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Feb 05 21:50:50 <Billynkid>     Hi Guys
Feb 05 21:52:32 <Billynkid>     Doodle seems to be slightly out of wack
Feb 05 21:52:37 <Billynkid>     Evening Barry
Feb 05 21:53:00 <barrydrake>    evening
Feb 05 21:53:40 <UndiFineD>     hello
Feb 05 21:54:03 <barrydrake>    Hi
Feb 05 21:54:42 <Billynkid>     anyone go to fosdem?
Feb 05 22:01:31 <Billynkid>     Shall we begin?
Feb 05 22:02:55 <barrydrake>    would be good to make a start - UndiFineD?
Feb 05 22:03:10 <UndiFineD>     eh yes
Feb 05 22:03:25 <UndiFineD>     god I am always so busy with projects
Feb 05 22:03:41 <barrydrake>    You're in the chair
Feb 05 22:03:51 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: you had some pre-meeting notes ?
Feb 05 22:04:06 <barrydrake>    They are on the etherpad
Feb 05 22:04:14 <UndiFineD>     as the one in topic do not seem appropiate
Feb 05 22:04:33 *       ChanServ gives voice to mattgriffin
Feb 05 22:04:42 <UndiFineD>     hey mattgriffin 
Feb 05 22:04:52 <barrydrake>    Hi there
Feb 05 22:04:59 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake, UndiFineD: hey. sorry i'm late :)
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:00 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     Moises: hi undi
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:01 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     I have an appointment to renew my driver's license at the meeting time today (advert team)
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     5 minuten
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:06 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     ik: ok
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:09 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     :)
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>      
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     Moises: but
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>       
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     I would like to help with the media management
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:10 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     so I'll ask you and the other leaders
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     18 minuten
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:28 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     ik: I will pass it on to matt
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:30 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     Moises: ok thanks
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     9 minuten
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     19:39 
Feb 05 22:05:28 <UndiFineD>     Moises: i sent him a mail
Feb 05 22:05:36 <UndiFineD>     oops
Feb 05 22:07:16 <UndiFineD>     so ... premeeting notes which I have not seen yet
Feb 05 22:09:21 *       mattgriffin reviews pre-meeting notes
Feb 05 22:09:36 <barrydrake>    I'm afraid I put quite a lot of stuff up there - things that have happened since we last met.
Feb 05 22:09:52 <Billynkid>     I misse the last meeting so not sure whats new
Feb 05 22:11:06 <Billynkid>     Well if it includes the stuff since the last meeting lets just push forward and if it's a repeat just duck the topic?
Feb 05 22:12:17 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: is there anything from the pre-meeting notes link to start with? i don't see anything myself
Feb 05 22:12:34 <UndiFineD>     me neither
Feb 05 22:12:49 <UndiFineD>     I have not goten around to do anything :/
Feb 05 22:12:57 <Billynkid>         * Start meeting ;-)
Feb 05 22:13:03 <UndiFineD>     my new job kebt me so busy during the day
Feb 05 22:13:24 <UndiFineD>     and in the evening my spare time has mostly been absorbed by other projects
Feb 05 22:13:52 <barrydrake>    I kind of wonder about the 'restructure' element - there was a lot of discussion but no decisions taken, and I'm totally unsure about expectations on me and others
Feb 05 22:14:45 <barrydrake>    as always, I'm likely to tread on others' toes unless I have guidelines
Feb 05 22:14:48 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: well we would like you take on a more central role, as you are very motivating to get us to work

the process

Feb 05 22:15:05 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ah. cool. 1 todo that i sent out was info on the proposed process
Feb 05 22:15:27 <mattgriffin>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Process
Feb 05 22:15:57 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD, barrydrake: is this something you'd like to discuss now?
Feb 05 22:16:46 <barrydrake>    not especially ...  I fell that all the areas I have been trying to cover - especially the education aspect are important, and I need volunteers to help
Feb 05 22:18:04 <barrydrake>    Ok - I've read the link above.  That clarifies the process
Feb 05 22:18:29 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: a specific focus on aspects of education sounds like one or more campaigns. perhaps thinking about it in those terms could add some structure to specific executions in education
Feb 05 22:18:34 <Billynkid>     Do we need to migrate people from the teams to match the new process
Feb 05 22:18:51 <Billynkid>     i.e. new teams
Feb 05 22:19:33 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: those of us that are in this chat.. probably. those that are on the long list on the UbuntuAdverts wiki page... probably not yet until we need to call on them
Feb 05 22:19:59 <Billynkid>     Ok
Feb 05 22:20:46 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: lots of people at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Process but i'd rather not call on them until we need their specific help with translations, design, etc.
Feb 05 22:20:47 <Billynkid>     Well should we go ahead and document that?


Feb 05 22:21:36 <barrydrake>    mattgrifffin: I agree about education - transition and upgrade from the legacy OS to Ubuntu is the way I see educational needs
Feb 05 22:22:08 <Billynkid>     agreed
Feb 05 22:22:33 <Billynkid>     to give an example. Last week I visited a local IT company who I have been talking to about Ubuntu
Feb 05 22:22:47 <Billynkid>     I gave them a copy of Ubuntu and told them to give it a once over
Feb 05 22:23:06 <Billynkid>     Which they duly did then sold three machines with it pre-installed
Feb 05 22:23:11 <Billynkid>     All going great right.
Feb 05 22:23:24 <Billynkid>     Problem came with machine number 4 when someone wanted a printer
Feb 05 22:23:37 <Billynkid>     so they look on the box and lo and behold nothing about Ubuntu
Feb 05 22:24:15 <Billynkid>     It would be great to have a flyer which outlines some of the bumps in the road maybe
Feb 05 22:24:19 <barrydrake>    Printers and scanners need a penguin on the box
Feb 05 22:25:04 <Billynkid>     luckily most people go for HP which has some of the best support
Feb 05 22:25:22 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool. maybe take a moment and think about a campaign for education - specific goals, what type of media would be good to use (word of mouth, flyers, and/or demos) - to give some structure to the plan ... then write a brief
Feb 05 22:25:46 <barrydrake>    I regard that as part of the education process.  Education prior to upgrading and through the process.  ALL new users need to be encouraged to join their local mailing list.
Feb 05 22:25:47 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: sorry... i think i've gotten everything off of track from the agenda :(
Feb 05 22:26:11 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: I like that
Feb 05 22:27:55 <mattgriffin>   cool. so there will be some campaign started about education and barrydrake will kick that off
Feb 05 22:28:14 <barrydrake>    Billynkid: We need to work with pre-installers to ensure they either give good support or introduce the excellent support our teams are giving.
Feb 05 22:28:26 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: can you add that to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns and maybe start a wiki sub-page?
Feb 05 22:28:31 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: gladly
Feb 05 22:28:35 <mattgriffin>   :)

agenda and schools

Feb 05 22:28:42 <Billynkid>     Well shall we follow the agenda on the board or come up with a new one?
Feb 05 22:28:48 <mattgriffin>   heh
Feb 05 22:29:16 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: agreed they took me little by surprise to be honest
Feb 05 22:29:34 <UndiFineD>     sorry, things to set up and do
Feb 05 22:29:38 <Billynkid>     barrydrake I actively encouraged them though to contact the local lug
Feb 05 22:30:11 <barrydrake>    I've been working with Ed Bernard.  He pre-installs, and gives excellent support, but support HAS to be offered
Feb 05 22:30:52 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: good point. maybe we should come up with a new agenda for today. everyone's looking at http://openetherpad.org/FT2qeUMiaC , right?
Feb 05 22:30:53 <barrydrake>    Yes, be it the supplier or the local LUG it needs to be spelt out
Feb 05 22:31:09 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: would be great to know the roadblocks he has encoutered without obviously trying to get his skills for free
Feb 05 22:31:26 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: this ^^ is the right agenda, yes?
Feb 05 22:31:33 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: yes
Feb 05 22:31:35 <mattgriffin>   ok
Feb 05 22:31:45 <barrydrake>    He's quite open about that, and I've put some stuff up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research
Feb 05 22:33:43 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin: I do not know.. I must say I have been passing on adverts to spend much time on speechcontrol and wintermute
Feb 05 22:34:01 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i know... it's been a busy week :)
Feb 05 22:34:26 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i'll make some updates to the agenda on EtherPad
Feb 05 22:35:03 <UndiFineD>     but my partner hajour is trying to convert the school for our youngest kids to ubuntu, as they cannot afford windows anymore
Feb 05 22:35:30 <Billynkid>     UndiFineD: edubuntu?
Feb 05 22:35:35 <UndiFineD>     yes
Feb 05 22:35:46 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: wow. cool
Feb 05 22:35:48 <UndiFineD>     we may soon see our schools converting to that
Feb 05 22:36:55 <barrydrake>    UndiFineD : I have the beginnings of a training for transition page at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/training
Feb 05 22:37:02 <Billynkid>     cool too we have been trying to push local schools here too
Feb 05 22:37:12 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: that brings to light some interesting motivations for switching - cost, functionality is enough, perhaps some other motivations there ... /me needs to review barrydrake's research
Feb 05 22:37:47 <Billynkid>     q. Are we treading on ubuntu-tour territory?
Feb 05 22:38:18 <UndiFineD>     well, it is entirely possible to convert schools, they can by gov demand get a support subscription from canonical .. hmmm mattgriffin ?
Feb 05 22:38:21 <Billynkid>     that is with the training an all
Feb 05 22:38:34 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: :)
Feb 05 22:38:56 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: keep an eye open with regard to the meeting I mentioned : http://ossg.bcs.org/
Feb 05 22:39:51 <barrydrake>    Oh .... it seems to be down at the moment.  Details are on the etherpad page though


Feb 05 22:39:58 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: ubuntu-tour ... one of the executions of the education campaign could promote what they're doing at Ubuntu Tour ... so perhaps some overlap but i think we would take the role of publicizing their work to a large audience
Feb 05 22:40:38 *       mattgriffin checks ossg.bcs.org
Feb 05 22:41:58 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: I would be good if you could get along to the meetings.
Feb 05 22:42:10 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: nothing coming up for me at that address
Feb 05 22:42:52 <UndiFineD>     ubuntu-tour would need a lot of work done
Feb 05 22:43:02 <barrydrake>    It seems to be broken - was OK earlier on.  But I've copied the details from the e-mail I had onto the etherpad page
Feb 05 22:43:10 <UndiFineD>     as they are basically waiting for alpha 3
Feb 05 22:43:40 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: that's a good point. perhaps letting things settle a bit more in unity
Feb 05 22:43:52 <Billynkid>     UndiFined: true
Feb 05 22:43:58 <barrydrake>    I can't even test alpha2 because of a problem with the nouveau video driver
Feb 05 22:44:24 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: I am sure in a couple of days such would get fixed
Feb 05 22:44:45 <barrydrake>    it's bee there since I first looked at alpha 1
Feb 05 22:45:12 <barrydrake>    nouveau breaks compiz

education campaign

Feb 05 22:46:16 <mattgriffin>   :) so back to the agenda (just updated a bit) ... we know that we want to do some campaign around education. barrydrake will get that started. i think we also want to do a campaign showing off how cool Ubuntu is (goal must be more specific) with the movie advert that started this team...
Feb 05 22:46:53 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin - take a look at line 109 ff in the etherpad FT2qeUMiaC for details of the government plans
Feb 05 22:46:59 <mattgriffin>   we probably also want to do a campaign around all of the cool stuff in 11.04 to hopefully coincide with the 11.04 launch
Feb 05 22:47:08 *       mattgriffin checks
Feb 05 22:47:59 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: interesting. is there more info at the link you sent me?
Feb 05 22:48:42 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/1234 might be able to fire off an email to one of the addresses listed about the site being down
Feb 05 22:48:53 <barrydrake>    a little ... if it gets working again.  I have a conspiracy theory about U know Who
Feb 05 22:49:54 <mattgriffin>   so does a second campaign around the 11.04 launch sound like a good idea to you guys? right now, i'd say the goal would be to grow awareness of the main new features in 11.04 but we could come up with something more specific
Feb 05 22:50:59 <barrydrake>    I'd like to see the launch delayed until 11.04 has been out there for a month or two, just in case there are nasty problems
Feb 05 22:52:07 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: Never stopped windows ;-)
Feb 05 22:52:37 <barrydrake>    I'm more interested in emphasizin the positive advantages of Ubuntu rather than version specific stuff.  The other firm go in for version specific promotion, and we know where that's got them.
Feb 05 22:53:16 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: also agreed and why can't we do that now?
Feb 05 22:53:46 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: or alongside Natty's launch when the press hype will be hot
Feb 05 22:53:58 <barrydrake>    we can - but if we're campaigning on the coattails of Natty, we need to be sure of it
Feb 05 22:55:56 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: so i like the idea of increasing the awareness of the advantages of Ubuntu. i don't want to avoid promoting the features introduced and enhanced in 11.04 though... i can see multiple creative executions as part of this campaign over time ... near releases and off-cycle as well
Feb 05 22:56:33 <hakimsheriff>  did the meeting finnish?
Feb 05 22:56:42 <UndiFineD>     hakimsheriff: no not yet
Feb 05 22:56:47 <Billynkid>     hakimsheriff
Feb 05 22:56:48 <UndiFineD>     welcome
Feb 05 22:56:51 <Billynkid>     no
Feb 05 22:56:55 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin: yes, but I favour targeting mainly the dis-enchanted Windows user
Feb 05 22:57:07 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin: i agree, good one barrydrake 
Feb 05 22:57:11 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool. i updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns#In-progress with some of this info
Feb 05 22:57:36 <UndiFineD>     both in between releases and on releases we can promote the good stuff
Feb 05 22:59:51 <Billynkid>     ok next item?

role media lead

Feb 05 22:59:57 <mattgriffin>   i think these two campaigns are a great start and something we can start to dig into. want to move on to line 17 of the agenda?
Feb 05 22:59:58 <barrydrake>    Hmmm ...  just took a look at the http://www.bcs.org/ homepage.  Our meeting seems to have disappeared.  I have an e-mail confirming my booking.  Maybe they have a nearly full meeting.  mattgriffin: still think if you can you should try and go
Feb 05 23:00:30 <barrydrake>    media leader, someone volunteered earlier on
Feb 05 23:00:58 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: Moises i think
Feb 05 23:01:46 <barrydrake>    no -  it was UndiFineD
Feb 05 23:02:34 <mattgriffin>   oh. cool. i think moises volunteered to help with our social networking activities.
Feb 05 23:03:08 <UndiFineD>     I am already in over my head with projects
Feb 05 23:03:19 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: heh. ok
Feb 05 23:03:35 <UndiFineD>     as I was unemployed, I could do all that, but now ..
Feb 05 23:03:57 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: :)
Feb 05 23:04:20 <mattgriffin>   i don't think it's vital for us to have a media leader for now....
Feb 05 23:04:26 <barrydrake>    I agree

advertising mediums

Feb 05 23:05:05 <barrydrake>    I think we could maybe skip to 24
Feb 05 23:05:07 <mattgriffin>   amongst ourselves we can probably advise on the right mediums to use (website, flyers, social networks, etc.) for adverts
Feb 05 23:05:10 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 05 23:06:12 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: line 24 looks like the agenda from last time
Feb 05 23:06:30 <barrydrake>    It was - but was it resolved?
Feb 05 23:07:06 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: should be. does anyone have any questions about the new teams and us acting more like an advertising agency?
Feb 05 23:07:45 <mattgriffin>   if not, we can move forward
Feb 05 23:07:47 <barrydrake>    Not really, but if we have a group of team leaders, they should be meeting quite regularly
Feb 05 23:08:53 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: good point. so a leaders meeting ... maybe we should rundown the list of leaders to make sure we're all clear on who they are (make sure i'm clear :)
Feb 05 23:09:19 <barrydrake>    Yes please!
Feb 05 23:09:21 <mattgriffin>   planning - barrydrake, right?
Feb 05 23:09:25 <Billynkid>     Can we also update the website too
Feb 05 23:09:26 <barrydrake>    OK
Feb 05 23:09:33 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: yes
Feb 05 23:09:38 <mattgriffin>   creative - me?
Feb 05 23:09:41 <mattgriffin>   ;_
Feb 05 23:09:43 <mattgriffin>   ;)
Feb 05 23:09:46 <Billynkid>     ;-)
Feb 05 23:09:58 <mattgriffin>   media - tbd
Feb 05 23:10:00 <Billynkid>     I think that should be creative moi?
Feb 05 23:10:11 <barrydrake>    mattgriffin:  We're ALL creative on this channel
Feb 05 23:10:22 <Billynkid>     barrydrake: and off it
Feb 05 23:10:30 <barrydrake>    Yes
Feb 05 23:10:37 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: that is true :)

canonical advertising

Feb 05 23:10:55 <mattgriffin>   so cassidy isn't here. anyone seen him around?
Feb 05 23:11:21 <barrydrake>    No.  I had a chat with him last week and expected to see him here
Feb 05 23:11:22 <Billynkid>     nope
Feb 05 23:11:27 <mattgriffin>   ok
Feb 05 23:11:36 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin: yes I talked to him on google a couple of times
Feb 05 23:12:24 <mattgriffin>   ok
Feb 05 23:12:53 <UndiFineD>     he linked me this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/canonical-to-spend-on-advertising-ubuntu-one-sdk-coming-more-from-udd/
Feb 05 23:13:16 <barrydrake>    Yes, I got that too
Feb 05 23:13:34 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: yeah... that's the first i've heard about canonical spending on advertising... not sure where that came from
Feb 05 23:13:51 <barrydrake>    Canonical should!!!!!
Feb 05 23:13:56 <Billynkid>     Saw that too
Feb 05 23:14:26 <UndiFineD>     amazing you did not know mattgriffin 
Feb 05 23:14:29 <Billynkid>     matt can you confirm with upper mgmt? ;-)
Feb 05 23:14:54 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: so we'll have a leaders meeting. i'll ping cassidy about joining.
Feb 05 23:15:01 <barrydrake>    Please
Feb 05 23:15:32 <Billynkid>     was from a dev day in bangalore, might need clarification
Feb 05 23:16:26 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: gotcha
Feb 05 23:17:16 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: yeah. i don't think it's very clear... my guess is that the advertising will be developer-focused b/c that was the topic of discussion at the event
Feb 05 23:17:40 <Billynkid>     hmm just going through the omgubuntu comments and spotted this
Feb 05 23:17:52 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: did we cover the items past line 28 last time?
Feb 05 23:17:53 <Billynkid>     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SQoF24ozJw
Feb 05 23:18:32 <barrydrake>    not all of them, no, but there isn't a lot to say
Feb 05 23:19:04 <barrydrake>    Just wondered if we might crack on - I don't do late
Feb 05 23:19:08 *       Notify: phillw is online (brown.freenode.net).
Feb 05 23:19:10 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: np
Feb 05 23:19:39 <mattgriffin>   nothing to report for Creative (line 43)
Feb 05 23:20:04 <mattgriffin>   i think i need to touch base with cassidyjames about a few things (icons for social networks and line 64)
Feb 05 23:20:23 <barrydrake>    Indeed!
Feb 05 23:20:48 <mattgriffin>   cool. so i think that's it...

next meeting

Feb 05 23:21:19 <mattgriffin>   shall we meet again at the same time in 2 weeks (19 Feb)?
Feb 05 23:21:28 <UndiFineD>     yup
Feb 05 23:21:42 <UndiFineD>     and the leaders meeting next week ?
Feb 05 23:21:49 <Billynkid>     who'll throw up a new pad?
Feb 05 23:22:02 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: yeah. i'll set it up
Feb 05 23:22:20 <UndiFineD>     that would be in #ubuntu-adverts-leaders 
Feb 05 23:22:22 <barrydrake>    I'll have to chech - but let's use the doodle vote just in case.  I'm going for my calendar .... hang on
Feb 05 23:22:31 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool
Feb 05 23:22:44 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: can you setup the doodlevote page
Feb 05 23:23:04 <UndiFineD>     most often it is either 21.00 or 22.00 people can meet
Feb 05 23:23:17 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: can you throw up (yuck) the new pad and update the irc channel message with the new link?
Feb 05 23:23:27 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: then we can start to add items to the agenda
Feb 05 23:23:52 <barrydrake>    Can do Feb 19th.


Feb 05 23:23:53 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: can you also add info to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns#In-progress about the first campaign (education) please :)
Feb 05 23:24:01 <barrydrake>    OK
Feb 05 23:24:06 <mattgriffin>   super
Feb 05 23:24:17 <Billynkid>     matt: I'll give it a shot
Feb 05 23:24:56 <Billynkid>     I'm also going to try and contact the author of that ubuntu video it's amazing
Feb 05 23:25:01 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: cool :)
Feb 05 23:25:26 <barrydrake>    Can Undi post the URL for this meeting log tomorrow please?
Feb 05 23:25:34 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: was there a specific area at http://www.bcs.org/ that you wanted me to look at?
Feb 05 23:25:47 <Billynkid>     that would be helpful for the new pad
Feb 05 23:25:52 <UndiFineD>     yup will do
Feb 05 23:26:48 <barrydrake>    No.  Check out the details I posted below line 110 on the etherpad.  You'll find all the details and an e-mail to register.
Feb 05 23:27:24 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool. thanks!
Feb 05 23:28:05 <barrydrake>    If you come to the next one, I'll see you there.  In March I'm in Vegas, else I'd be ther.
Feb 05 23:28:29 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: i won't be in london then but will forward to colleagues at canonical to check it out
Feb 05 23:28:36 <barrydrake>    Please

end meeting

Feb 05 23:28:49 <mattgriffin>   :)
Feb 05 23:29:12 <mattgriffin>   i think we're done :) thanks everyone!
Feb 05 23:29:40 <mattgriffin>   have a great night
Feb 05 23:29:48 <barrydrake>    before you all go, anyone heard form Dante?
Feb 05 23:29:56 <mattgriffin>   no i haven't
Feb 05 23:30:06 <barrydrake>    I miss him
Feb 05 23:30:39 <mattgriffin>   i think i saw him post a comment somewhere recently (maybe omgubuntu)
Feb 05 23:30:47 <UndiFineD>     yes Dante is ok for now
Feb 05 23:30:55 <barrydrake>    good
Feb 05 23:31:26 <UndiFineD>     wintermute is active which will serve as AI for SpeechControl
Feb 05 23:31:59 <barrydrake>    Ahh  - Dante's happy in that environment

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