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(12:02:23 PM) Matt Griffin: hi everyone. shall we begin? here's the agenda: https://docs.google.com/a/mattgriffin.com/document/d/1mZYJiUKLaN2LVadtaKQfLRaXf5wIYMyOUGhFHcINyzI/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CJmTnIEM
(12:02:38 PM) Daniel__: Hi everyone!
(12:02:42 PM) Matt Griffin: :)
(12:03:03 PM) Matt Griffin: Agenda item 1...
(12:03:46 PM) Matt Griffin: i heard from UndiFineD that he's going to have to take a break from this project. he will no longer be contributing. tough to lose him :(
(12:04:11 PM) Matt Griffin: other commitments take higher priority so i wish him the best
(12:04:41 PM) Matt Griffin: i'll coordinate with him on handing off anything that the team needs
(12:04:55 PM) Matt Griffin: any questions on this?
(12:05:11 PM) Lysi [~Lysi_@p5496AC62.dip.t-dialin.net] entered the room.
(12:05:37 PM) Matt Griffin: ok... moving on then :)
(12:05:48 PM) Matt Griffin: Agenda item 2...
(12:06:54 PM) Matt Griffin: i'm still working on the creative brief for campaign 2. this is the one that focuses on concerns that Windows users might have about contemplating a test of Ubuntu and if they can continue to do what they normally do on their computer...
(12:07:46 PM) Matt Griffin: i'll try to have the brief done by the next meeting so we can have the briefing and can move on to creating something. sorry for the delay
(12:08:05 PM) Matt Griffin: anyone see this series of articles at PCWorld? http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/229187/30_days_withubuntu_linux.html
(12:08:28 PM) Matt Griffin: follow along... some interesting stuff from a different perspective
(12:08:47 PM) Lysi: Typo on webpage still exists. 'Donate': ...click the *repective*...
(12:09:03 PM) Daniel__: I read it - think we can get a few ideas of the pain points that we might address for campaigns
(12:09:04 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: where do you see that?
(12:09:19 PM) Matt Griffin: Daniel__: yeah. some good stuff there
(12:09:38 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: http://ubuntuadverts.org/
(12:10:34 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: cool. i'll get that taken care of. cassidy hosts that stuff so i'll contact him
(12:10:56 PM) Lysi: Reported May 24 here in this channel. ;-)
(12:11:49 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: doh. thanks for bringing it up again :)
(12:12:00 PM) ***Matt Griffin adds a link to the PCWorld article to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research
(12:12:38 PM) Matt Griffin: so let's move on to agenda item 3...
(12:12:48 PM) Lysi: Also wanted to donate, but the link to paypal only allows it if one has an account already.
(12:12:49 PM) Matt Griffin: Campaign 1 update
(12:13:47 PM) Lysi: Canonical instead links to paypal and one can donate without an account, there seems to be a difference in linking to paypal.
(12:13:57 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: are you saying that there should be a way for people to donate if they don't want to create a Paypal account ... or that there isn't an easy way to create a Paypal account from that screen?
(12:14:55 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: yep, please make donation possible without having an account on paypal. Would be great.
(12:15:02 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: ok. i'll take a look at that. i also check to make sure that it's clear how the $ will be used
(12:15:19 PM) Matt Griffin: cool
(12:15:30 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: can you give an update on the buzz campaign?
(12:15:44 PM) pinwale: yeah.
(12:16:11 PM) pinwale: a writer just left suddenly so I have to pick up the story now.
(12:16:26 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: even when it shows $ I think paypal converts it later on at my credit card bill.
(12:16:53 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: converts to your local currency?
(12:17:03 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: alex?
(12:17:20 PM) pinwale: the good news is that most of the story was already in place so I'm writing the rest.
(12:17:36 PM) pinwale: It was Duane. had some personal problems.
(12:17:39 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: gotcha
(12:18:00 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: cool. i like how the ideas are progressing. good stuff
(12:18:28 PM) pinwale: I purchased to two domains for the game plus hosting on nearly freespeech.net
(12:18:42 PM) pinwale: nearlyfreespeech.net
(12:19:15 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: yep, as far as I remember, the bill outlines the conversion from Dollar to Euro. Canonical link to paypal already displayed Euro, I think they check IP.
(12:19:31 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: oh. hosting cool.
(12:20:05 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: please send me a link to the Canonical example if you can find it so I can have a clear idea of what you're describing
(12:20:40 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: pretty good pricing :)
(12:20:59 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate
(12:21:09 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: thanks!
(12:21:15 PM) pinwale: It's really really cheap hosting because I just wanted to see how the game would work.
(12:21:47 PM) pinwale: we have builkt the websites, now I'm just finsing the actual puzzles, dialog, etc.
(12:22:03 PM) pinwale: We should be done in a week or two.
(12:22:22 PM) pinwale: I read the agenda.
(12:22:40 PM) pinwale: no update from Canonical?
(12:22:41 PM) Matt Griffin: :)
(12:23:01 PM) Matt Griffin: the update is that they're still working on it. no firm date
(12:23:28 PM) pinwale: rough date?
(12:24:02 PM) Matt Griffin: unfortunately :( ... will be in London next week so i'll ask the marketing lead for any further details like a rough date 
(12:24:45 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: although, they've changed something there also, it was only possible to donate a fixed sum, 25 Dollar, which I couldn't change.
(12:25:01 PM) pinwale: Because Duane left , I decided to decouple the shuttle launch date from the story so we can be flexible.
(12:25:10 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: good to know. i'm sure that's adjustable when creating the page
(12:26:03 PM) Lysi: mattgriffin: Just tried it again, it says: optional donation to Ubuntu 25 Dollar.
(12:27:26 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: ok. i read duane's comment about how shuttle launch dates frequently move from the initial target so that's probably a good idea... do you have any issues with launching the buzz before the shuttle launch?
(12:27:47 PM) pinwale: No.
(12:27:51 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: on
(12:27:52 PM) Matt Griffin: ok
(12:27:52 PM) Matt Griffin: :)
(12:28:00 PM) Matt Griffin: Lysi: ok
(12:28:21 PM) pinwale: Just one thing about the hosting.
(12:28:41 PM) pinwale: NFS makes you pay per GB
(12:29:59 PM) pinwale: I put in about 12 bucks into it.
(12:30:32 PM) Matt Griffin: ok. i think we can get some money to pay you back or pay for further bandwidth needs
(12:30:53 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: does the website call for any high bandwidth activity? ... like downloading giant files?
(12:31:26 PM) pinwale: That's cool! I don't know how long 12 bucks would last if we get a huge traffic junp.
(12:31:59 PM) pinwale: Nothing too huge but it is heavily image based.
(12:32:19 PM) Matt Griffin: if what we're serving is mostly raw html pages (<100k) and some images (<100k each) then it shouldn't be a problem 
(12:33:03 PM) Matt Griffin: if we need to feature large images (like MB), probably best to put them on flickr or someplace like that
(12:33:13 PM) Matt Griffin: like for delivering a wallpaper
(12:33:53 PM) pinwale: That's good idea.
(12:33:59 PM) pinwale: *a
(12:34:46 PM) Lysi left the room.
(12:35:14 PM) pinwale: right now it costs about 3 cents a day to maintain the domains with no traffic. :)
(12:35:23 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: that's not bad :)
(12:35:50 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: anything else on the campaign?
(12:37:01 PM) pinwale: I think that's it.
(12:37:14 PM) pinwale: We should be ready soon.
(12:37:14 PM) Matt Griffin: excellent :)
(12:37:23 PM) Matt Griffin: x 2
(12:37:58 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: i'd like to follow along. will you continue to add content to the shared google doc?
(12:38:10 PM) ***Matt Griffin won't reveal any secrets
(12:38:18 PM) pinwale: :)
(12:38:43 PM) pinwale: Sure, I might add some stuff to the doc.
(12:38:51 PM) Matt Griffin: cool
(12:39:16 PM) pinwale: I'm really working on a paper right now
(12:39:22 PM) Matt Griffin: gotcha
(12:39:53 PM) pinwale: It is eaiser because Duanw left there isn't another writer on the team.
(12:40:08 PM) Matt Griffin: ah-ha
(12:40:16 PM) pinwale: But basically, it will follow the diagrams.
(12:40:25 PM) Matt Griffin: at the top of the doc?
(12:40:30 PM) pinwale: yeah.
(12:40:44 PM) Matt Griffin: excellent
(12:40:53 PM) Matt Griffin: ok. if there aren't any other items to discuss then i'll see everyone at the next meeting in 2 weeks. same time.
(12:41:33 PM) pinwale: nothing else, other than the WebLive
(12:41:44 PM) pinwale: date.
(12:41:49 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: gotcha
(12:42:29 PM) Matt Griffin: pinwale: once i find out, i don't think it's something that can be shared publicly in a channel like this (it's logged :) ) so i'll send you a message directly
(12:42:55 PM) pinwale: gotcha, just email me
(12:42:58 PM) Matt Griffin: cool
(12:43:04 PM) Matt Griffin: thanks for your time all! have a great weekend :)
(12:43:14 PM) pinwale: same to you!

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