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Jan 15 22:02:00 <uat>   Meeting started 2011-01-15 21:01:59 UTC.  The chair is UndiFineD.
Jan 15 22:02:00 <uat>   Commands: $startmeeting <lang> $chair $topic $action $link $idea $vote $endvote $agreed $info $endmeeting
Jan 15 22:02:23 <mattgriffin>   welcome everyone. thanks for joining. please open the meeting agenda. http://openetherpad.org/FT2qeUMiaC
Jan 15 22:03:22 <UndiFineD>     I just placed them side-by-side
Jan 15 22:03:39 <UndiFineD>     I would like to thank all of you for coming
Jan 15 22:03:57 <UndiFineD>     it has been a few crazy weeks for me
Jan 15 22:04:20 <UndiFineD>     any initial questions ?
Jan 15 22:04:51 <UndiFineD>     no ? alright
Jan 15 22:05:01 <mattgriffin>   :)


Jan 15 22:05:04 <UndiFineD>     then we move on to the announcements
Jan 15 22:05:42 <UndiFineD>     Jason has left us, and he stated his farewell
Jan 15 22:05:52 <barrydrake>    Sad about Jaso ... but life goes on
Jan 15 22:06:54 <UndiFineD>     Then Danté Ashton his condition seems to worsen
Jan 15 22:07:23 <UndiFineD>     and for that reason he transfered team leadership to cassidyjames 
Jan 15 22:07:50 <cassidyjames>  He may or may not still drop in now and then.
Jan 15 22:08:18 <moiso>  he was doing a great job
Jan 15 22:08:18 <mattgriffin>   Danté's message in case you missed it - https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-advertising/msg00421.html
Jan 15 22:08:57 <UndiFineD>     then there is the point of active members
Jan 15 22:09:11 <UndiFineD>     all of us here, that is it
Jan 15 22:10:36 <UndiFineD>     cassidyjames, mattgriffin, UndiFineD, Agafonov, barrydrake, bastubis, ChrisDruif, Darael, Ddorda, edb, moiso, numberto1, pleia2, popey, Takyoji 
Jan 15 22:11:05 <UndiFineD>     I am just stating all of you here for the logsd
Jan 15 22:11:05 <ChrisDruif>    It's sad to hear about Danté :(
Jan 15 22:11:42 <moiso> I wouldn't like to see this team die, please people..
Jan 15 22:11:48 <Ddorda>        ‎?
Jan 15 22:11:52 <UndiFineD>     So we think we should restructure our efforts into 3 teams for now
Jan 15 22:12:01 <ChrisDruif>    UndiFineD: Is the meeting still going? uat left...
Jan 15 22:12:05 <moiso> it's getting smaller
Jan 15 22:12:09 <UndiFineD>     ChrisDruif: I keep logs
Jan 15 22:12:14 <ChrisDruif>    Alright...
Jan 15 22:13:03 <cassidyjames>  While we have 132 members on Launchpad/the mailing list, we have a very small amount of actual active users. However, that's alright. Sometimes a smaller group of more-focused individuals can be more effective. So we're going that route while still leaving the team open to anyone who wants to join.
Jan 15 22:13:24 <barrydrake>    Sounds good to me


Jan 15 22:13:29 <UndiFineD>     So we would like to split of into Planning, Creative and Media
Jan 15 22:15:26 <barrydrake>    I'm up for any - but you must have people in mind?
Jan 15 22:15:46 <edb>   As long as each team has a clear sense of its purpose and good leadership then it makes sense as long as everyone has the same broader goal in mind
Jan 15 22:16:08 <cassidyjames>  edb, precisely.
Jan 15 22:16:13 <barrydrake>    And regular cross-team meetings
Jan 15 22:16:18 <mattgriffin>   the idea is that we structure more like an advertising agency whose only client is Ubuntu. and we (at least for now) focus on smaller scale projects. moving into planning, creative, and media teams is actually like a workflow
Jan 15 22:16:21 <UndiFineD>     yes we have some ideas for this :)
Jan 15 22:16:46 <barrydrake>    Please share
Jan 15 22:17:14 <mattgriffin>   i can take that :)
Jan 15 22:17:22 <UndiFineD>     ok
Jan 15 22:18:27 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: you amazed us with the work you done n research
Jan 15 22:18:36 <barrydrake>    Thx
Jan 15 22:18:56 <mattgriffin>   Planning does research (like some of us are doing now) and briefs/informs the Creative team... the Creative team writes, designs, animates, codes whatever is needed for the medium that the Media team advises on. the Media team focuses on measurement and helps us determine the effectiveness of the advert
Jan 15 22:19:18 <UndiFineD>     also Alan Cocks is very interested but on the mailinglist only i guess
Jan 15 22:19:34 <mattgriffin>   so we're already doing many of the tasks right now...this just adds a little organization
Jan 15 22:20:00 <edb>   Are there enough active people to staff the teams well? (new here so I dunno!)
Jan 15 22:20:26 <barrydrake>    II guess Alan Cocks would get involved if we ask him.  I think he has the time
Jan 15 22:20:44 <UndiFineD>     sometimes you have a one-man band playing a beutiful piece :)
Jan 15 22:20:58 <mattgriffin>   edb: i think so. the only deficiency i see is in Media... but we can wing that for now
Jan 15 22:21:48 <moiso> and also media is last in the workflow
Jan 15 22:22:03 <cassidyjames>  moiso, good point.
Jan 15 22:22:06 <barrydrake>    Media needs contacts and networking
Jan 15 22:22:59 <edb>   Is it Media's job to get the produced content out there then?
Jan 15 22:23:01 <mattgriffin>   moiso: Media will influence the beginning of the process by advising what mediums to use for a campaign like increasing trial usage of Ubuntu. some of us can wear that hat for now and use our own instincts
Jan 15 22:23:12 <UndiFineD>     the issue is not finding the contacts, the issue is to find someone who can really talk with them, negotiate, cut a deal
Jan 15 22:23:12 <bastubis>      I'm short of time but Alan asked me if I'd like to get involved - I could contribute to planning
Jan 15 22:23:36 <cassidyjames>  Welcome Darae
Jan 15 22:23:46 <cassidyjames>  *Darael
Jan 15 22:24:04 <edb>   The problem surely is that you need to decide the medium first, as different mediums require different ad styles.
Jan 15 22:24:53 <edb>   And the choice of medium is obviously influenced by what contacts/deals are already available or can be made.
Jan 15 22:25:02 <barrydrake>    We may be going over old ground here.  First task we were given was a ten second cinema ad
Jan 15 22:25:06 <ChrisDruif>    Sorry guys, this is really not my thing :)
Jan 15 22:25:32 <UndiFineD>     :)
Jan 15 22:26:45 <UndiFineD>     there are other existing teams like spreadubuntu and marketing, but we wanted to attract the people from the other OSes
Jan 15 22:27:18 <barrydrake>    In particular WOS (pronounced?)
Jan 15 22:27:30 <UndiFineD>     and our primairy goal to do this would be a video advertisement
Jan 15 22:27:46 <barrydrake>    Cinema, surely?
Jan 15 22:28:23 <UndiFineD>     but well that is one of the cheap mediums to bring it to the big public
Jan 15 22:31:06 <moiso> there was someone who could help us with the cinema,right?
Jan 15 22:31:22 <barrydrake>    Popey's been having trouble with his broadband
Jan 15 22:31:24 <UndiFineD>     moiso: there was, that was danté
Jan 15 22:31:35 <mattgriffin>   i think there are lots of unanswered questions about the video advert in the cinema that make me question if it's the right start for this team
Jan 15 22:31:38 <moiso> hmm,sad
Jan 15 22:31:41 <cassidyjames>  moiso, Mark Shuttleworth talked with us and told us he has a contact with connections.
Jan 15 22:32:08 <moiso> wow that's great
Jan 15 22:32:13 <barrydrake>    His brief was for the ten second ad
Jan 15 22:32:28 <UndiFineD>     now we could contact to another few schools to make use of their students and studio
Jan 15 22:32:28 <moiso> then we should focus on it
Jan 15 22:32:33 <barrydrake>    It should include 'turn off your phone'
Jan 15 22:32:42 <mattgriffin>   for example, a cinema ad is the medium, but what's the purpose? i think we could get much better at doing smaller scale things with specific purposes (and requiring smaller teams) before biting off a big thing like a video
Jan 15 22:33:10 <barrydrake>    I could try in my area.  Might be able to front the operationif one of them agrees
Jan 15 22:33:38 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: agreed
Jan 15 22:33:51 <barrydrake>    The only prupose of a ten second ad would be to bring folk to the website
Jan 15 22:34:23 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ok. gotcha. so the purpose of the campaign is to increase the exposure of www.ubuntu.com
Jan 15 22:34:28 <cassidyjames>  barrydrake: Well, that and to pique their curiousity. And possibly just to get the name Ubuntu out there.
Jan 15 22:34:36 <barrydrake>    YUP
Jan 15 22:35:30 <moiso> matt, exactly, to a broader audience than ever before
Jan 15 22:35:55 <barrydrake>    Ubuntu is ready for that


Jan 15 22:36:07 <UndiFineD>     Ok so we need to Plan this
Jan 15 22:36:18 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ;)
Jan 15 22:36:29 <UndiFineD>     We have a research going on
Jan 15 22:37:20 <UndiFineD>     a survey which should have some results already
Jan 15 22:37:31 <numberto1>     What about facebook and other free ways to spread ads?
Jan 15 22:37:41 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD, barrydrake: some research info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research
Jan 15 22:37:51 <UndiFineD>     numberto1: yes, that is a typical media thing
Jan 15 22:38:08 <moiso> nunberto that's already on the agenda..
Jan 15 22:38:26 <mattgriffin>   numberto1: facebook might be one option. we should look at the purpose of the campaign and determine if fb is the right medium
Jan 15 22:38:26 <numberto1>     moiso: my bad,  I didn't see that
Jan 15 22:38:34 <barrydrake>    Take a look at you-tube.  There's as much negative stuff out there as positive stuff - and a lot of crap on both sides.
Jan 15 22:39:43 <numberto1>     What group of people from other OS are you targetting
Jan 15 22:39:44 <numberto1>     ?
Jan 15 22:39:53 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: you seem to like this sort of research stuff
Jan 15 22:40:00 <numberto1>     Because trying bring gamers from Windows will be pretty hard
Jan 15 22:40:03 <barrydrake>    The disaffected mostly
Jan 15 22:40:09 <mattgriffin>   heh
Jan 15 22:40:11 <barrydrake>    Gamer no.
Jan 15 22:40:52 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: would you like to review the current survey results ?
Jan 15 22:40:53 <barrydrake>    Mostly the ordinary PC user who wants office and internet apps with maybe photo and video etc
Jan 15 22:41:02 <barrydrake>    OK.
Jan 15 22:41:38 <UndiFineD>     cassidyjames: can you give barrydrake access to it ?
Jan 15 22:41:49 <edb>   There are plenty of disaffected Windows users out there. I meet them every day.
Jan 15 22:41:52 <cassidyjames>  Already in the process of doing it. :P
Jan 15 22:41:59 <UndiFineD>     :D
Jan 15 22:42:04 <barrydrake>    Current survey suggests that there are a lot of ordonary PC users who would switch tomorrow if they knew how simple the transition is going to be, and if we hold their hand
Jan 15 22:42:27 <edb>   Most of them just want to use the net, and get bogged down with tonnes of crap bloatware, spyware, etc.
Jan 15 22:42:45 <numberto1>     That is why I were talking about screencasts
Jan 15 22:42:56 <moiso> switched my girlfriend a week ago :)
Jan 15 22:43:04 <barrydrake>    edb: Oh - take iTunes for an example   ..
Jan 15 22:43:05 <bastubis>      I'd agree barrydrake
Jan 15 22:43:18 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: very interesting, so if we would be able to setup dualboot parties, such would help ?
Jan 15 22:43:25 <barrydrake>    moiso: whats the new one like?
Jan 15 22:43:53 <barrydrake>    Hmmm ... how I hat dualboot ... but yes it would help
Jan 15 22:45:03 <moiso> barrydrake: sorry didn't understand
Jan 15 22:45:32 <barrydrake>    moiso - sorry 'hate dualboot'
Jan 15 22:46:41 <numberto1>     Take a look at this (sorry it is in russian, but you don't need to know russian to understand what I mean) - This screencasts/videos  my by some Russian guy for just beginning internet users. Simple, easy, fast.   Take a look
Jan 15 22:46:43 <numberto1>     http://www.google.ru/intl/ru/landing/internetsovety/#utm_campaign=ru&utm_source=ru-blog-grb&utm_medium=blog
Jan 15 22:47:14 <UndiFineD>     alright will do after the meeting numberto1 
Jan 15 22:47:30 <UndiFineD>     I would like to get on
Jan 15 22:47:51 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: so where did we leave off?
Jan 15 22:47:57 <UndiFineD>     so there is planning to do and put on 'paper'


Jan 15 22:49:01 <UndiFineD>     then we creative people, if you felt comfortable with making taglines and script ideas
Jan 15 22:49:12 <UndiFineD>     we are very thankful for that
Jan 15 22:49:41 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. from the research, the creatives should have a brief to work from
Jan 15 22:49:44 <numberto1>     Bye guys, I need to go.
Jan 15 22:50:04 <UndiFineD>     but we think we need to put a hold on making more of these
Jan 15 22:50:04 <mattgriffin>   so they're all working from the same perspective on what is of interest to the viewer
Jan 15 22:50:14 <UndiFineD>     thanks numberto1 
Jan 15 22:50:24 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: taglines and scripts?
Jan 15 22:50:38 <barrydrake>    I think we have plenty of basic ideas that might need a bit of polishing
Jan 15 22:50:42 <UndiFineD>     that is what you said mattgriffin 
Jan 15 22:50:55 <edb>   (catching up) for a cinema ad?
Jan 15 22:51:00 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: right. should have the brief before moving forward and doing more script work
Jan 15 22:51:45 <UndiFineD>     edb: yes, correct
Jan 15 22:51:48 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD, barrydrake: i think the next step is to accumulate all of the research so far in 1 place so it's easier to write the brief
Jan 15 22:51:56 <moiso> agreed
Jan 15 22:52:07 <barrydrake>    OK can do
Jan 15 22:52:11 <mattgriffin>   cool
Jan 15 22:52:40 <barrydrake>    where dhould that be - suggest on the research page of the wiki?
Jan 15 22:52:54 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: yeah. research page is fine
Jan 15 22:53:01 <UndiFineD>     yes that would be good location
Jan 15 22:53:06 <barrydrake>    OK - action BD
Jan 15 22:54:11 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: i'm subscribed to that page so can start on the brief when the research is there :)
Jan 15 22:54:25 <barrydrake>    Great!
Jan 15 22:54:45 <barrydrake>    Just going to get a drink - can I get anyone another?
Jan 15 22:54:58 <UndiFineD>     double scotch ?
Jan 15 22:55:10 <cassidyjames>  Yes, please.
Jan 15 22:55:16 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: heh. i just got a Stella :)
Jan 15 22:55:27 <barrydrake>    Anything.  Virtual Scotches all round
Jan 15 22:55:59 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. i think we can move on :) (now that we're all drinking)
Jan 15 22:56:04 <UndiFineD>     alright, any other plans ?
Jan 15 22:56:42 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: nope
Jan 15 22:56:46 <UndiFineD>     ok


Jan 15 22:57:17 <UndiFineD>     then like I just said, we would like to place the taglines and scripts on hold
Jan 15 22:57:37 <mattgriffin>   cool
Jan 15 22:57:49 <UndiFineD>     but I am sure those ideas are still welcome with the marketing team and spreadubuntu
Jan 15 22:58:03 <barrydrake>    I'm a bit lost on the agenda .... have we skipped over some stuff?
Jan 15 22:58:17 <UndiFineD>     no no, this is the creative part
Jan 15 22:58:21 <edb>   It's been a fluid meeting in more ways than one :-)
Jan 15 22:58:40 <mattgriffin>   :)
Jan 15 22:58:48 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: line 28 of agenda?
Jan 15 22:58:59 <barrydrake>    OK
Jan 15 22:59:08 <mattgriffin>   hehe
Jan 15 22:59:10 <UndiFineD>     I would however continue on house style
Jan 15 22:59:24 <UndiFineD>     which is more of mattgriffin and cassidyjames hands
Jan 15 22:59:30 <cassidyjames>  Yes.
Jan 15 22:59:46 <cassidyjames>  I've written up a tentative guideline for the team.
Jan 15 22:59:54 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: cool
Jan 15 22:59:56 <cassidyjames>  It's here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2rJtUUHNO_zYt9FJr4_KaHwMJU_Jr_VIEI4EzRySaw/edit?hl=en&authkey=COGl_NkD
Jan 15 23:00:07 <barrydrake>    I think when we read the past meeting minutes, a very real house style has developed
Jan 15 23:01:01 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: you might want to skim over the branding docs from the canonical design team every week or so to see if anything has been added... i know it's a work in progress
Jan 15 23:01:21 <cassidyjames>  I've been following them,
Jan 15 23:01:26 <mattgriffin>   excellent
Jan 15 23:01:35 <cassidyjames>  I think we align pretty well.
Jan 15 23:01:44 <barrydrake>    I just looked athe guidelines - I wasn't just talking about visual style but overall house style
Jan 15 23:02:34 <cassidyjames>  barrydrake, could you expand on that?
Jan 15 23:03:00 <barrydrake>    I'm thinking concept, object, target, market and method
Jan 15 23:03:15 <cassidyjames>  Ah.
Jan 15 23:03:24 <barrydrake>    sorry, please inseert commas
Jan 15 23:04:01 <cassidyjames>  Yes. We are going off of what has been said previously and going to be getting that put down on paper. That's part of the job of the planning team.
Jan 15 23:04:08 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: heh. i see those as depending on the campaign ... or are you speaking in terms of the Ubuntu Advertising team?
Jan 15 23:05:02 <barrydrake>    Not quite sure what is meant: the sole object is spreading the word
Jan 15 23:06:24 <UndiFineD>     our team needs a house style to sell itself in 'Media' to sell our creative ideas 'a Video'
Jan 15 23:06:34 <barrydrake>    Now we have three teams reporting to cassidyjames, I take it I am part of the planning team?
Jan 15 23:06:51 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: but the target users may vary depending on the campaign. there's a large population that doesn't know about Ubuntu but within that group are various segments, age groups, etc. depending on the campaign, the target segment may change.
Jan 15 23:07:46 <moiso> ok I don't get it..house style is?
Jan 15 23:08:07 <barrydrake>    Of course - so in reality this task has to reach ALL of them.  Impossible in a ten second cinema ad - but the website has to take over ....
Jan 15 23:09:14 <UndiFineD>     moiso: what you put on a business card / website / paper, all in the same style, font, fontsizes, colors etc
Jan 15 23:09:35 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: gotcha... so you're right... that's still TBD
Jan 15 23:09:40 <barrydrake>    moiso: house style is our agreed team-front.  The meaning (the REAL meaning) of Ubuntu
Jan 15 23:10:15 <moiso> ok but not only visuals then
Jan 15 23:10:16 <edb>   The campaign does need to have an identifiable audience in mind. It will help in the creation of the ad, and help avoid making something generic that tries to be all things to everyone, but actually doesn't "reach" anyone deeply enough
Jan 15 23:10:32 <barrydrake>    so how do we get the website to be be Windows refugee friendly?
Jan 15 23:10:38 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: hopefully it will rise to the top from the research... the target is a component of the brief so it will need to be finalized before proceeding to creative
Jan 15 23:10:43 <cassidyjames>  edb, different campaigns we work on will have different audiences.
Jan 15 23:11:08 <cassidyjames>  I think the leaders will be drafting a doc where we describe the structure of the team and the workflow better for everyone.
Jan 15 23:11:09 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:11:12 <edb>   Of course, just saying it needs to be very clear for each different campaign what it is for
Jan 15 23:11:21 <cassidyjames>  edb, exactly.
Jan 15 23:11:50 <barrydrake>    Well - focus for now on the ten-second cinema ad.  That's our brief
Jan 15 23:12:04 <edb>   The cinema thing, to me, is very exicting, because it could potentially get directly to a young, captive audience in a very viral way.
Jan 15 23:12:12 <cassidyjames>  edb, that's part of the advantage of separating it out into different campaigns; having very clear targets.
Jan 15 23:12:35 <UndiFineD>     I also would like to meantion, our research questionaire should be available on the sites we use to promote ourselves, like  (twitter/identi.ca/facebook)
Jan 15 23:12:51 <barrydrake>    Agreed
Jan 15 23:12:59 <cassidyjames>  UndifineD, good idea.
Jan 15 23:13:24 <edb>   There's a place for the different media: online videos, social networking, cinema, podcasts, flyers/leaflets, print ads - but each one generally reaches a different demographic.
Jan 15 23:13:44 <edb>   Hence the medium influences the message
Jan 15 23:14:01 <edb>   (sorry if this has been said before, I'll stop now :) )
Jan 15 23:14:21 <UndiFineD>     I have now idea how many results we currently have but a group of 20.000 would be somewhat representative to the world
Jan 15 23:14:33 <barrydrake>    cassidyjames: The Captain says 'Make it so'.  (quote).
Jan 15 23:15:19 <cassidyjames>  barrydrake, we can start promoting the survey. Do we feel the questions are good?
Jan 15 23:15:29 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: so i see your Team Identity doc pairing well with the creative brief document for defining the field that creative teams should play in
Jan 15 23:15:30 <barrydrake>    I do
Jan 15 23:16:13 <cassidyjames>  barrydrake although right now it is for existing Ubuntu users.
Jan 15 23:16:31 <cassidyjames>  Should we create one that's not specifically for Ubuntu users, but for any users?
Jan 15 23:16:38 <barrydrake>    Sorry - personall I think not
Jan 15 23:17:10 <barrydrake>    I think the target is disaffected Windows folk
Jan 15 23:18:18 <cassidyjames>  Okay.
Jan 15 23:18:31 <cassidyjames>  We can chat a bit afterwards regarding the survey specifically.
Jan 15 23:18:40 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: cool
Jan 15 23:18:44 <cassidyjames>  Shall we move onto the next item on the agenda?
Jan 15 23:18:45 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:18:48 <mattgriffin>   right


Jan 15 23:18:53 <UndiFineD>     Media
Jan 15 23:19:13 <UndiFineD>     lol @ pad
Jan 15 23:19:28 <cassidyjames>  So our web site is pretty cool...
Jan 15 23:19:29 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:19:31 <mattgriffin>   web site = ubuntuadverts.org ?
Jan 15 23:19:34 *       cassidyjames made the site
Jan 15 23:19:35 <cassidyjames>  Yes.
Jan 15 23:19:37 <UndiFineD>     ok, we have a website, is it uptodate cassidyjames ?
Jan 15 23:19:45 <cassidyjames>  Uh, somewhat.
Jan 15 23:19:52 <cassidyjames>  I can spend some time today updating it.
Jan 15 23:20:03 <UndiFineD>     I still had someone join #ubuntuadverts tonight
Jan 15 23:20:06 <cassidyjames>  And then I have an admin system I am planning to put in today.
Jan 15 23:20:14 <cassidyjames>  So the leaders can update things themselves.
Jan 15 23:20:21 <UndiFineD>     which made me wonder
Jan 15 23:20:34 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD, I think that may have been me...
Jan 15 23:20:41 <UndiFineD>     liz...
Jan 15 23:20:44 <cassidyjames>  I used a computer that I hadn't used in a while.
Jan 15 23:20:51 <cassidyjames>  Huh. No, not me. :P
Jan 15 23:20:53 <UndiFineD>     is that you pleia2 ?
Jan 15 23:21:02 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: is there anything we need to do about the hosting of the site?
Jan 15 23:21:52 <UndiFineD>     that is up to cassidyjames 
Jan 15 23:21:53 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin, right now it's on a server provided kindly by my place of work.
Jan 15 23:22:05 <cassidyjames>  I work at a web development company here in the US.
Jan 15 23:22:25 <cassidyjames>  They're letting me host it there. However, if there's a large amount of traffic, I'll have to start paying.
Jan 15 23:22:26 <UndiFineD>     as I found a similar job yesterday
Jan 15 23:22:43 <cassidyjames>  Current traffic has been light.
Jan 15 23:22:52 <mattgriffin>   cool


Jan 15 23:23:33 <mattgriffin>   so sponsorship?
Jan 15 23:24:12 <UndiFineD>     yes that was an idea of barrydrake to collect a list of compagnies we can ask
Jan 15 23:24:12 <edb>   If it's ever needed I have a server in the UK that I'd be glad to use to host/share hosting the site.
Jan 15 23:24:34 <cassidyjames>  edb, sweet, I'll keep that in mind.
Jan 15 23:24:38 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:24:45 <mattgriffin>   cool. probably keep adding to the list but i don't think there are any specific actions to take with those companies at the moment, right?
Jan 15 23:25:00 <UndiFineD>     correct


Jan 15 23:25:12 <mattgriffin>   Promotion?
Jan 15 23:25:18 <UndiFineD>     maybe it would fit better on the site / wiki
Jan 15 23:25:32 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: Right - I got my hand slapped over this one
Jan 15 23:25:42 <UndiFineD>     accounts are there ? what are they ?
Jan 15 23:25:48 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: haha
Jan 15 23:25:56 <barrydrake>    Sorrrry
Jan 15 23:26:25 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: accounts are setup in twitter/identi.ca for 'UbuntuAdverts'
Jan 15 23:26:28 <UndiFineD>     well we need to be carefull with the timing to contact them
Jan 15 23:26:39 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: fb UbuntuAdverts group is created
Jan 15 23:26:50 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: none of them have branding elements yet though
Jan 15 23:27:04 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin, I can hook you up with those.
Jan 15 23:27:05 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:27:09 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: and we have an identi.ca group called UbuntuAdverts (thanks cassidyjames)
Jan 15 23:27:21 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: cool
Jan 15 23:27:32 <UndiFineD>     No Tweet results for @UbuntuAdverts.
Jan 15 23:27:41 <edb>   Have you made a YouTube account with this name as well?
Jan 15 23:27:42 *       mattgriffin just set them up today ;)
Jan 15 23:27:53 <mattgriffin>   edb: no
Jan 15 23:28:00 <mattgriffin>   edb: can you do that please?
Jan 15 23:28:13 <edb>   Sure
Jan 15 23:28:25 <mattgriffin>   or should we make a group? are there groups in yt?
Jan 15 23:28:26 <cassidyjames>  We'll need to get someone on board as the social person to take care of this stuff..
Jan 15 23:28:34 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:29:05 <edb>   It's still better to have an account in the name, even if it's just a defensive measure
Jan 15 23:29:40 <cassidyjames>  edb, right-o.
Jan 15 23:29:48 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: added to the agenda
Jan 15 23:30:00 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: flyers?


Jan 15 23:30:14 <edb>   It sounds like something I'd sign up for if I knew I had the time for it on an ongoing basis
Jan 15 23:31:19 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i don't think there are any specific things to discuss around flyers at the moment
Jan 15 23:31:43 <barrydrake>    well, we have a few but mostly mine, some please reject the one you don;t like
Jan 15 23:31:55 <UndiFineD>     no, I think we should transfer the results to spreadUbuntu or marketing team
Jan 15 23:32:05 <barrydrake>    I agree
Jan 15 23:32:45 <UndiFineD>     that way, the material sticks closely together
Jan 15 23:33:07 <UndiFineD>     and make them happy too :)
Jan 15 23:33:52 <moiso> so, we're sticking with the scripts, taglines and flyers we have already, who's going (or how) to do the polish on them

Team Leader Reports

Jan 15 23:33:36 <cassidyjames>  Alright, so team leader reports.
Jan 15 23:33:59 <UndiFineD>     we have not knowingly reported anything so far
Jan 15 23:34:12 <cassidyjames>  These should be planned out consistently to keep the team up-to-date, yes?
Jan 15 23:34:28 <moiso> ha i put that in the pad
Jan 15 23:34:43 <cassidyjames>  Maybe a weekly blurb to the mailing list from each leader?
Jan 15 23:34:54 <mattgriffin>   cool
Jan 15 23:34:59 <moiso> I was thinking in some kind of reports, so everyone knows whats going on
Jan 15 23:35:13 <cassidyjames>  moiso, expand?
Jan 15 23:35:15 <moiso> yeah like that
Jan 15 23:35:18 <cassidyjames>  Ah.
Jan 15 23:35:21 <cassidyjames>  Good!
Jan 15 23:35:21 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:35:55 <edb>   http://www.youtube.com/UbuntuAdverts registered
Jan 15 23:36:01 <cassidyjames>  Thanks edb
Jan 15 23:36:06 <moiso> ok
Jan 15 23:36:22 <UndiFineD>     moiso: our meetings are very open, I dont think we have kept anything, apart from a personal discussion
Jan 15 23:37:05 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD, true. though it may be good for a weekly digest-type report, especially for those who only follow the mailing list.
Jan 15 23:37:37 <moiso> i know, but presenting it in a short form would be helpful

Next Meeting

Jan 15 23:37:44 <cassidyjames>  So, our next meeting is Jan 29. Is that good with everyone?
Jan 15 23:37:59 <barrydrake>    Hey guys, I'm going to sign off now - unless any of you want to ask anything.  Night night.
Jan 15 23:38:08 <cassidyjames>  Good night barrdrake!
Jan 15 23:38:12 <moiso> 29 is good to me
Jan 15 23:38:12 <cassidyjames>  *barrydrake
Jan 15 23:38:12 <edb>   Bye Barry
Jan 15 23:38:17 <barrydrake>    Night night
Jan 15 23:38:22 <moiso> bye barry
Jan 15 23:38:24 <UndiFineD>     good night
Jan 15 23:38:32 <edb>   29 is as good as any
Jan 15 23:39:05 <cassidyjames>  Okay.
Jan 15 23:39:13 <cassidyjames>  We'll get a time thing up on Doodle again.
Jan 15 23:39:27 <cassidyjames>  Though this time slot worked well for me.
Jan 15 23:39:38 <edb>   Can someone approve me on Launchpad?
Jan 15 23:39:40 <cassidyjames>  Sure
Jan 15 23:40:12 <cassidyjames>  Done.
Jan 15 23:40:13 <cassidyjames>  :)
Jan 15 23:40:44 <cassidyjames>  edb you should be good.
Jan 15 23:40:50 <edb>   Thanks :)  I'll try and chip in where I can. I'm self-employed so my free time waxes and wanes but this does sound like something I'd like to get involved in.
Jan 15 23:40:59 <cassidyjames>  Great!
Jan 15 23:41:01 <moiso> great
Jan 15 23:42:04 <moiso> so 29?
Jan 15 23:42:40 <UndiFineD>     edb: thanks :)
Jan 15 23:42:44 <UndiFineD>     yep

Campaigns (with schools)

Jan 15 23:43:23 <edb>   I just wish I could convince the schools I do ICT contract work for to try Ubuntu...
Jan 15 23:44:13 <UndiFineD>     edb we need to work the government for that, and start from the top, EU
Jan 15 23:44:43 <UndiFineD>     EU is already positive
Jan 15 23:45:00 <cassidyjames>  http://www.doodle.com/7ahfzprwkcqvcuik?newDesign=true
Jan 15 23:45:11 <cassidyjames>  Do those time slots work, or should I add more for voting?
Jan 15 23:45:15 <UndiFineD>     we need to provide them with reason to move the coutries government to move into it
Jan 15 23:45:25 <edb>   In my experience, most schools blame the people who set the curriculum for ICT courses for focusing on Microsoft products.
Jan 15 23:46:10 <Darael>        Well, there's a point there.
Jan 15 23:46:32 <edb>   I know that is the case in the UK but I don't know in others.
Jan 15 23:46:37 <Darael>        It's the people who set the curriculum at the school level that are the problem there, though (as opposed to the governmental one)
Jan 15 23:47:06 <edb>   Well, there are only a few exam boards that would need targeting here in the UK.
Jan 15 23:47:39 <UndiFineD>     well, schools are mostly own by governments, when they switch, then it quickly move down to local area government, and into schools
Jan 15 23:47:55 <moiso> that's why we exist, to increase Ubuntu awareness and then try to make our way tru govement's, schools, etc
Jan 15 23:48:05 <Darael>        Well, even here in the UK it's not really the exam boards - they're actually quite good at phrasing things implementation-agnostically.
Jan 15 23:48:09 <edb>   The spending squeeze presents the perfect opportunity for all this.
Jan 15 23:48:18 <UndiFineD>     that does not change their curriculum yet, but it greatly affects userbase
Jan 15 23:48:37 <mattgriffin>   i added an education focus to the list of campaign ideas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns
Jan 15 23:48:40 <moiso> adb: not quite I think
Jan 15 23:49:14 <moiso> we've seen the free argument is not always as good as we think
Jan 15 23:49:25 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin, I added more times to the poll (so you can tweak your response if you'd like)
Jan 15 23:49:54 <cassidyjames>  I realized 12:00 AM is getting pretty late for you UK folks. :)
Jan 15 23:50:05 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: thanks!
Jan 15 23:50:13 <cassidyjames>  Yup.
Jan 15 23:50:35 <edb>   Fair point. It's just one of many, of course, but if, as one of my schools is faced with, it's a choice between several thousands "upgrading" XP or some other alternative, it certainly does get decision makers interested...
Jan 15 23:50:38 *       UndiFineD has changed the topic to: Ubuntu Advertising -- Website: http://ubuntuadverts.org -- Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-advertising -- Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts -- Respect the CoC! -- Meeting notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Meetings/20110101 -- Meeting time: Sat Jan 29th ?? UTC -- pre-meeting notes: http://openetherpad.org/FT2qeUMiaC -- http://www.doodle.com/7ahfzprwkcqvcuik
Jan 15 23:51:58 <mattgriffin>   i think that does it for this meeting
Jan 15 23:52:21 <moiso> almost 2 hrs :)
Jan 15 23:52:30 <edb>   OK. Nice meeting you all.

Any Other Business

Jan 15 23:52:33 <UndiFineD>     Ok I see some point on media left
Jan 15 23:52:55 <UndiFineD>     anyone interested to take on that team next to matt ?
Jan 15 23:53:08 <UndiFineD>     :)
Jan 15 23:53:38 <edb>   I'd love to say yes but I can't have an open ended commitment at the moment
Jan 15 23:53:52 <UndiFineD>     we understand
Jan 15 23:54:05 <edb>   Would be happy to be on that team though
Jan 15 23:54:41 <UndiFineD>     alright, well then we can close this meeting i think
Jan 15 23:54:49 <mattgriffin>   cool. thanks all!
Jan 15 23:54:59 <edb>   Until next time
Jan 15 23:55:31 <moiso> thx all !!
Jan 15 23:56:07 <UndiFineD>     see you in 2 weeks
Jan 15 23:56:29 <UndiFineD>     dont forget to file your doodle
Jan 15 23:57:06 <UndiFineD>     I think we can close it in ~10 days

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