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<barrydrake> Hi Matt and everyone
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: still there?
<mattgriffin> :)
<barrydrake> yep
<mattgriffin> cool.
<mattgriffin> the agenda is at http://openetherpad.org/NvKm7neE1A
<mattgriffin> was Uni going to make it?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: i sent cassidy an email but never got a reply
<barrydrake> Ah! shame
<mattgriffin> we can keep on moving forward for now. we had overlap between me and him on the Creative team so we're okay-ish
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: you there?
<barrydrake> Might need to ping him
<UndiFineD> sorry, I am speechcontrol meeting
<UndiFineD> and after that wintermute meeting
<mattgriffin> ah. np
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: do you want to reschedule or should we go ahead?
<UndiFineD> go ahead
<mattgriffin> cool
<UndiFineD> and you can ping me for a q
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ok
* UndiFineD gives channel operator status to mattgriffin barrydrake
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: ready to start?
<barrydrake> yes
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. let's start with campaign 1 and review your creative brief
<barrydrake> I saw your comments about the creative brief.  I've added a sentence to the 'target', but it may need more thought
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: did you see my comments in the email earlier today?
<mattgriffin> cool
<mattgriffin> ok
* mattgriffin checks out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/creative_brief_a
<mattgriffin> so the initial target is normal consumer computer users. we're not focusing on any business-class users, right?
<mattgriffin> any specific geographies or target language?
<barrydrake> I think that is the aim of the first campaign.  Geographies wherever we can motivate the target.
<mattgriffin> let's lock down the parameters for now to an English speaking audience, ok?
<barrydrake> Corporat users are a different targe, and need to be fostered in a very different way.  English for now, yes
<mattgriffin> cool
<mattgriffin> do you want me to update the brief or can you?
<barrydrake> I think you could usefully have some input into it.  I've fleshed it out as much as I could for now
<mattgriffin> cool.
<mattgriffin> i just added an agenda item for the next meeting at the bottom of our agenda
<mattgriffin> i'd like to present this brief to the creative teams at the next meeting. is that when you are going to be in Vegas?
<barrydrake> Sorry, I doubt I'll be there.  Depends on what internet access I get while in the USA
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: when do you return from your trip?
<barrydrake> I travel out on March 1st, and return March 10th.  I'm sure I should be able to e-mail, but IRC - don't know
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: ok. do you want to have another team meeting on 26 Feb and do it then?
<mattgriffin> or we can wait until 12 march
<mattgriffin> or i can present it on 5 march ;)
<mattgriffin> your call. i'm open to any of those
<barrydrake> I'll need to check out 26th Feb.  I'm happy for you to present it if I can't get
<barrydrake> Give me five minutes .....
<mattgriffin> np.
<barrydrake> Can't make 25th March; sorry
<mattgriffin> ?
<barrydrake> Sorry - February
<mattgriffin> 26 Feb?
<barrydrake> Can't do
<mattgriffin> np. so we can keep it moving forward, i'd like to present it on 5 march.
<barrydrake> Go for 5th March, and I can be there for another meeting if you need me on 12th
<mattgriffin> if you get a connection in Vegas, we can do it together. i'm sure you're going to busy in crazy Vegas so don't worry if you can't make it :)
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> cool
<mattgriffin> cool. just adding some milestones
<barrydrake> Seen them.  Sounds good to me
<mattgriffin> ok. so i think we can move on to checking with UndiFineD on the 5 March deliver date for the Campaign #2 creative brief
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ^ is that date still okay?
<barrydrake> Sounds OK to me
<UndiFineD> seems fine to me
<mattgriffin> cool :)
<mattgriffin> the next item is ideas for future campaigns
<UndiFineD> saturday evening is always busy with meetings for me
<UndiFineD> but I have 2 projects moving upstream
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: np. perhaps we should consider changing this meeting time as well
<UndiFineD> could do
<mattgriffin> do you guys want to do one of those vote-y things?
<mattgriffin> the website i mean
<barrydrake> OK - but remember I don't do 'late'
<mattgriffin> yeah. and i'd like to keep these meetings to 1 hour max ;)
<barrydrake> Good
<mattgriffin> added the vote thing to the 'Other' category on the agenda.
<mattgriffin> the next item is ideas for future campaigns. barrydrake: i added your other two education-related items to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns#Ideas
<barrydrake> I noticed.  Thanks
<mattgriffin> if anyone else has any other ideas, please add them to the list
<mattgriffin> np
<mattgriffin> ok. next item... Research. barrydrake: i think you added this item. anything specific to point out?
<barrydrake> Alan Cocks has managed to get invited to teach/demonstrate to students at a couple of colleges
<mattgriffin> cool
<barrydrake> I have a bit of feedback from him.  Sounds really progressive
<barrydrake> I haven't a lot to say about exhibitions and computer fairs.  Next stage is to start e-mailing organisers
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: do those things get a lot of attendance?
* mattgriffin has never been to one except for tradeshows for work
<barrydrake> Yes - and the right audience - but Alan Cocks says he has difficulty getting folk to stop and talk.  I would need eye-catching posters and a good banner ...
<mattgriffin> hmm. ok
<barrydrake> Problem is, folk go there to buy, and he isn't 'selling' for money
<mattgriffin> do the organizers usually charge for a table or space?
<barrydrake> Yes, but Alan persuaded them that as he is non-profit, could they let him stand for nothing - and they found him a spare corner
<mattgriffin> is this type of stuff covered in the 'Talks-Ubuntu-for-students-report' document on the wiki at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research ?
<barrydrake> Yes, but there is more to add now.
<mattgriffin> maybe this could be the third campaign... some support materials for specific use at face-to-face events
<mattgriffin> they would need to be cheap to produce but help generate some kind of excitement or interest by passers by
<barrydrake> And exhibitions, computer fairs etc
<mattgriffin> ok. adding to the Campaign ideas list
<barrydrake> They need to be designed by a 'visual' person.  I can throw out lots of ideas, but someone else needs to do the arty stuff
<mattgriffin> ok. added to the list
<barrydrake> So - moving on?
<mattgriffin> yes
<mattgriffin> Planning
<barrydrake> Nothing more to report at the moment
<mattgriffin> ok
<mattgriffin> Creative
<mattgriffin> i added some milestones for the first campaign and a todo for mattgriffin
<barrydrake> Well, seems mainly to involve you ....
<mattgriffin> hehe... /me needs to reach cassidy ;)
<barrydrake> Yes - he needs to appear at some point and say what his involvement is going to be
<mattgriffin> yeah. that's basically what i asked him about... we'll see
<barrydrake> Hmmm
<mattgriffin> if he can't stay involved, i can see if any of the other designer and writer volunteers want to step up
<barrydrake> Good thinking ....
<mattgriffin> so 'Other'?
<mattgriffin> no status on the social network icons... need to get in touch with cassidy :(
<mattgriffin> but not too important at the moment though
<barrydrake> Nothing from me.  I just think that cassidyjames has the right idea with the simple guide
<mattgriffin> yeah. i took a look at that. good list of apps and simple ways to get started. a few screenshots (or even just app icons that match the launcher list) would be nice to include
<mattgriffin> so what is that voting website?
<barrydrake> I can work on it as soon as I get a version of Natty that works for me!
<barrydrake> doodle something ....  I'll try to find it
<mattgriffin> haha... it took me 3 days to get it to boot from a USB key... finally needed to download the alpha2 DVD
<mattgriffin> iso
<mattgriffin> found it
<barrydrake> I can get it to boot - it just fails to work Unity properly.  Unity/Compiz has a problem with Nouveau
<mattgriffin> ah
<mattgriffin> ok. setup - http://doodle.com/3vugx9gcefiahkqa
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: even though it says 5 March, please vote as if this were the regular meeting time slot :)
<barrydrake> OK.  I've done that
<mattgriffin> cool. UndiFineD: when you're ready, please vote on times
<mattgriffin> ok. i think we're done :)
<barrydrake> Sounds goo to me.  I'll e-mail the list with any developments before the next meeting
<mattgriffin> cool. thanks. have a great rest of your weekend :)
<barrydrake> And you.  Bye
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: bye
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: bye
<barrydrake> UndiFineD: bye
<UndiFineD> bye guys
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: 1 more thing. can you add the notes from irc to the wiki page? please :)
<UndiFineD> mattgriffin: always :)
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: thanks!

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