Introducing Ubuntu AWESOME Team Remix

One of the things that is often asked is how could new contributors to Ubuntu AWESOME Remix help? There are several areas where you can contribute and help with. This page will cover each and every area. Then, it is for you to decide which area you would like to join as per your interests and experience. We do what we do because we simply love it. If you have that passion, then you are indeed in the right place. Ubuntu AWESOME needs you. With your help, we could be even better.

Getting Involved - Video

Instead of reading this page, you do now have an option to watch a full guide about this page and the whole process of getting involved - See This.

I am not a developer

The great news is: you do not have to be a developer in order to contribute and get involved with Ubuntu AWESOME Remix Team. Don't believe that? see this session from Ubuntu Online Summit 1406.

Who are we?

The list of Ubuntu AWESOME Remix Team Members

Where to contribute ?

There are many areas where you can contribute and help Ubuntu AWESOME Remix team with. Choose whatever you like the most. ALL help and contributions are highly appreciated and more than welcome.

Please See Ubuntu AWESOME Remix Sub-Teams

For the full list of needed roles within AWESOME Project, please see this list

How to Join?

Before joining, it is recommended to understand little bit about AWESOME Project.

Please See AWESOME Project

How to get started

  1. Send a new email to the mailing list to introduce yourself with a link of your Wiki Page.
  2. If you have a Social Network Account, join Our Social Networks Areas

  3. Welcome to Ubuntu AWESOME Team Smile :)

Contributing to the AWESOME project

If you are interest in contributing to AWESOME, please visit the AWESOME project website.

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