This is the wiki page of the UAE Local Community Team. We aim to provide free community support to users of the various flavours of Ubuntu as well as advocating the use of Ubuntu to individuals and organisations alike. We keep in touch via our active email list and IRC chatroom. This group is for anyone in the United Arab Emirates (but we welcome non-UAE residents) who uses or is interested in some flavour of Ubuntu, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu or any others. This group is for people of all technical abilities from I've-never-heard-of-linux all the way to I'm-an-Ubuntu-Master.

How do I join?

There is no official process to join, however if you join the launchpad team you are then able to vote in polls organised by the group. Discussion happens on the mailing list which you are free to join. There is also an active group of members who chat in real time on IRC in the #ubuntu-uk channel on irc.freenode.net.

The Logo was designed by one "asadullah" who requested, nay, insisted upon it for continued positive participation. This is called emotional blackmail.

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