pre-meeting talk

Dec 11 22:49:59 <urcminister>   My real namer is Barry Drake .... waiting with baited breath for words of wisdom.
Dec 11 22:50:38 <Lisandro>      Hey, nice to meet you all
Dec 11 22:50:53 <UndiFineD>     hehehe
Dec 11 22:53:28 <UndiFineD>     great to see all these people here, nicely on time
Dec 11 22:53:48 <Lisandro>      How long till the meeting? I couldn't get what time the meeting was, I just read it was at 10pm somewhere in the world lol
Dec 11 22:54:22 <urcminister>   five minutes or so
Dec 11 22:54:50 <Lisandro>      Great I thought I was on time but wasn't sure
Dec 11 22:55:18 <moiso> woaa! I made it!
Dec 11 22:55:18 <urcminister>   well, it's well after ten somewhere in the world I'm sure
Dec 11 22:55:22 <moiso> hi guys
Dec 11 22:55:29 <urcminister>   hi
Dec 11 22:55:32 <DanteAshton>   OOohh...it's busy in here O.o
Dec 11 22:55:47 <JamesMR>       cause it's coming up to meeeeeting time
Dec 11 22:55:56 <JamesMR>       minus five minutes
Dec 11 22:56:19 <JamesMR>       Hi cassidyjames
Dec 11 22:56:28 <cassidyjames>  Hi JamesMR
Dec 11 22:56:30 <cassidyjames>  Hi everyone
Dec 11 22:56:31 <UndiFineD>     $voice cassidyjames 
Dec 11 22:56:47 <moiso> hi cassidy
Dec 11 22:56:57 *       DanteAshton is picturing a NASA control room with a countdown clock going...
Dec 11 22:57:02 <cassidyjames>  Hi moiso
Dec 11 22:57:14 <pamela>        Hi everyone
Dec 11 22:57:14 *       JamesMR is picturing a radio station with a time to live counter
Dec 11 22:57:25 <urcminister>   ticktock
Dec 11 22:57:30 <cassidyjames>  Hello pamela
Dec 11 22:57:36 <cassidyjames>  :)
Dec 11 22:58:13 <JamesMR>       did anyone mirror the recording I did the other day?
Dec 11 22:58:25 <Tarek> Hi all, sorry
Dec 11 22:58:35 <JamesMR>       2 minutes to live!
Dec 11 22:58:37 <Tarek> sorry I'm late*
Dec 11 22:58:38 <urcminister>   sorry?
Dec 11 22:58:47 <moiso> you're in time
Dec 11 22:58:53 <moiso> don't worry
Dec 11 22:58:53 <JamesMR>       1 minute 40
Dec 11 22:59:13 <JamesMR>       1 minute 20
Dec 11 22:59:30 *       cassidyjames whacks JamesMR for counting down. :P
Dec 11 22:59:32 <JamesMR>       1 minute!
Dec 11 22:59:37 <JamesMR>       sorry -.-
Dec 11 22:59:45 <cassidyjames>  It's all good. :D
Dec 11 22:59:52 *       JamesMR likes time
Dec 11 23:00:03 <JamesMR>       incidentally, 30 secnonds
Dec 11 23:00:07 *       cassidyjames listens to his chillmix on Grooveshark
Dec 11 23:00:17 <cassidyjames>  Hi kortnee!
Dec 11 23:00:23 <JamesMR>       10
Dec 11 23:00:24 <JamesMR>       9
Dec 11 23:00:25 <JamesMR>       8
Dec 11 23:00:25 <cassidyjames>  Glad you could make it!
Dec 11 23:00:26 <JamesMR>       7
Dec 11 23:00:27 <JamesMR>       6
Dec 11 23:00:28 <JamesMR>       6

start meeting

Dec 11 23:00:31 <DanteAshton>   annnnddd HELLO! We are here! :D First, let me introduce our team leads!
Dec 11 23:00:32 <cassidyjames>  Bahahaha
Dec 11 23:00:34 <JamesMR>       0
Dec 11 23:00:39 <DanteAshton>   James? quiet :P
Dec 11 23:00:39 <kortnee>       hi!
Dec 11 23:00:46 <JamesMR>       sorry -.-
Dec 11 23:00:52 <UndiFineD>     [startmeeting]
Dec 11 23:00:57 <DanteAshton>   This is the offical START of the UAT Meeting!
Dec 11 23:01:02 <DanteAshton>   Glad everyone could join us!
Dec 11 23:01:21 <DanteAshton>   Noooowww...over there, in the pink, frilly dress, is cassidyjames, our web deb and graphics lead!
Dec 11 23:01:36 <cassidyjames>  >:(
Dec 11 23:01:39 <DanteAshton>   and UndiFineD, maintainer of our IRC channels
Dec 11 23:01:46 <DanteAshton>   and head of translation
Dec 11 23:01:58 <DanteAshton>   Lyndon; the grand master of Animation
Dec 11 23:02:19 <DanteAshton>   and...myself, DanteAshton; head of documentation and PR. Any questions?
Dec 11 23:02:37 <Tarek> where's the bathroom?
Dec 11 23:02:42 <DanteAshton>   Ooh yes, jasono should be here...he is the founder, though we've generally got everything covered

initial questions

Dec 11 23:02:44 <JamesMR>       is batman really bruce wayne?
Dec 11 23:02:45 <cassidyjames>  Over there ->
Dec 11 23:02:50 <DanteAshton>   Yes
Dec 11 23:02:54 <moiso> what about jason
Dec 11 23:02:55 <DanteAshton>   Now, any RELATED questions?
Dec 11 23:03:04 <DanteAshton>   :P
Dec 11 23:03:05 <cassidyjames>  Good question moiso!
Dec 11 23:03:08 <JamesMR>       can I put myself forward for vocals, of so how?
Dec 11 23:03:29 <DanteAshton>   First, has everyone visited the wiki? Lets us know who's doing what...
Dec 11 23:03:35 <UndiFineD>     jason is trying to get here
Dec 11 23:03:47 <DanteAshton>   if you haven't, I advise you put your name up :)
Dec 11 23:03:56 <DanteAshton>   Jason is having modem trouble, I beleive
Dec 11 23:04:00 <JamesMR>       I have a fear of writing in public places
Dec 11 23:04:11 <DanteAshton>   *sigh*
Dec 11 23:04:17 <JamesMR>       wikis in particular :(
Dec 11 23:04:29 <cassidyjames>  JamesMR, you talk to the leaders and we can discuss it and put you there. :P
Dec 11 23:04:31 <UndiFineD>     JamesMR, glad you have a good voice to compensate
Dec 11 23:04:32 <DanteAshton>   If you have trouble, I'll show you how/do it for you, if need be.
Dec 11 23:04:34 <kortnee>       ok to update after the meeting?
Dec 11 23:04:38 <DanteAshton>   by all means


Dec 11 23:04:44 <DanteAshton>   NOW, we have many many things to talk about
Dec 11 23:05:04 <DanteAshton>   first off, thanks to myself and the other leaders, we are an OFFICIAL project.
Dec 11 23:05:15 <DanteAshton>   ...and no, that does not mean we get paid :P
Dec 11 23:05:27 <urcminister>   oooohhhhh
Dec 11 23:05:29 <Tarek> are we following the pre-meeting notes?
Dec 11 23:05:36 <cassidyjames>  Tarek: yes
Dec 11 23:05:54 <DanteAshton>   And, thanks to MYSELF :P
Dec 11 23:06:06 <DanteAshton>   we have studio access; we'll be working with GLOSCOL, a local college.
Dec 11 23:06:08 <urcminister>   fanfare
Dec 11 23:06:08 <UndiFineD>     pre-meeting notes: http://openetherpad.org/c5BupbHabP
Dec 11 23:06:19 <Tarek> Thank you Dante! That was really awesome
Dec 11 23:06:21 <DanteAshton>   who, incidently, will be using Ubuntu on a good deal of their machines in the future.
Dec 11 23:06:29 <moiso> oh well done cassidy
Dec 11 23:06:34 <JamesMR>       Glosterchire?
Dec 11 23:06:40 <DanteAshton>   Yah.
Dec 11 23:06:46 <JamesMR>       awesome :)
Dec 11 23:06:55 <Darael>        Ooh, that's great.  Accessible for me :P
Dec 11 23:07:04 <urcminister>   me and all my family exclusively UBUNTU only
Dec 11 23:07:08 <DanteAshton>   Now...Cassidy's ego will boost if I don't let him...cassidy? Your on, dear! :P
Dec 11 23:07:20 <cassidyjames>  Darael: Awesome. We'll look forward to getting people together locvally
Dec 11 23:07:23 <cassidyjames>  Alrighty!
Dec 11 23:07:34 <Tarek> I live in
Dec 11 23:07:41 <Tarek> Brazil :P


Dec 11 23:07:49 <cassidyjames>  So, in case you haven't heard, we got a nice little spot on the last Ubuntu Uk Podcast!
Dec 11 23:07:49 <cassidyjames>  http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/
Dec 11 23:08:06 <moiso> hi jason!
Dec 11 23:08:10 <Tarek> And I have the bad habit of hitting the enter key at the wrong time.
Dec 11 23:08:10 <DanteAshton>   OOoh, there he is!
Dec 11 23:08:12 <jasono>        Hello
Dec 11 23:08:13 <cassidyjames>  They called me and interviewed me and I think it tells some great things about the podcast.
Dec 11 23:08:17 <Tarek> Hey Jason!
Dec 11 23:08:18 <cassidyjames>  Hi jasono
Dec 11 23:08:33 <jasono>        Sorry about that. :( Things to be taken care of.
Dec 11 23:08:41 <jasono>        Hello everyone!
Dec 11 23:08:50 <cassidyjames>  So, if you haven't heard, hop over to http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/ and share it with your friends, too


Dec 11 23:09:06 <DanteAshton>   Right! Now, we have a little problem
Dec 11 23:09:09 <DanteAshton>   we need a LOGO.
Dec 11 23:09:11 <DanteAshton>   :P
Dec 11 23:09:13 <JamesMR>       I'm listening right now
Dec 11 23:09:43 <JamesMR>       a logo for the project?
Dec 11 23:09:43 <urcminister>   not the Ubuntu logo?
Dec 11 23:09:47 <jasono>        The Logos that have been submitted are great.
Dec 11 23:09:49 <JamesMR>       or a logo for the adverts?
Dec 11 23:09:50 <jasono>        WE just need more.
Dec 11 23:09:54 <DanteAshton>   Soooo.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Logos
Dec 11 23:10:04 <DanteAshton>   A logo for US
Dec 11 23:10:11 <DanteAshton>   we'll be contacting magazines and whatnot in the future
Dec 11 23:10:13 <Darael>        I liked the submission inspired by "shedding light on ubuntu" particularly, myself.
Dec 11 23:10:25 <DanteAshton>   so, WE need to look good, to make Ubuntu look good
Dec 11 23:10:53 *       JamesMR puts on his suit
Dec 11 23:10:59 *       DanteAshton puts on his best bra
Dec 11 23:11:06 <Tarek> I like the 3D Ubuntu logo
Dec 11 23:11:14 *       cassidyjames takes his clothes off.
Dec 11 23:11:20 <cassidyjames>  What? I look best naked.
Dec 11 23:11:24 <JamesMR>       Tarek: I don't like 3D logos
Dec 11 23:11:26 *       DanteAshton is now worried...horny...worried...horny...WORRIED!
Dec 11 23:11:28 <moiso> i made a pair of logos, but been an official Ubuntu project, i think we should stick to the rules
Dec 11 23:11:29 *       Tarek hasn't used IRC in a long time
Dec 11 23:11:31 *       UndiFineD is just hanging round
Dec 11 23:11:38 <JamesMR>       3D logos look unprofessional
Dec 11 23:11:46 *       DanteAshton Undi would stop hanging on the celing.
Dec 11 23:11:53 <cassidyjames>  moiso, JamesMR: I'm with you two.
Dec 11 23:11:59 <DanteAshton>   Well, we're doing this by the vote.
Dec 11 23:12:02 <JamesMR>       Logos should be SVG only
Dec 11 23:12:05 <JamesMR>       imho
Dec 11 23:12:22 <Tarek> James, not this one in my opinion. Really discrete
Dec 11 23:12:24 <DanteAshton>   James? Shush. .SVG's crash my machine.
Dec 11 23:12:27 *       cassidyjames must hop away for two minutes or less.
Dec 11 23:12:30 <JamesMR>       :O
Dec 11 23:12:49 <DanteAshton>   So sorry I couldnt provide one....hey, anyone fancy buying me a new computer for xmas? :P
Dec 11 23:12:55 <Darael>        I must say that logos in SVG are a good thing in my book.  Perhaps not SVG-only, but something that works as one.
Dec 11 23:13:21 <DanteAshton>   I WILL provide an .svg when I do get a machine that does not LOOK at Inkscape and die. :P
Dec 11 23:13:45 <JamesMR>       you can do SVG in firefox/chrome
Dec 11 23:13:49 <Tarek> hey Cassidy, the podcast is S03E22?
Dec 11 23:14:05 <UndiFineD>     Tarek, correct
Dec 11 23:14:08 <JamesMR>       http://uupc.tonywhitmore.co.uk/uupc/s03/e22/uupc_s03e22_low.mp3
Dec 11 23:14:13 <JamesMR>       that's the one ^^
Dec 11 23:14:17 <DanteAshton>   creating them is what kills it :P
Dec 11 23:14:19 *       cassidyjames is back
Dec 11 23:14:23 <moiso> are we going to wait for more logos? or should we pick one from the ones already submited?
Dec 11 23:14:25 <JamesMR>       aah
Dec 11 23:14:43 <DanteAshton>   Well, many calls have gone out for logo work.
Dec 11 23:14:44 <Tarek> Thanks
Dec 11 23:14:52 <DanteAshton>   This is what we've got, so feel free to choose.
Dec 11 23:15:04 <mattgriffin>   DanteAshton: how will the logo be used? only for recruiting people to join the team? ... who's the target?
Dec 11 23:15:45 <moiso> it should be able to represent us in every possible aspect. i mean publicity/web pages/etc
Dec 11 23:15:46 <DanteAshton>   this logo is for OUR use; if I send a letter/email/whatever to people, asking them to mention us (IE. magazines/studios) we need a professional banner
Dec 11 23:15:47 <mattgriffin>   DanteAshton: or will it be used on actual produced work for the target of the project - consumers?
Dec 11 23:15:48 <Darael>        RE the globe-themed one, then:  It's quite clever, but I feel the Ubuntu logo should be in there.
Dec 11 23:15:53 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: mostly on internal documents and documents to the community
Dec 11 23:15:58 <DanteAshton>   the consumer work will only feature the Ubuntu logo.
Dec 11 23:15:58 <mattgriffin>   cool
Dec 11 23:16:01 <cassidyjames>  Not on the ads themselves.
Dec 11 23:16:33 <DanteAshton>   Now, here's the plan
Dec 11 23:16:50 <DanteAshton>   We have been tasked with creating a video, for use in the cinema
Dec 11 23:17:03 <DanteAshton>   this will show before the featured film
Dec 11 23:17:07 <urcminister>   Length?
Dec 11 23:17:13 <DanteAshton>   and remind people to turn off their phones
Dec 11 23:17:17 <DanteAshton>   around 10-15 seconds
Dec 11 23:17:51 *       DanteAshton looks at Undi...
Dec 11 23:17:54 <JamesMR>       :O
Dec 11 23:17:58 <JamesMR>       I had voice?
Dec 11 23:18:02 <JamesMR>       and didn't know about it?
Dec 11 23:18:07 <DanteAshton>   Silly :P
Dec 11 23:18:15 <UndiFineD>     you still have a voice JamesMR 
Dec 11 23:18:22 <DanteAshton>   Now, we first need the team to come up with scripts
Dec 11 23:18:25 <UndiFineD>     and it soounds good
Dec 11 23:18:26 <DanteAshton>   many good script ideas are on the wiki
Dec 11 23:18:38 <DanteAshton>   BUT, first we need everyone to read the guidelines on the homepage
Dec 11 23:18:40 <Tarek> Wait aren't we going to choose a logo?
Dec 11 23:18:57 <DanteAshton>   We're having a mechanism setup to take a vote
Dec 11 23:19:01 <DanteAshton>   so give us a minute :P
Dec 11 23:19:04 <DanteAshton>   Ahhh
Dec 11 23:19:08 <DanteAshton>   bear with us
Dec 11 23:19:29 *       Tarek is a patient man
Dec 11 23:19:59 <cassidyjames>  Alright here we go: http://doodle.com/3g9aw7mk7n2wvvqq
Dec 11 23:20:06 <cassidyjames>  Make sure to click expand.
Dec 11 23:20:44 <cassidyjames>  Enter your name and vote. :)
Dec 11 23:21:01 <cassidyjames>  Please just vote for one.
Dec 11 23:21:10 <JamesMR>       oops
Dec 11 23:21:14 <JamesMR>       I forgot to actually vote
Dec 11 23:21:28 <Tarek> f*** I've voted for two
Dec 11 23:21:45 <guthewdf>      Hei
Dec 11 23:21:53 <Tarek> hi
Dec 11 23:21:54 <DanteAshton>   Dont worry, we know who voted what
Dec 11 23:22:16 <UndiFineD>     for those who drop in later, do not worry, we log
Dec 11 23:22:47 <DanteAshton>   Right, do vote, everyone, if you'd be so kind?
Dec 11 23:22:59 <DanteAshton>   Helps us determine our visual identity
Dec 11 23:23:08 <urcminister>   I'd like to major on  ...  There is an excellent alternative to Windows. ...
Dec 11 23:23:19 <pamela>        oops, sorry - somehow managed to vote twice.
Dec 11 23:23:32 <DanteAshton>   Dont worry, pamela; we'll sort it :)
Dec 11 23:23:37 <pamela>        :-)
Dec 11 23:23:39 <cassidyjames>  It's alright pamela. We can see who voted and take care of it. :P
Dec 11 23:23:43 <Tarek> why don't we allow people to vote on several ones and we pick the most popular?
Dec 11 23:24:00 <urcminister>   sorry - messed up with my input line and had to get out and come back ....
Dec 11 23:24:02 <moiso> that sound s good to me tarek
Dec 11 23:25:21 <UndiFineD>      the count on votes will be announced on the ML
Dec 11 23:25:38 <JamesMR>       should we not be unable to edit each other's votes?
Dec 11 23:25:59 <DanteAshton>   we wont be counting them till after sunday's meeting
Dec 11 23:26:47 <cassidyjames>  JamesMR, can we now?
Dec 11 23:26:54 <cassidyjames>  If so, well, be honest people.
Dec 11 23:27:18 <moiso> those of us who submitted logos should'nt vote rigth?
Dec 11 23:27:19 <Muscovy>       I've got a logo nearly finished, is it too late?
Dec 11 23:27:30 <JamesMR>       probably
Dec 11 23:27:36 <cassidyjames>  moiso, correct.
Dec 11 23:27:45 <moiso> :/ haha

Group Organization

Dec 11 23:27:59 <UndiFineD>     ok next topic ?
Dec 11 23:28:09 <DanteAshton>   Next topic is....
Dec 11 23:28:20 <UndiFineD>     Group Organization
Dec 11 23:28:25 <DanteAshton>   Indeed
Dec 11 23:28:43 <DanteAshton>   Right, each group has it's own channel
Dec 11 23:28:45 <Tarek> 10 points for UndiFineD
Dec 11 23:29:14 <jasono_>       Moises Logo is great though.
Dec 11 23:29:15 <jasono_>       Next topic = Teams
Dec 11 23:29:15 <jasono_>       Prepearing to make progress
Dec 11 23:29:15 <jasono_>       Preparing
Dec 11 23:29:28 <DanteAshton>   Jason...bit late :P
Dec 11 23:29:30 <moiso> tnks jason
Dec 11 23:30:20 <UndiFineD>     some channels are yet still unregistered
Dec 11 23:30:21 <DanteAshton>   Right, so here's how we're going to play this
Dec 11 23:30:40 <UndiFineD>     I tried to register all sub channels, but freenode did no t respond
Dec 11 23:30:55 <DanteAshton>   My team (authors and edtiors) will be joining me to work on a script agreed upon by the team
Dec 11 23:31:01 <DanteAshton>   we'll prepare and finalize it
Dec 11 23:31:06 <cassidyjames>  #ubuntu-adverts-documentation
Dec 11 23:31:12 <DanteAshton>   we'll also be working on a few other minor projects
Dec 11 23:31:12 <UndiFineD>     also, Ubuntu has an issue with this channel name
Dec 11 23:31:33 <JamesMR>       really?
Dec 11 23:31:33 <JamesMR>       why?
Dec 11 23:31:34 <UndiFineD>     so I have registered #ubuntu-adverts too
Dec 11 23:31:48 <jasono>        Allright


Dec 11 23:31:49 <DanteAshton>   THEN we'll hand the completed script over to the graphics team
Dec 11 23:31:56 <jasono>        So we have to remove ubuntuadverts?
Dec 11 23:32:00 <DanteAshton>   who will, if we ask nicely, prepare a storyboard
Dec 11 23:32:07 <DanteAshton>   Jason, Undi? Leaders channel, please?
Dec 11 23:32:15 <JamesMR>       do we have a director and producer?
Dec 11 23:32:20 <DanteAshton>   and then move it to the animators
Dec 11 23:32:25 <UndiFineD>     many has been said on what we could and should do
Dec 11 23:32:35 <cassidyjames>  Ah I got behind
Dec 11 23:32:36 <cassidyjames>  sorry
Dec 11 23:32:37 <DanteAshton>   the animators will, with my studio's help, create the video
Dec 11 23:32:37 <cassidyjames>  #ubuntu-adverts-design
Dec 11 23:32:40 <UndiFineD>     who thinks he can write such scripts ?
Dec 11 23:32:59 <JamesMR>       Is there a direcor and a producer yet?
Dec 11 23:33:03 <DanteAshton>   @JamesMR
Dec 11 23:33:16 <urcminister>   I'm good at script writing
Dec 11 23:33:23 <DanteAshton>   exactly what on earth would we do with a director and producer if we cant source them around the studio, eh?
Dec 11 23:33:27 <JamesMR>       kinda takes precidence over script writing
Dec 11 23:33:50 <JamesMR>       I've been a producer for onlien film projects before
Dec 11 23:34:00 <urcminister>   I've done a bit of producing years ago
Dec 11 23:34:20 <jasono>        This is @JamesMr recording http://jamesmr.dyndns.org/voice/
Dec 11 23:34:22 <DanteAshton>   First, boys and girls, before we worry about that, we need to acutally have something to direct and produce
Dec 11 23:34:28 <mattgriffin>   a creative brief would be helpful to define the parameters of the creative execution (scripts, storyboards, grphics). i can provide a short template that will help keep everyone in the same playing 
Dec 11 23:34:52 <pamela>        storyboard is a good place to start
Dec 11 23:34:52 <UndiFineD>     thank you mattgriffin 
Dec 11 23:34:55 <urcminister>   UUgh?
Dec 11 23:35:34 <DanteAshton>   I think urcminister just woke up?
Dec 11 23:35:58 <urcminister>   I still see  "There is an excellent alternative to Windows. " as a starting point.
Dec 11 23:36:06 <JamesMR>       I don't
Dec 11 23:36:07 <DanteAshton>   We cannot mention other companeis names
Dec 11 23:36:11 <DanteAshton>   or trademarks
Dec 11 23:36:16 <JamesMR>       don't make any reference to windows or OSx
Dec 11 23:36:38 <moiso> please see http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1232641/Guidelines%20Ubuntu%20Advert.pdf
Dec 11 23:36:50 <JamesMR>       if we can make this well, there'd be no reference to any existing producs
Dec 11 23:36:55 <urcminister>   How do we launch the concept that there is a REAL alternative?
Dec 11 23:36:55 <Tarek> I was talking about the new user survey
Dec 11 23:36:56 <DanteAshton>   Unless, of course, we have a few million pounds somewhere to pay off any impending lawsuits
Dec 11 23:37:41 <DanteAshton>   NOW the video will go back into the team for everyone to check
Dec 11 23:37:51 <UndiFineD>     moiso, yes, those guidelines need to be rewritten
Dec 11 23:38:05 <jasono>        They will be updated.
Dec 11 23:38:08 <UndiFineD>     jasono, you should have spell checked :P
Dec 11 23:38:22 <Tarek> Well I was really fond of the whole " regular people talking about ubuntu" idea that was being discussed in the e-mails
Dec 11 23:38:33 <Lisandro>      Me neither
Dec 11 23:38:37 <DanteAshton>   I then take it, and with the help of those connected in this world; show it to the others
Dec 11 23:38:51 <kortnee>       I like that idea Tarek
Dec 11 23:38:54 <JamesMR>       I'd suggest not pitching it as an alternative to anything
Dec 11 23:39:00 <Darael>        I quite like the "regular people talking about ubuntu" idea, but am not sure it works with the "turn your phone off
Dec 11 23:39:07 <JamesMR>       why seek an alternative to something you're completly happy with?
Dec 11 23:39:08 <Darael>        ..." thing
Dec 11 23:39:12 <JamesMR>       as most windows users are
Dec 11 23:39:13 <Lisandro>      I mean, I wasn't
Dec 11 23:39:16 <pamela>        I also like Tarek's idea- no need to define ubuntu as *not windows/mac*
Dec 11 23:39:31 <DanteAshton>   we need to promote Ubuntu on it's merits, not on it's flaws to others
Dec 11 23:39:38 <urcminister>    "There is an excellent alternative.   When you are ready to upgrade your computer, check out www.ubuntu.com for details.  You won't regret it."
Dec 11 23:39:49 <Darael>        JamesMR: I don't think they are, though.  In my experience, they're not, they just think they don't have a choice besides buying a mac.
Dec 11 23:39:50 <cassidyjames>  JamesMR, DanteAshton, exactly. I like that it's its own thing.
Dec 11 23:39:52 <jasono>        *Note
Dec 11 23:39:52 <Lisandro>      In that I disagree, we have to promote our merits in reference to the shortcomins of others
Dec 11 23:40:02 <Lisandro>      We can't promote change if people is happy with what they have
Dec 11 23:40:09 <Tarek> "Hi. I use Ubuntu. I like it because I can install apps on them. Oh, and please shut your damn phones."
Dec 11 23:40:10 <DanteAshton>   if people are happy with what they have
Dec 11 23:40:13 <DanteAshton>   they wont choose us
Dec 11 23:40:24 <pamela>        I think it might be a good idea to promote it as it stands, create its own identity
Dec 11 23:40:26 <DanteAshton>   ever try and convert a happy, rich Mac user? Won't happen...
Dec 11 23:40:31 <urcminister>   Quite so Dante
Dec 11 23:40:35 <Lisandro>      That's what I mean. We have to make people unhappy lol
Dec 11 23:40:40 <kortnee>       but a lot of people aren't happy with what they have, I wasn't
Dec 11 23:40:46 <DanteAshton>   Now, this is simple
Dec 11 23:40:46 <Lisandro>      Putting it in another words sell the necessity of change
Dec 11 23:40:48 <Lisandro>      that's how ads work
Dec 11 23:40:53 <Darael>        Lisandro: If we're careful, we can do that without actually mentioning the others.  We can just mention the things that are better and let them work out that they're better.
Dec 11 23:40:56 <urcminister>   absolutely
Dec 11 23:40:59 <pamela>        or showcase compiz :-)
Dec 11 23:41:02 <Lisandro>      that's what I mean
Dec 11 23:41:08 <UndiFineD>     well these are directional details
Dec 11 23:41:12 <DanteAshton>   Apple bases it's image on being for 'you', an individual
Dec 11 23:41:17 <DanteAshton>   we, too, must create an image
Dec 11 23:41:18 <UndiFineD>     we have so much more to cover
Dec 11 23:41:24 <DanteAshton>   of the only thing we have; community.
Dec 11 23:41:40 <moiso> it has to be selled as a NEW and amazing computer related thing
Dec 11 23:41:53 <pamela>        agree with moiso
Dec 11 23:41:56 <moiso> no tech/geeky details needed
Dec 11 23:41:57 <DanteAshton>   Well, this will be our foray into the public
Dec 11 23:42:02 <DanteAshton>   we are NEW to them
Dec 11 23:42:04 <Tarek> Yes, community and social
Dec 11 23:42:05 <pamela>        have you tried this really cool thing sort of approach
Dec 11 23:42:06 <UndiFineD>     the dell mini 9 ad did something like this
Dec 11 23:42:15 <DanteAshton>   Now, I'm working on many script ideas myself (which I'll put on the wiki soon)
Dec 11 23:42:16 <Tarek> like the me menu
Dec 11 23:42:35 <DanteAshton>   which approach this from diffrent angles
Dec 11 23:42:43 <DanteAshton>   Now, we do have a big problem
Dec 11 23:42:58 <DanteAshton>   Unity, the UI will not stablize for a while.
Dec 11 23:43:03 <DanteAshton>   IE: all the features wont be in
Dec 11 23:43:14 <urcminister>   so?
Dec 11 23:43:15 <DanteAshton>   until, I'm told, quite late in the cycle
Dec 11 23:43:19 <DanteAshton>   there is a problem
Dec 11 23:43:25 <DanteAshton>   we have to advertise the OS, without the OS.
Dec 11 23:43:25 <Lisandro>      I received an update today and it's working extremly stable
Dec 11 23:43:35 <Lisandro>      The problem is that dash issn't on yet
Dec 11 23:43:35 <DanteAshton>   Not all features are in is what I'm trying to say
Dec 11 23:43:43 <jasono>        I received loads of Bugs from Launchpad.
Dec 11 23:43:45 <urcminister>   no. the ad doesn't need to go into that kind of detail
Dec 11 23:43:46 <moiso> it's not about stability but UI
Dec 11 23:43:47 <DanteAshton>   WE cant showcase an incomplete/incorrect OS
Dec 11 23:43:52 <kortnee>       well, then we don't sell the features
Dec 11 23:44:08 <UndiFineD>     DanteAshton, that is something blue / green screen work should cover
Dec 11 23:44:13 <Darael>        Do we need to actually show Ubuntu in our ad?  If we're going for the human/community angle, I think we can make an ad that uses those angles which need not include images of the OS at all.
Dec 11 23:44:15 <Tarek> In many ads, they rarely showcase the product... They sell and idea, a necessity.
Dec 11 23:44:16 <urcminister>   Ubuntu is a complete OS
Dec 11 23:44:19 <DanteAshton>   we have to focus on the apps, and the community, but some ideas, like a screencast of Ubuntu...just wont work.
Dec 11 23:44:20 <jasono>         What if we showcase but don't showcase all the features?
Dec 11 23:44:24 <DanteAshton>   Exactly
Dec 11 23:44:25 <kortnee>       we sell the individuality within the community
Dec 11 23:44:32 <Lisandro>      I think we have to show something but not do a 5 minute screencast
Dec 11 23:44:35 <pamela>        how about something like the ipad ads - no talking, just showing you what it can do
Dec 11 23:44:49 <jasono>        We can always cut and replace.
Dec 11 23:44:49 <moiso> yeah we should start showcasing the experience
Dec 11 23:44:51 <DanteAshton>   We are part of a bigger whole, we are safe, because we know we are not alone.
Dec 11 23:45:00 <DanteAshton>   We need to project an IMAGE, a LIFESTYLE
Dec 11 23:45:04 <jasono>        Can't we jkeyes0 ?
Dec 11 23:45:18 <cassidyjames>  pamela, that's a good idea. I feel like we need to define a few different approaches we could take, then present them to the group and see what we like.
Dec 11 23:45:20 <urcminister>   image: better lifdestyle: freedom.
Dec 11 23:45:26 <DanteAshton>   Indeed
Dec 11 23:45:33 <DanteAshton>   now, there is another major problem
Dec 11 23:45:37 <DanteAshton>   that of cost.
Dec 11 23:45:46 <jasono>        CassidyJames
Dec 11 23:45:49 <jasono>        =Cost
Dec 11 23:46:16 <cassidyjames>  jasono, hm?
Dec 11 23:46:30 <DanteAshton>   Now, in the UK, if someone offered me a free item, completely free of cost. I would be a tad suspicous
Dec 11 23:46:39 <UndiFineD>     so we need sponsors, if we show a product, we can ask for sponsorship
Dec 11 23:46:45 <JamesMR>       DanteAshton: It's called advertising
Dec 11 23:46:57 <JamesMR>       DanteAshton: I get free stuff on the highstreet all the time
Dec 11 23:47:11 <JamesMR>       free drinks, snacks, tasters of things
Dec 11 23:47:13 <jasono>        System 76
Dec 11 23:47:14 <urcminister>   Free ( as in no cost) = what do they want?
Dec 11 23:47:24 <moiso> the first people tougth in my country would be "it's a second quality product"
Dec 11 23:47:29 <jasono>        They will sponsor us.
Dec 11 23:47:30 <pamela>        thanks cassidy :-) I agree - I was thinking maybe three different approaches, all complimenting each other and focusing on different things...
Dec 11 23:47:37 <DanteAshton>   So your telling me that you expect a free product to be top notch quailty?
Dec 11 23:47:46 <DanteAshton>   Ubuntu is not a taster.
Dec 11 23:47:49 <DanteAshton>   Ubuntu is the full thing.
Dec 11 23:47:59 <DanteAshton>   and if people know that, they're gonna wonder why it's given away for free.
Dec 11 23:48:11 <urcminister>   YES
Dec 11 23:48:27 <pamela>        show the features off, sell the community, sell the difference/individuality, make it a brand to people - that's what ordinary users go for, no?
Dec 11 23:48:35 <DanteAshton>   correct, pamela.
Dec 11 23:48:43 <kortnee>       maybe an image of somebody on the street giving away a hotdog but charging for some of the condiments?
Dec 11 23:48:49 <Tarek> I was thinking of making several ads, each on an aspect of Ubuntu.
Dec 11 23:48:50 <Lisandro>      jaj
Dec 11 23:49:05 <Tarek> one of them would be that it's free but awesome.
Dec 11 23:49:06 <pamela>        I like that idea, Tarek
Dec 11 23:49:09 <Darael>        We could include a line along the lines of "how can we offer this for free?  Find out at $URL" if the costless is a problem.
Dec 11 23:49:21 <jasono>        Tarek Yes, something like this http://www.system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=37
Dec 11 23:49:21 <DanteAshton>   if I offer you a taster, for free, that is VERY diffrent then offering the full product for free
Dec 11 23:49:23 <Lisandro>      Yeah thats the solution
Dec 11 23:50:17 <Lisandro>      There are a lot of free OS right now, I don't think we have to worry too much about it
Dec 11 23:50:18 <urcminister>   Hey - some of us tried to give away mince pies at Easter ( to advertise Christianity) there was no catch - and very few takers .....  we were'ne even taking a collection.
Dec 11 23:50:33 <mattgriffin>   so why are we advertising Ubuntu? what is it that we should say about Ubuntu that would be appealing to this specific audience?
Dec 11 23:50:49 <DanteAshton>   We are in the midst of a recession
Dec 11 23:50:53 <mattgriffin>   what's it going to do for them?
Dec 11 23:51:06 <UndiFineD>     exactly mattgriffin :) I really like your input
Dec 11 23:51:19 <DanteAshton>   money is tight, for everyone.
Dec 11 23:51:20 <jasono>        It's free and its not slow.
Dec 11 23:51:23 <kortnee>       it's going to allow them to upgrade their computers without replacing any of the parts
Dec 11 23:51:23 <pamela>        I think ordinary users are scared of linux/think it doesn't work with their stuff - if we showcase the sexy features and then point out that it's all free...
Dec 11 23:51:32 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: some ideas: It's a superior experience. It's top-notch and easy-to-use
Dec 11 23:51:34 <mattgriffin>   is it going to get them to their meetings on time? is it going to help them solve back pain? :)
Dec 11 23:51:45 <Lisandro>      Jasono: That's a good point.
Dec 11 23:51:48 <DanteAshton>   god knows Compiz is what brought me screaming to Ubuntu in the first place
Dec 11 23:52:03 <DanteAshton>   Matt: it'll mean less fuss about their poor old computer
Dec 11 23:52:03 <mattgriffin>   so perhaps it might help you be more productive?
Dec 11 23:52:04 <jasono>        Lets you buy things online and pays bills quicker. To keep you from debt. :)
Dec 11 23:52:05 <Tarek> Well, there are several aspects of Ubuntu that are appealing: 1) ease of use, 2) apps, 3) fast, 4) can be used on older pcs, 5) free
Dec 11 23:52:07 <DanteAshton>   longer lifespan for it
Dec 11 23:52:12 <jasono>        THank you Lisandro
Dec 11 23:52:17 <Lisandro>      free is not a really appealing factor
Dec 11 23:52:19 <cassidyjames>  tarek, it's secure, too.
Dec 11 23:52:20 <Lisandro>      windows is free
Dec 11 23:52:23 <Lisandro>      believe it or not
Dec 11 23:52:28 <Tarek> right!
Dec 11 23:52:29 <DanteAshton>   more secure (news article few months ago about bankers telling people to use it for online banking)
Dec 11 23:52:33 <Lisandro>      it comes packed with 99% of pcs,
Dec 11 23:52:35 <moiso> haha thats right lisandro
Dec 11 23:52:36 <cassidyjames>  Lisandro, for end-users, sometimes.
Dec 11 23:52:46 <mattgriffin>   more secure... that's timely and has mass appeal
Dec 11 23:52:51 <Darael>        Lisandro: No, it isn't.  I saved ~£100 on my new laptop by buying it naked.
Dec 11 23:53:00 <Lisandro>      Yeah I'll do an ad for most people. Not for a niche 1%
Dec 11 23:53:01 <Darael>        I take your point, though.
Dec 11 23:53:06 <moiso> many people get an illegal copy and don't care about it, so no cost for  them
Dec 11 23:53:07 <jasono>        What about the French Police? They moved to Ubuntu
Dec 11 23:53:07 <Darael>        It /appears/ free.
Dec 11 23:53:19 <cassidyjames>  Darael, precisely.
Dec 11 23:53:20 <Lisandro>      most people get Windows for free. and a LOT of people don't even know they have the price included in their purschase
Dec 11 23:53:32 <DanteAshton>   True
Dec 11 23:53:36 <jasono>        You can get Windows on PIrate Bay
Dec 11 23:53:38 <mattgriffin>   jasono: right. that's a seal of approval on the security
Dec 11 23:53:39 <Lisandro>      the people that do probably know a bit about open source
Dec 11 23:54:01 <moiso> so free (cost free) should'not be our selling feature
Dec 11 23:54:06 <Lisandro>      haha that's true also. but jokes aside in most countries you either get it packed in or pirated
Dec 11 23:54:10 <Lisandro>      so it's not a matter of cost but of quality
Dec 11 23:54:18 <Lisandro>      and we have a product of far better
Dec 11 23:54:19 <kortnee>       a windows users take on linux: http://steponthejourney.blogspot.com/2010/11/dr-pingos-or-how-i-learned-to-stop.html
Dec 11 23:54:23 <jasono>        *Viruses The Virus KOOBFACE can't run on Ubuntu without a password. :)
Dec 11 23:54:24 <mattgriffin>   moiso: i think you're right
Dec 11 23:54:31 <moiso> it's the whole experience we have!!
Dec 11 23:54:42 <mattgriffin>   moiso: what do you mean by 'experience'
Dec 11 23:54:48 <Tarek> moiso: some people do care that it's free. We're aiming a global market
Dec 11 23:55:00 <DanteAshton>   The community, that's a big plus; you'd have to pay for something even remotely spportive
Dec 11 23:55:03 <DanteAshton>   in Windows
Dec 11 23:55:17 <moiso> y/know like secure/customizable/simple/fun
Dec 11 23:55:29 <mattgriffin>   Tarek: i think we're talking about the specific execution in the cinemas, right?
Dec 11 23:55:30 <DanteAshton>   lets...keep customizable off the list, yes?
Dec 11 23:56:02 <UndiFineD>     yes
Dec 11 23:56:04 <DanteAshton>   Unity is locked down, at least, for 11.04, it will be (as far as I know)
Dec 11 23:56:04 <pamela>        instead of "computah sez noo" like in little britain, you could have "computer says yes"
Dec 11 23:56:05 <kortnee>       secure, simple, fun, make an old pc run better than when it was new
Dec 11 23:56:05 <cassidyjames>  DanteAshton, depends. You can do with it what you'd like.
Dec 11 23:56:17 <Tarek> mattgriffin: I don't know, how is that compatible with " Turn off you phones" ?
Dec 11 23:56:31 <moiso> i have to go on road now, sorry. I'll try to be here with my mobile
Dec 11 23:56:45 <moiso> if not, then tomorrow :)
Dec 11 23:56:53 <Tarek> bye moiso!
Dec 11 23:57:08 <moiso> keep it productive
Dec 11 23:57:13 <UndiFineD>     we will 
Dec 11 23:57:17 <DanteAshton>   Toodles!

announcements 2

Dec 11 23:57:27 <UndiFineD>     ok, can we move on ?
Dec 11 23:57:59 <UndiFineD>     we already gave away our announcements on the mailing list
Dec 11 23:58:10 <UndiFineD>     seen them ?
Dec 11 23:59:01 <mattgriffin>   Tarek: that's a challenge ;) if creatively we can come up with an execution that not only promotes the brand but also ties it with the immediate call to action (and is entertaining), then it should 
make a connection with the viewer and be memorable
Dec 12 00:00:06 <Tarek> UndiFineD: yes! Congratulations for the initiative!
Dec 12 00:00:11 <mattgriffin>   Tarek: but hey... this is our fist attempt so it's going to be tough. lot of groundwork needs to be established :)
Dec 12 00:00:16 <DanteAshton>   Now, everyone, I will be going to this College soon and I'll see what I can land us with.
Dec 12 00:00:23 <DanteAshton>   (sorry, just got a call from them)
Dec 12 00:00:31 <JamesMR>       right now?
Dec 12 00:00:39 <JamesMR>       but it's 11 pm...
Dec 12 00:00:41 <Tarek> mattgriffin: yes, plus it
Dec 12 00:00:54 <DanteAshton>   Correct.
Dec 12 00:01:04 <DanteAshton>   You LOVE your time, dont you, JamesMR? :P
Dec 12 00:01:10 <JamesMR>       Hmm?
Dec 12 00:01:15 <JamesMR>       oh
Dec 12 00:01:22 <JamesMR>       yes, I like time
Dec 12 00:01:24 <JamesMR>       numbers in general
Dec 12 00:01:34 <Tarek> mattgriffin: yes, plus it's our first real meeting, with lots of news and stuuf to define :)
Dec 12 00:01:51 <mattgriffin>   Tarek: yeah. above all we need to be having fun :)
Dec 12 00:01:59 <DanteAshton>   As this will be Ubuntu's first foray into the public eye, we should make an emotional impact.
Dec 12 00:02:08 <DanteAshton>   Not just a "I'm alive" advert
Dec 12 00:02:26 <UndiFineD>     yes you are DanteAshton 
Dec 12 00:02:27 <Tarek> DanteAshton: what
Dec 12 00:02:33 <jasono>        What are you saying?
Dec 12 00:02:43 <jasono>        Document everything?
Dec 12 00:02:46 <DanteAshton>   We need to be remembered after we've been seen.
Dec 12 00:02:56 <Tarek> DanteAshton: what's an "I'm alive" add?
Dec 12 00:03:00 <Tarek> ad*
Dec 12 00:03:07 <DanteAshton>   IE: a brand still trying to show you it still functions
Dec 12 00:03:11 <DanteAshton>   not always with a new product
Dec 12 00:03:15 <DanteAshton>   very rarely are they impressive
Dec 12 00:03:24 <cassidyjames>  It should be more "Wow, look at that. That's a cool new thing!" instead of "Oh, they've been around and are for geeks"
Dec 12 00:03:30 *       Tarek keeps hitting the enter key at the wrong time!
Dec 12 00:03:37 <DanteAshton>   Correct....I think I need caffine
Dec 12 00:04:04 <pamela>        @cassidyjames +1

Visiting the studio

Dec 12 00:04:07 <DanteAshton>   Right, can I just ask that all those willing to travel to Gloucestershire email me?
Dec 12 00:04:36 <pamela>        when would you want people to travel?
Dec 12 00:04:38 <DanteAshton>   Would make it a damn sight easier when the studio calls in
Dec 12 00:04:43 <DanteAshton>   I'm working on that
Dec 12 00:04:55 <DanteAshton>   the agreement with the studio is that they're students get to learn as well
Dec 12 00:05:01 <urcminister>   I'll come ....
Dec 12 00:05:04 <DanteAshton>   thier*
Dec 12 00:05:04 <pamela>        I'm willing to travel, but won't be in the UK til next week
Dec 12 00:05:10 <DanteAshton>   my god I can't spell...
Dec 12 00:05:20 <JamesMR>       I'd be happy to travel to gloucestershire
Dec 12 00:05:45 <UndiFineD>     DanteAshton, we can ask for interns too !? I have seen such happening with the loco ś 
Dec 12 00:05:47 <Darael>        I could travel to Glos, although it would be dependent on timing, of course.
Dec 12 00:05:48 <DanteAshton>   Well, just email me, people. I don't know when, and I don't know how; but I know soon we'll have stuff avaible there
Dec 12 00:05:52 <cassidyjames>  DanteAshton, I'd love to but I'm stuck here in the US... :P
Dec 12 00:05:56 <kortnee>       would love to travel to gloucestershire . . . anybody got airfare? lol
Dec 12 00:06:08 <cassidyjames>  kortnee, exactly. :P
Dec 12 00:06:14 <DanteAshton>   and how do you mean, Undi?
Dec 12 00:06:15 <JamesMR>       ooh can I fly too?
Dec 12 00:06:23 <urcminister>   I don't think we really go to the core message - which has to be 'there is really an alternative .....'
Dec 12 00:06:43 <DanteAshton>   how do y ou mean urcminister?
Dec 12 00:06:46 <DanteAshton>   you*
Dec 12 00:06:51 <Tarek> yes I would really like to contribute more but I live in Brazil :s
Dec 12 00:07:01 <DanteAshton>   alternative: second choice, not preferable over the main one.
Dec 12 00:07:05 <kortnee>       but, I don't think it is an alternative, I think it's everywhere and nobody notices
Dec 12 00:07:08 <JamesMR>       urcminister: ubuntu should not be seen as an alternative
Dec 12 00:07:08 <JR0cket>       how about all the cool apps being sucked out of a mobile phone by a laptop until the phone becomes silent, showing that a PC running Ubuntu can be as easy and as fun to use as a phone
Dec 12 00:07:11 <UndiFineD>     interns preform a certain school related task that gives them a figure
Dec 12 00:07:20 <urcminister>   Well, it IS
Dec 12 00:07:25 <DanteAshton>   JROcket; put it on the wiki.
Dec 12 00:07:31 <JamesMR>       urcminister: no it isn't
Dec 12 00:07:32 <JR0cket>       okay
Dec 12 00:07:32 <DanteAshton>   wrong wording then, me thinks.
Dec 12 00:07:34 <JamesMR>       windows is the alternative
Dec 12 00:07:35 <Tarek> JR0cket: isn't that too hard to do?
Dec 12 00:07:42 <pamela>        I like that way of thinking about it, JROcket
Dec 12 00:07:48 <DanteAshton>   Good GOD this moves quickly..
Dec 12 00:08:01 <UndiFineD>     heheh
Dec 12 00:08:05 <JamesMR>       DanteAshton: the train you're on?
Dec 12 00:08:06 <JR0cket>       thinking a blender style animation...
Dec 12 00:08:08 <pamela>        i don't think ordinary users are looking for an alternative - they're looking for the next exciting-looking thing.
Dec 12 00:08:17 <DanteAshton>   yes
Dec 12 00:08:20 <JamesMR>       JR0cket: blender *style* animation?
Dec 12 00:08:25 <Tarek> DanteAshton: wait till we have everyone on the team connected :)
Dec 12 00:08:25 <DanteAshton>   if it's shiny, it'll be used.
Dec 12 00:08:38 <pamela>        exactly
Dec 12 00:08:42 <DanteAshton>   Tarek: I fear that day, I really do.
Dec 12 00:08:43 <urcminister>   We don't mention Windoze Remember?  You upgrade from whatever to Ubuntu ... that's all ....
Dec 12 00:08:49 <JR0cket>       blender.org
Dec 12 00:08:52 <JamesMR>       is there any cheap accommodation in gloucestershite?
Dec 12 00:08:57 <JamesMR>       shire*
Dec 12 00:08:59 <JamesMR>       bad typo
Dec 12 00:09:01 <pamela>        people don't know it's there. show them and show the compiz side of things and they'll come by
Dec 12 00:09:05 <DanteAshton>   Plenty of franchiesed hotel
Dec 12 00:09:06 <kortnee>       maybe a grey wallpaper, download Ubuntu and it becomes sparkly?
Dec 12 00:09:08 <DanteAshton>   s
Dec 12 00:09:13 <JamesMR>       JR0cket: I know what blender is, but there's no one style asociated with it
Dec 12 00:09:20 <DanteAshton>   kortnee; I love that way of thinking!
Dec 12 00:09:40 <JamesMR>       I've been a blender man for five years now
Dec 12 00:10:41 <JR0cket>       refrasing: an animation done with something like blender...
Dec 12 00:10:46 <Tarek> pamela: I'm not sure compiz will bring people to use Ubuntu. I mean, it's nice but I think people are looking to get things done
Dec 12 00:11:04 <DanteAshton>   Tarek; it's how it drew ME
Dec 12 00:11:10 <Tarek> like sending e-mails, web, etc
Dec 12 00:11:22 <kortnee>       most people want to be online, and maybe do some word processing
Dec 12 00:11:24 <DanteAshton>   I was one target market; the shiny-shiny :P
Dec 12 00:11:29 <JamesMR>       DanteAshton: can you give me 4 days warning to get to gloucestershire?
Dec 12 00:11:34 <Darael>        I must say that while compiz is a nice bonus for me, it's functionality I like.
Dec 12 00:11:41 <DanteAshton>   if everyhting goes good, I can probably give you two months
Dec 12 00:11:46 <Tarek> DanteAshton: yes but we're not exactly representative of the whole market :D
Dec 12 00:11:48 <JamesMR>       aah good
Dec 12 00:11:53 <JamesMR>       talking looks like it'll take a long time
Dec 12 00:11:53 <kortnee>       maybe pose a question: How much of your computer is taken up by your OS?
Dec 12 00:11:59 <pamela>        Tarek: it's certainly been the main attraction for any converts I've made but I do agree - i think showing the productivity side of things would be good too
Dec 12 00:12:04 <DanteAshton>   So tell me, Tarek; what makes Apple so sucessful?
Dec 12 00:12:13 <DanteAshton>   the trouble-free lifestyle they produce, I'm sure
Dec 12 00:12:19 <jasono>        kortnee Ubuntu doesn't take up much space- the default installation
Dec 12 00:12:23 <cassidyjames>  Dante: That thinks "just work."
Dec 12 00:12:27 <cassidyjames>  *thingsw
Dec 12 00:12:29 <cassidyjames>  AH
Dec 12 00:12:32 <cassidyjames>  **things
Dec 12 00:12:33 <kortnee>       jasono; exactly
Dec 12 00:12:45 <pamela>        what made apple so successful was looks
Dec 12 00:12:51 <kortnee>       maybe show 2 identical computers, one with a troll inside and one with a pixie
Dec 12 00:13:03 <DanteAshton>   Oh, I'd like to mention something; Ubuntu uses less electricity then Windows...which is, frankly, weird...
Dec 12 00:13:17 <DanteAshton>   but yes, we can also play the 'green' angle, providing we can get the stats up for it.
Dec 12 00:13:38 <kortnee>       the trolls cumbersome and takes up way too much space, the pixie is quick and doesn't take up much space at all
Dec 12 00:14:04 <Darael>        Not really that weird.  If it uses less CPU time it can scale the frequency down and use less power.  Ditto other components.  But that's OT.
Dec 12 00:14:55 <DanteAshton>   Indeed
Dec 12 00:15:02 <DanteAshton>   still...means the green angle is viable
Dec 12 00:15:04 <urcminister>   techie stuff is NOT permitted in marketing!!!
Dec 12 00:15:22 <Tarek> We can just say it's greener
Dec 12 00:15:41 <JamesMR>       "Ubuntu is green"
Dec 12 00:15:41 <DanteAshton>   people do tend to prefer such a product
Dec 12 00:15:47 <JamesMR>       uses less power
Dec 12 00:15:51 <UndiFineD>     Tarek, yes we can, they cause a commotion and we prove it in some paper
Dec 12 00:15:52 <DanteAshton>   Well, actually, it's orange, purple and black.
Dec 12 00:15:54 <mattgriffin>   Tarek: greener b/c you don't need to buy another computer and put you old one in the landfill
Dec 12 00:15:54 <JamesMR>       do your but for the environment, use ubuntu
Dec 12 00:16:09 <UndiFineD>     Tarek, some things are based on free publicity
Dec 12 00:16:18 <DanteAshton>   plus, it does extend the lifespan of computing machinary somewhat...
Dec 12 00:16:28 <UndiFineD>     somewhat ?
Dec 12 00:16:30 <Tarek> mattgriffin: that too! A whole theme on green :)
Dec 12 00:16:35 <urcminister>   Oh yes
Dec 12 00:16:37 <UndiFineD>     my machine is 8 years old
Dec 12 00:16:41 <Darael>        JamesMR: "...And while you're at it, keep the environment nice for the film and turn off your phone"
Dec 12 00:17:10 <DanteAshton>   hmm...I like it :p
Dec 12 00:17:13 <Darael>        Actually, that started as a joke but it might be a viable line.
Dec 12 00:17:26 <Tarek> Darael: good one!
Dec 12 00:17:28 <DanteAshton>   This is how these things start...
Dec 12 00:17:58 *       JamesMR records a bit
Dec 12 00:18:09 <lyndon>        the green idea sounds fantastic!
Dec 12 00:18:13 <DanteAshton>   Right, excuse me for a couple of minutes, everyone. Back in a mo!
Dec 12 00:18:25 <cassidyjames>  Alright, everyone, this is some great discussion!
Dec 12 00:18:34 <cassidyjames>  We do, however, need to move along. :P
Dec 12 00:18:48 <Tarek> so are we making a serie or are we putting everything in one ad?
Dec 12 00:18:53 <Tarek> series*
Dec 12 00:18:59 <UndiFineD>     and we would like to keep it going afterwards if possible
Dec 12 00:19:18 *       Tarek is moving on

Team Leaders

Dec 12 00:19:55 <UndiFineD>     cassidyjames, Team leaders ?
Dec 12 00:20:25 <cassidyjames>  Sure Undi.
Dec 12 00:20:26 <Tarek> damn were are the pre-meeting notes again?
Dec 12 00:20:31 <UndiFineD>     ok we have a 5 current leaders, jasono who started this all
Dec 12 00:20:45 <UndiFineD>     and cassidyjames DanteAshton lyndon and me
Dec 12 00:20:46 <pamela>        Tarek: http://openetherpad.org/c5BupbHabP
Dec 12 00:20:53 <Tarek> on the wiki there are some old ones, sorry :P
Dec 12 00:21:05 <UndiFineD>     we need another few to get all the teams going
Dec 12 00:21:24 <UndiFineD>     so who is up for that ?
Dec 12 00:21:35 <jasono>        Tarek We keep the old ones for reference
Dec 12 00:21:55 <UndiFineD>     design ?
Dec 12 00:21:55 <urcminister>   Vlolunteer - me?
Dec 12 00:22:10 <kortnee>       what kind of teams still need leaders?
Dec 12 00:22:28 <Tarek> jasono: no problem, but where's the new one?
Dec 12 00:22:30 <lyndon>        Graphics
Dec 12 00:23:08 <jasono>        Tarek lets just use this one. The one that was on pre-meeting notes was it.
Dec 12 00:23:21 <Tarek> ok
Dec 12 00:23:57 <UndiFineD>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/People
Dec 12 00:25:03 <mattgriffin>   what's the scope of the graphics and how it is different than design?
Dec 12 00:25:34 <lyndon>        it would also probably entail creating texture maps for 3D models
Dec 12 00:25:52 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin, as of now they're the same.
Dec 12 00:25:58 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: ok
Dec 12 00:26:42 <UndiFineD>     ehm sorry for that ... Design / Graphics is currently in the hands of cassidyjames
Dec 12 00:27:10 <cassidyjames>  But I wouldn't mind if someone else wanted to head it up.
Dec 12 00:27:19 <UndiFineD>     Documentations is on DanteAshton 's shoulders
Dec 12 00:27:29 <UndiFineD>     and translations on mine
Dec 12 00:27:34 <DanteAshton>   and PR
Dec 12 00:27:39 <DanteAshton>   :P
Dec 12 00:27:48 <urcminister>   Hi guys ...  getting too late for me.  CU soon.
Dec 12 00:27:52 <Tarek> hey guys, unfortunately I have to go, my fiancee is feeling ill!
Dec 12 00:27:55 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: i'd be happy to head it up
Dec 12 00:27:58 <UndiFineD>     lyndon has animations
Dec 12 00:27:58 <DanteAshton>   Cheers for coming, guys :)
Dec 12 00:28:06 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin, sounds good to me.
Dec 12 00:28:11 *       DanteAshton is getting deja vu again....
Dec 12 00:28:31 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: cool
Dec 12 00:28:47 <Tarek> bye all!
Dec 12 00:29:05 <UndiFineD>     IMPORTANT mattgriffin is to replace cassidyjames on graphics / design
Dec 12 00:29:29 <DanteAshton>   All hail the king!
Dec 12 00:30:12 <DanteAshton>   Right, folks, meetings...
Dec 12 00:30:12 <UndiFineD>     sponsorship .. who would be willing to tackle that ?


Dec 12 00:30:30 <DanteAshton>   Now, who would like the idea of coming back in here every fortnight?
Dec 12 00:30:51 <UndiFineD>     ?
Dec 12 00:31:10 <UndiFineD>     DanteAshton, my english is not well enough ...
Dec 12 00:31:23 <UndiFineD>     what is fortnight?
Dec 12 00:31:26 <Darael>        I'd be happy with that.  If the weekend, though, it'd have to be the Saturday for me.
Dec 12 00:31:31 <Darael>        UndiFineD: Two weeks.
Dec 12 00:31:32 <DanteAshton>   Ah. I thought that was known
Dec 12 00:32:29 <DanteAshton>   two weeks then a meeting..everyone happy with that?
Dec 12 00:32:42 <mattgriffin>   +1
Dec 12 00:32:43 <kortnee>       every fortnight is good with me, as long as it's the weekend
Dec 12 00:32:44 <UndiFineD>     so every 2 weeks ?
Dec 12 00:32:53 <UndiFineD>     +1
Dec 12 00:32:55 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD: I think that's good.
Dec 12 00:33:12 <Darael>        +1, so long as it's a night I can do :P
Dec 12 00:33:19 <pamela>        +1
Dec 12 00:33:43 <cassidyjames>  I think we will set up another Doodle poll to be sure (and for members who couldn't make it tonight)
Dec 12 00:33:50 <cassidyjames>  For times, that is.

On the table

Dec 12 00:34:32 <DanteAshton>   Damn good for an IRC meeting, Jason.
Dec 12 00:34:55 <jasono>        I know, better than usual. But still.
Dec 12 00:35:02 <Darael>        I'll be here tomorrow too, but won't normally be there on Sunday evenings.
Dec 12 00:35:11 <cassidyjames>  Cool, Darael.
Dec 12 00:36:12 <DanteAshton>   Sooooo yes, everyone, do try and email your prospective leaders
Dec 12 00:36:17 <DanteAshton>   and forgive us for any screwups :P
Dec 12 00:37:01 <JamesMR>       can I get involved?
Dec 12 00:37:14 <UndiFineD>     JamesMR, you are very involved !
Dec 12 00:37:26 <UndiFineD>     I love your voice-overs
Dec 12 00:37:41 <jasono>        Yes JamesMR  me too!!!
Dec 12 00:37:44 <DanteAshton>   is james on the launchpad page?
Dec 12 00:37:56 <JamesMR>       I'm somewhat out the loop
Dec 12 00:38:04 <JamesMR>       I turn up and be crazy
Dec 12 00:38:25 <DanteAshton>   Your crazy?
Dec 12 00:38:28 <DanteAshton>   YOUR CRAZY!
Dec 12 00:38:32 <DanteAshton>   BWHAHAHAHAHA!
Dec 12 00:38:35 <UndiFineD>     JamesMR, what would you like to do when waiting for briliant lines
Dec 12 00:38:38 *       DanteAshton gibbers in the corner
Dec 12 00:38:49 <JamesMR>       I can blend
Dec 12 00:38:51 <JamesMR>       (er)
Dec 12 00:38:59 <JamesMR>       lighting and rendering are my strong points
Dec 12 00:39:01 <DanteAshton>   then you'll be working with Lundon
Dec 12 00:39:02 <Darael>        JamesMR is not the only self-confessed crazy one.
Dec 12 00:39:02 <jasono>        JamesMr Blending is powerful
Dec 12 00:39:05 <DanteAshton>   Lyndon*
Dec 12 00:39:22 *       DanteAshton is bonkers.
Dec 12 00:39:32 *       UndiFineD is always here
Dec 12 00:39:33 *       DanteAshton hopes the documentation team dosent mind
Dec 12 00:40:05 *       Darael is mad, crackers, crazy, mental, insane and several other adjectives in a similar vein.  Hopefully there are some people to balance all this insanity we've just heard about from three of us.
Dec 12 00:40:08 <cassidyjames>  Alright then, are we calling the meeting closed?
Dec 12 00:40:16 <JamesMR>       I thought it was o.o
Dec 12 00:40:23 <JamesMR>       I went off to make mince pies
Dec 12 00:40:32 <cassidyjames>  Haha, okay. That's all for today folks.
Dec 12 00:40:32 <JamesMR>       well, one large mince pie
Dec 12 00:40:34 <jasono>        It exceeded.
Dec 12 00:40:46 <cassidyjames>  Thanks for showing up! You can of course always hang around .
Dec 12 00:40:46 <jasono>        MEETING OVER. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!!!!!!!!!

after meeting

Dec 12 00:41:03 <jasono>        BRB
Dec 12 00:41:09 <UndiFineD>     :)
Dec 12 00:41:09 <Lisandro>      Nice to meet you all. I'm going to have dinner or I'll die. Good bye
Dec 12 00:41:23 <cassidyjames>  See ya Lisandro
Dec 12 00:41:32 <pamela>        Okay, bye everyone, nice meeting you. And see you tomorrow.
Dec 12 00:41:34 <Darael>        I'll just go put the "green" line we saw up on the scripts wiki page...
Dec 12 00:41:45 <DanteAshton>   Cheers Darael
Dec 12 00:41:49 <cassidyjames>  Buh-bye pamela
Dec 12 00:41:55 <DanteAshton>   thank you all for coming! I'll be here tomorrow....
Dec 12 00:42:10 <DanteAshton>   same time, same place, same venue....my career is not going anywhere :P
Dec 12 00:42:13 <JamesMR>       I'll always be on
Dec 12 00:42:19 *       cassidyjames goes to eat.
Dec 12 00:42:23 <JamesMR>       PM me if you want m to record anything
Dec 12 00:42:29 <JamesMR>       I'm always up for a quick recording session
Dec 12 00:42:39 <DanteAshton>   What type of microphone you got, James?
Dec 12 00:43:20 <JamesMR>       DanteAshton: a bog standard condenser mic for vocals
Dec 12 00:43:52 <JamesMR>       well
Dec 12 00:43:56 <DanteAshton>   Good, good...might need to see about getting something a little more cleaner...I'll see what the studio can do :P
Dec 12 00:44:00 <DanteAshton>   anyway, I have to go!
Dec 12 00:44:09 <DanteAshton>   Goooooodnight!
Dec 12 00:44:10 <JamesMR>       I have access to better equipment at college
Dec 12 00:44:12 <JamesMR>       Niight!
Dec 12 00:44:13 <DanteAshton>   :)
Dec 12 00:44:13 <Darael>        Alright, got the line up.
Dec 12 00:44:13 <UndiFineD>     OK thank you all
Dec 12 00:44:17 <Darael>        G'night.
Dec 12 00:44:27 <UndiFineD>     I will compile the logs
Dec 12 00:44:37 <UndiFineD>     still here
Dec 12 00:47:20 <Darael>        ...and as the meeting ends, the channel falls silent.
Dec 12 00:47:29 <JamesMR>       KABOOM!
Dec 12 00:47:35 *       JamesMR explodes with a shower of mince pies
Dec 12 00:47:41 <JamesMR>       help yourself folks!
Dec 12 00:48:02 *       Darael ducks as a flying mince pie grazes his head
Dec 12 00:48:09 <UndiFineD>     ooh look a piece of candy
Dec 12 00:48:49 <Darael>        uh-oh.  That's one of the more worrying phrases to hear.
Dec 12 00:49:56 <Darael>        Well, most phrases that start "ooh, look" are pretty dangerous.
Dec 12 00:49:57 <UndiFineD>     :D
Dec 12 00:50:05 <Darael>        Especially if it's me saying them.
Dec 12 00:55:00 *       JamesMR is listening to cassidyjames on the ubuntu-uk podcast
Dec 12 01:02:36 <UndiFineD>     #ubuntu-adverts - #ubuntu-adverts-social - #ubuntu-adverts-sponsors - #ubuntu-adverts-leaders - #ubuntu-adverts-documentation - #ubuntu-adverts-design
Dec 12 01:03:28 <Darael>        Are we supposed to be moving to the dashed ones, then?

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