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Feb 12 22:00:23 <mattgriffin>   ready to chat?
Feb 12 22:00:31 <barrydrake>    Hi everyone
Feb 12 22:00:55 <mattgriffin>   agenda: http://openetherpad.org/CWEOqS9RlF
Feb 12 22:00:59 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ready to go?
Feb 12 22:01:19 <UndiFineD>     yup

Team Leads

Feb 12 22:01:51 <mattgriffin>   cool. let's start with #1
Feb 12 22:01:58 <mattgriffin>   team leads :)
Feb 12 22:02:08 <mattgriffin>   just want to be clear on this
Feb 12 22:02:14 <mattgriffin>   we don't need a Media lead at the moment
Feb 12 22:02:31 <mattgriffin>   the leads are you guys, me, and cassidy, right?
Feb 12 22:02:41 <barrydrake>    OK
Feb 12 22:03:00 <UndiFineD>     yes
Feb 12 22:03:32 <mattgriffin>   now the groups that they lead are Planning - barrydrake?; Creative - me?; Media - TBD... perhaps we should have 2 leads per group?
Feb 12 22:03:54 <mattgriffin>   so barrydrake and UndiFineD can take Planning and Cassidy and I can take Creative?
Feb 12 22:04:14 <barrydrake>    Ok with me
Feb 12 22:04:33 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: sound good to you?
Feb 12 22:04:35 <UndiFineD>     yeah
Feb 12 22:04:38 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 22:04:40 <mattgriffin>   done :)
Feb 12 22:04:54 <mattgriffin>   let me just note that in the meeting notes... 1 moment please

Current Campaigns

Feb 12 22:05:42 <mattgriffin>   ok. #2. current campaigns.
Feb 12 22:05:48 <mattgriffin>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns#In-progress
Feb 12 22:06:36 <mattgriffin>   so there are 2 efforts at the moment if you will. at future meetings, we could talk about if there are other ideas for additional campaigns but lets just focus on the 2 for now
Feb 12 22:06:59 <mattgriffin>   campaign 1 - Education
Feb 12 22:07:17 <UndiFineD>     barry had a nice one about that this morning :)
Feb 12 22:07:26 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake has written some more detail on the purpose for this campaign
Feb 12 22:07:26 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 22:07:36 <barrydrake>    Matt: I think you and I may have different perspectives on education.
Feb 12 22:08:03 <barrydrake>    Educatin the educators really wants adding to my list
Feb 12 22:08:22 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: sorry. i don't understand.
Feb 12 22:08:43 <barrydrake>    Grow interest in Ubuntu among decision makers and users in education
Feb 12 22:08:55 <UndiFineD>     I think barry means, teach our community to promote to increase the community
Feb 12 22:09:07 <barrydrake>    Yes
Feb 12 22:09:16 <mattgriffin>   ah. i see
Feb 12 22:09:26 <UndiFineD>     so more classrooms ?
Feb 12 22:09:43 <UndiFineD>     there is UDW comming
Feb 12 22:09:45 <barrydrake>    The  "Grow interest in Ubuntu among decision makers and users in education" bit is on top of what I'd put down so far
Feb 12 22:09:46 <UndiFineD>     coming
Feb 12 22:09:58 <mattgriffin>   hmm
Feb 12 22:10:29 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: is that what you've captured at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/education ?
Feb 12 22:10:40 *       mattgriffin re-reads
Feb 12 22:10:40 <UndiFineD>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
Feb 12 22:10:53 <barrydrake>    matt: yes
Feb 12 22:10:59 <mattgriffin>   gotcha
Feb 12 22:11:08 <UndiFineD>     I prepared a 5 min promotion for SpeechControl
Feb 12 22:11:40 <UndiFineD>     maybe barry can do so for promotion
Feb 12 22:11:54 <barrydrake>    Could do ....
Feb 12 22:12:00 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: i think it needs a little bit more to the purpose. is there anything measurable... like increasing searches for 'ubuntu' on google or visits to www.ubuntu.com ?
Feb 12 22:12:40 <mattgriffin>   i realize we can't measure the actual # of people that transition to Ubuntu but something that we would use to know if this is a successful or unsuccessful campaign
Feb 12 22:12:57 *       mattgriffin always has trouble with the 'measurable' aspect of goal setting
Feb 12 22:13:10 <barrydrake>    Not so far.  I think the best successes I have seen are from personal contact.  Educating community members to interact with non-geeks seems to be necessary
Feb 12 22:14:14 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: what if we broke this up into multiple capaigns
Feb 12 22:14:28 <mattgriffin>   essentially having 1 campaign for each of your points at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/education
Feb 12 22:14:33 <mattgriffin>   s/points/parts
Feb 12 22:14:38 <barrydrake>    It needs to be multiple
Feb 12 22:14:43 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 22:15:53 <barrydrake>    I feel excited that PC Pro felt able to do what it dis
Feb 12 22:16:19 <barrydrake>    Also, Click on BBC news tonight said not to be afraid of Linux!
Feb 12 22:16:26 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: yeah. i read the results of their Ubuntu day.
Feb 12 22:16:58 <mattgriffin>   yeah. i've got to figure out a way to watch that Click episode from the US
Feb 12 22:17:09 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: so let's do that.... we'll break this into 3 campaigns. i think the first is at a good point to start writing a creative brief
Feb 12 22:17:41 <barrydrake>    It was offline - came back around 8.30 at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006m9ry
Feb 12 22:18:00 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ok.
Feb 12 22:18:58 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: let's forget about my second campaign ("increase awareness of the positive ... ") at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns#In-progress
Feb 12 22:19:01 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin: does canonical monitor the websites better than google analytics ?
Feb 12 22:19:08 <UndiFineD>     like: what if we broke this up into multiple campaigns
Feb 12 22:19:11 <barrydrake>    The first campaign is happening already I think ....
Feb 12 22:19:11 <mattgriffin>   we already have some good stuff from your education wiki page
Feb 12 22:19:22 <UndiFineD>     http://sitelogiq.com/ubuntu.com
Feb 12 22:19:36 <mattgriffin>   heh
Feb 12 22:20:26 <UndiFineD>     you see, when people are linked from another page to ubuntu.com, you can see its effect on total pageviews
Feb 12 22:20:56 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: canonical uses google analytics to track visitors to all of the sites
Feb 12 22:21:18 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: was your last message "The first campaign is happening already I think ...."
Feb 12 22:21:19 <mattgriffin>   ?
Feb 12 22:21:36 <barrydrake>    Yes
Feb 12 22:22:37 <barrydrake>    I'm thinking that the work that has been done so far is bringing results like PC Pro and Click to take more interest
Feb 12 22:23:20 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: gotcha. i think it's a big goal and any activities toward accomplishing it would be positive
Feb 12 22:23:44 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: and there's more that we could contribute toward that end
Feb 12 22:24:02 <barrydrake>    We need to look to the community to go out with a marketing head on
Feb 12 22:24:15 <barrydrake>    And that means educating them
Feb 12 22:24:34 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: yes. and advising them on what are the most resonating things to convey to the target
Feb 12 22:24:47 <UndiFineD>     the 100 users project being one which might new attention
Feb 12 22:25:02 <mattgriffin>   in other words, not 'your OS sucks and drinks your blood'
Feb 12 22:25:42 <UndiFineD>     what will them shutup and listen :p
Feb 12 22:25:51 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: but you already have some great research findings in that area :)
Feb 12 22:25:54 <barrydrake>    And what NOT to do.  I'm not up to doing this, but a YouTube video of an insufferable geek trying to kill off any interest a Windows user might have ...  I might script that
Feb 12 22:25:56 <UndiFineD>     hmmm, me and missing words tonight
Feb 12 22:26:09 <mattgriffin>   hehe
Feb 12 22:26:39 <mattgriffin>   well i think the first campaign is to the point of being ready for the creative brief writing step
Feb 12 22:26:51 <barrydrake>    Yes
Feb 12 22:27:07 <barrydrake>    That's you and Cassidy
Feb 12 22:28:06 <mattgriffin>   i can certainly help but i'd prefer if the brief writing was done by the people that know the most about the consumer research - the planning team ;)
Feb 12 22:28:13 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: are you okay with that?
Feb 12 22:28:24 <barrydrake>    Yes ....
Feb 12 22:29:10 <mattgriffin>   yes but? or just yes?
Feb 12 22:29:20 <barrydrake>    Yes, fine.
Feb 12 22:29:25 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 22:29:38 <mattgriffin>   so the second campaign...
Feb 12 22:30:00 <mattgriffin>   how about the second one on barrydrake's list: "Educating Windows users in their transition period after upgrading to Ubuntu"
Feb 12 22:30:10 <mattgriffin>   good compliment to the first campaign
Feb 12 22:30:31 <barrydrake>    That's the stuff I'm working on under the training section
Feb 12 22:30:51 <UndiFineD>     do you feel we have the collection of all positive aspects ?
Feb 12 22:31:32 <barrydrake>    Training: Hoping we can use the material as part of an online course with regular IRC tutorials
Feb 12 22:31:33 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ah cool. sounds like there's a lot of stuff available but not very well organized
Feb 12 22:31:43 <barrydrake>    Not yet
Feb 12 22:32:18 <barrydrake>    It's at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/training
Feb 12 22:33:36 <barrydrake>    As you can see, it is not far on yet!  Need help.
Feb 12 22:33:40 <mattgriffin>   i wonder if what would resonate with the target of the first campaign would truly be training with modules. it might be too much for them to swallow.
Feb 12 22:34:06 <mattgriffin>   perhaps some bite-size training might be more effective
Feb 12 22:34:34 <mattgriffin>   like looking at the comments from the PC Pro results... looks like Evolution caused a lot of the problems but they figured out a lot of the rest
Feb 12 22:35:04 <mattgriffin>   maybe those tasks that they talked about might be good bite-size bits of training that would be more welcoming to new users
Feb 12 22:35:18 <barrydrake>    Training: Maybe once they are on line with Ubuntu, it will give them what they need.  Before that, the beginners Q&A stuff wants looking at.
Feb 12 22:35:26 <mattgriffin>   e.g., "Evolution in 5 easy steps"
Feb 12 22:36:04 <barrydrake>    I think they'd have found thunderbird much easier than Evolution - but Yes training for Evolution required
Feb 12 22:36:13 <UndiFineD>     barrydrake: did you look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDaysTeam/maverick ?
Feb 12 22:36:41 <barrydrake>    The big problem PC Pro had was synching with their cloud.
Feb 12 22:36:42 <UndiFineD>     cprofitt (charles) gave Switching from Windows
Feb 12 22:37:21 <mattgriffin>   i think bite-size training should be the focus of the campaign 2... i think that matches with the target that may be trying Ubuntu for the first time from a burned CD.
Feb 12 22:37:49 <barrydrake>    Undi ... just looked at your link.  I'll study that.
Feb 12 22:38:03 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin: would that we suitable work to be integrated with ubuntu-tour ?
Feb 12 22:38:27 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: in my mind, i think it falls between ubuntu-tour and full documentation
Feb 12 22:38:57 <UndiFineD>     I helped on the -manual
Feb 12 22:39:24 <mattgriffin>   where ubuntu-tour would inform me that an application exists and docs would specify how to use every single feature... this campaign would result in how to do x, y, and z ... each in 5 steps
Feb 12 22:39:48 <mattgriffin>   something that might fit into a 2 min video or on a small pamphlet
Feb 12 22:40:07 <barrydrake>    The docs are not suitable for transition from Windows, so yes.
Feb 12 22:41:06 <mattgriffin>   and it may need to pay homage to the user's existing Win knowledge... showing that in windows you did A ... in Ubuntu you accomplish the same thing with B
Feb 12 22:41:17 <barrydrake>    Agreed
Feb 12 22:41:37 <UndiFineD>     that would be hard for me to write
Feb 12 22:41:46 <mattgriffin>   heh :)
Feb 12 22:41:50 <mattgriffin>   me too ;)
Feb 12 22:41:52 <UndiFineD>     ... I have not used windows in a long time
Feb 12 22:42:05 <mattgriffin>   so let's redefine the purpose of campaign 2 to fit that a bit better. i can take a stab at that
Feb 12 22:42:11 <barrydrake>    I probably could, but my knowledge of Windows stops with XP
Feb 12 22:42:24 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: is campaign 2 something you could lead the Planning for?
Feb 12 22:42:54 <UndiFineD>     yes i think so
Feb 12 22:43:03 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool


Feb 12 22:43:23 <mattgriffin>   so let's move on to #3 in the agenda. ok?
Feb 12 22:43:29 <barrydrake>    OK
Feb 12 22:43:59 <mattgriffin>   milestones :)
Feb 12 22:44:24 <mattgriffin>   how about setting a milestone for barrydrake's creative brief for campaign 1
Feb 12 22:44:47 <mattgriffin>   for the deliverable date
Feb 12 22:44:57 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: what sounds reasonable to you?
Feb 12 22:45:26 <barrydrake>    I have a busy week, but I'll go for doing it before next Saturday
Feb 12 22:45:38 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ok. cool
Feb 12 22:47:20 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i can update the purpose of campaign 2 today. when do you want to deliver your creative brief?
Feb 12 22:47:46 <barrydrake>    Undi's 'simple guides' need to cover only the main things Windows users will need to start - Internet, e-mail office etc etc
Feb 12 22:47:54 <mattgriffin>   +1
Feb 12 22:48:00 *       Notify: MrChrisDruif is online (Ubuntu Servers).
Feb 12 22:48:08 <UndiFineD>     I can get something done tomorrow, the rest of the week I am working and have no time
Feb 12 22:48:15 <mattgriffin>   the PC Pro results from each employee is a great start of identifying those processes
Feb 12 22:48:28 <barrydrake>    Great
Feb 12 22:48:35 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: np. want to target March 5?
Feb 12 22:48:50 <mattgriffin>   or Feb 26?
Feb 12 22:48:52 <UndiFineD>     yes, that seems doable
Feb 12 22:49:00 <mattgriffin>   which
Feb 12 22:49:15 <UndiFineD>     feb 26 is too soon for me maybe
Feb 12 22:49:19 <barrydrake>    Ought to mention I'm in Vegas from 1st to 8th March and don't know what time or access I'll have
Feb 12 22:49:19 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 22:49:24 <UndiFineD>     I am involvled in so many projects :)
Feb 12 22:49:35 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: omg... that's a long time to be in vegas!
Feb 12 22:49:54 <barrydrake>    I have an ancient Aunt there
Feb 12 22:49:56 <mattgriffin>   you might have to rent a car and get out of town for a few hours
Feb 12 22:50:01 <mattgriffin>   ah :)
Feb 12 22:50:10 <barrydrake>    Indeed.  I hate Vegas
Feb 12 22:50:17 <mattgriffin>   haha
Feb 12 22:50:30 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ok... target is March 5
Feb 12 22:51:41 <mattgriffin>   so do we need a project manager for the team now?
Feb 12 22:51:55 <UndiFineD>     for ?
Feb 12 22:52:32 <mattgriffin>   ensuring that we're meeting milestones?
Feb 12 22:52:55 <UndiFineD>     no, I could use a secretary though :P
Feb 12 22:53:22 <mattgriffin>   :) ok ... no project manager
Feb 12 22:53:32 <barrydrake>    I thought Cassidy fitted into the main leadership role, but don't see much of him
Feb 12 22:53:57 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: yeah. me neither. i'll try to catch up with him about that and item #4
Feb 12 22:54:00 <mattgriffin>   on the agenda
Feb 12 22:54:15 <UndiFineD>     I have not heard from him at all
Feb 12 22:54:27 <UndiFineD>     and he is on my gmail
Feb 12 22:54:30 <UndiFineD>     gtalk
Feb 12 22:54:57 <mattgriffin>   i'll stalk him

Next Meeting

Feb 12 22:55:31 <mattgriffin>   so agenda item #5
Feb 12 22:55:54 <mattgriffin>   i've added a few items to this list. what else needs to be added to the agenda for next week's meeting?
Feb 12 22:56:33 <barrydrake>    I'll do a bit of tidying, but I'm not sure about some of the older items.  Matt - can you strip those out?
Feb 12 22:57:02 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: yeah. there are probably some old items to add but a lot to throw away
Feb 12 22:57:31 <barrydrake>    Teams and leadership, with request to find folk to help in each area
Feb 12 22:57:39 <mattgriffin>   old agenda - http://openetherpad.org/FT2qeUMiaC
Feb 12 22:58:11 <UndiFineD>     I suggest to start with a new one and only copy what is important
Feb 12 22:58:24 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: +1
Feb 12 22:58:39 <barrydrake>    Would be good
Feb 12 22:58:54 <mattgriffin>   http://openetherpad.org/NvKm7neE1A
Feb 12 22:59:09 <UndiFineD>     including what is needed from todays
Feb 12 23:01:33 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: not sure what you mean
Feb 12 23:01:43 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ah
Feb 12 23:01:47 <mattgriffin>   i understand :)
Feb 12 23:01:55 <UndiFineD>     :)
Feb 12 23:02:51 <UndiFineD>     depending on popularity / votes I might get a more frontal position in UBT and the dutch loco
Feb 12 23:03:45 <barrydrake>    I have a few members of our loco talking to manufacturers and stores
Feb 12 23:03:49 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool
Feb 12 23:05:43 <barrydrake>    One of the manufacturer's I've bee working towards is now getting it's forums bombarded by folk from the loco asking the right questions!
Feb 12 23:05:53 <mattgriffin>   haha... nice!
Feb 12 23:06:56 <barrydrake>    For me this is a learning curve.  What works?  What doesn't?
Feb 12 23:07:38 <UndiFineD>     well, I think it is also great for them suddenly see an interest from the community
Feb 12 23:08:00 <barrydrake>    It will make a difference.  It's just a casr
Feb 12 23:08:22 <barrydrake>    sorry, case of someone coordinating the effort
Feb 12 23:09:49 <mattgriffin>   ok. any other things you'd add to the agenda for next week's meeting?
Feb 12 23:10:42 <UndiFineD>     hmmm, I cant think of any
Feb 12 23:10:47 <barrydrake>    If I think of anything later I'll put it up there.  Seems OK to me
Feb 12 23:10:51 <mattgriffin>   cool
Feb 12 23:10:54 <UndiFineD>     probably due to 4 meetings tonight
Feb 12 23:10:58 <mattgriffin>   haha
Feb 12 23:11:05 <mattgriffin>   dedicated :)

Cleaning up the Wiki

Feb 12 23:11:12 <mattgriffin>   ok... #6
Feb 12 23:11:19 <UndiFineD>     saturday evening is always fully booked
Feb 12 23:11:46 <mattgriffin>   if you guys don't mind, i'd like to do a bit of clean/re-org to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/
Feb 12 23:12:09 <mattgriffin>   okay with you?
Feb 12 23:12:23 <barrydrake>    Cleanup - I'd be worried about getting rid of stuff I shouldn't  -  Ok if you do it.
Feb 12 23:12:28 <UndiFineD>     yeah what would you like to do with it
Feb 12 23:13:27 <mattgriffin>   less deleting stuff ... more about how the links to the sub-pages are displayed ... and reducing the size of the "Ubuntu Advertising Team" image ;)
Feb 12 23:13:49 <barrydrake>    I think the front page is the main thing that needs a complete makeover.  Much of the linked pages are OK
Feb 12 23:14:00 <mattgriffin>   yeah
Feb 12 23:14:16 <UndiFineD>     we could use a nice header like UBT has
Feb 12 23:14:38 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: yeah. i can make one of those. i'm pretty good with MoinMoin
Feb 12 23:14:58 <UndiFineD>     alright, but show me how, Id like to learn that
Feb 12 23:15:16 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. will do
Feb 12 23:15:36 <barrydrake>    When you go through the links, put me to work on any text that wants tidying
Feb 12 23:15:49 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: ok
Feb 12 23:17:08 <mattgriffin>   final item. barrydrake: i passed along the bcs.org info to my colleagues at Canonical
Feb 12 23:17:42 <barrydrake>    Great.  I thing the second meeting is quite important.  Any chance of someone going?
Feb 12 23:17:44 <mattgriffin>   Canonical's head of Legal is aware of the org and i think has some participation. thanks for passing along
Feb 12 23:18:29 <mattgriffin>   not sure if someone specifically will be in attendance but they're aware of the event
Feb 12 23:18:58 <barrydrake>    This is where we need someone from each loco passing on info so we know what's happening
Feb 12 23:19:01 <mattgriffin>   they might be there... to be honest, i accidentally deleted the response from our head of Legal :(
Feb 12 23:19:23 <UndiFineD>     heh
Feb 12 23:20:27 <barrydrake>    Ah well, think I'm going to say g'night folk.
Feb 12 23:20:33 *       mattgriffin searches my email 1 more time
Feb 12 23:21:37 <mattgriffin>   ok... that's all. thanks guys. have a great rest of your weekend and see you next week
Feb 12 23:21:49 <UndiFineD>     thanks matt and barry
Feb 12 23:21:51 <barrydrake>    G'night all
Feb 12 23:22:00 <mattgriffin>   night :)
Feb 12 23:22:46 <mattgriffin>   fyi... i'm updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Meetings with info about our next meeting
Feb 12 23:22:54 <mattgriffin>   :)
Feb 12 23:26:23 <mattgriffin>   is there a website that keeps a lot of the chats in this room?
Feb 12 23:27:58 <UndiFineD>     no I have personal logs that I convert
Feb 12 23:28:05 <UndiFineD>     xchat
Feb 12 23:28:06 <mattgriffin>   ok
Feb 12 23:28:36 <UndiFineD>     want tonights up there ?
Feb 12 23:29:12 <mattgriffin>   nah. i was going to send it to cassidy
Feb 12 23:29:39 <mattgriffin>   can you export as a .txt and send it out to barry, me and cassidy?
Feb 12 23:30:13 <UndiFineD>     yeah
Feb 12 23:30:22 <mattgriffin>   well maybe put it up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Meetings
Feb 12 23:30:28 <UndiFineD>     I resized the image :P
Feb 12 23:30:29 <mattgriffin>   might as well share with everyone
Feb 12 23:30:39 <mattgriffin>   hooray!
Feb 12 23:30:46 <UndiFineD>     there is nothing secret or painful
Feb 12 23:31:04 <UndiFineD>     i think it could be a bit bigger
Feb 12 23:31:46 <mattgriffin>   cool

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