu-Tweakers is community team that supports those who like to take a stock Ubuntu system and tweak it in ever possible way. We try to produce central hub of documentation for how to tweak, extend and customize your Ubuntu system. We also provide communication channel and support resources. We try to build tools and facilities to provide post-installation facilities for configuring different elements of Ubuntu.

The idea for the team came from Jono Bacon. After he wrote about it to his blog, few guys like Brandon Tomsilon, Matt Gaunt and Toni Korpela went ahead and started it, because Bacon did not have time to do it.

At the moment we are trying to get wiki and forum.


How to Contribute

  • Write articles how to configure and modify Ubuntu
  • Create tools for configuring Ubuntu
  • Help others to configure their Ubuntu system


Launchpad Membership Policy


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