Bug triaging best practices (crimsun)

  • kernel
    • symptoms such as "sound not working", "sound muted", and anything else falling under "not being able to hear sound under Ubuntu but being able to under $another_os" should be triaged against linux-source-2.6.x, where x is the kernel version for that Ubuntu release
      • i.e., use linux-source-2.6.x instead of alsa-driver, generally, because we don't actively patch the alsa-source binary package (against which alsa-driver, which is in universe, is responsible), whereas we do take care of the kernel
      • if alsa-source provides the driver, do not assign to linux-source-*.
        • in previous Ubuntu releases, this was constrained to drivers like the EchoAudio ones

        • if modinfo on the driver returns nothing, then instead of using linux-source-2.6.x as the triaged package, we can use alsa-driver
    • u-audio subscribes to alsa-driver but not the former, because bugs against linux-source-2.6.x aren't necessarily audio bugs
      • perfectly acceptable to manually subscribe ubuntu-audio.
    • also acceptable to assign bugs to alsa-driver, which will be reassigned.
    • bugs that mention volume problems like "regression from Ubuntu X: volume too low" would be linux-source-2.6.x issues, not alsa-utils
      • there are two classes of drivers that will have these types of regressions, the first far more common than the second: HDA- and AC97-based ones, respectively
        • the HDA ones are easier to triage, because we can narrow them to a specific file: the file that is the culprit is based on the HDA codec used, which one can get on an Ubuntu install from tail -2 /proc/asound/oss/sndstat

  • userspace
    • anything dealing with "volume not being restored properly on (reboot)" or the like falls under alsa-utils
    • anything dealing with "resampling sounds very bad" falls under alsa-lib
  • Spoke about DebuggingSoundProblems information - separate attachments are good

Items remaining for the Feisty release (crimsun)

  • regressions
    • Malone bug 88332 in linux-source-2.6.20 "low volume through headphones on HP Pavilion ZT3000 (ICH4) [edgy regression]" [Medium,Needs info] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88332

      • we've established that it's an actual kernel<->hardware issue, and since edgy works where feisty doesn't, we'll need to look specifically at sound/{core/,pci/ac97/,pci/intel8x0.c} differences in the git trees

      • in feisty, the header files were shuffled, so we can ignore those changes in sound/pci/ac97/
      • crimsun will manage this bug.
  • Influx of bugs
    • Monitor IRC
    • Forum Ambassadors
    • Launchpad<->Forums link

  • FreeBob?

    • ALSA support would involve recompiling alsa-plugins to enable the jack plugin. This isn't enabled currently as jack-audio-connection-kit is in universe whilst alsa-plugins is in main

Looking ahead to Feisty+1 (crimsun)

  • the first issue here is integrating the DebuggingSoundProblems request info and the alsa-info.sh script into hwdb-client

    • well, the first step is to write up a specification so it can be considered for the next development summit in Sevilla
      • one of audio team to be at UDS-Sevilla to champion the spec
    • integrating a script into hwdb-client shouldn't be difficult. Keep in mind we need to deal with at least three classes of devices: ISA, PCI, USB
      • pci and usb are fairly straightforward (with the latter substituting lsusb -vv in place of lspci -vvn)
      • isa's a bit more hairy, so I'll need to ask Scott and others about that
      • so, start throwing around ideas for hwdb-client integration, and hopefully by our next meeting we have a better idea of how things should piece together
      • LP home: https://launchpad.net/products/hwdb-client

  • Pro audio
    • UbuntuStudio is going to drive a different set of requirements focused on much lower latency, jack integration, and so on; ALSA itself needs to be prepared for that

    • the most invasive change would be a "realtime"ish kernel
      • it was discussed that the best approach to get any patches in would be a Launchpad spec and convincing of BenC.
      • it was decided that the patches are in fact too invasive, and that we should let them filter into the mainline kernel piecemeal so as to get proper support and testing.
    • variable timer
      • more likely than not already merged and thus will be in Feisty+1
    • PulseAudio

      • is seeded for Edubuntu, and we can install it, but whether it becomes the default is something that would be a good discussion topic at UDS/Sevilla
      • not yet GNOME default
        • Does GNOME want a sound server, rather than not just using GStreamer?
        • not yet ready for GNOME
  • Work on collapsing deltas
    • Merge changes with upstream; send patches to alsa@
  • PortAudio v19 stability?

    • Backend for both wired and audacity in Feisty

Next meeting is 27 March 2007, 1800 UTC.

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