LionelDricot suggests the creation of the Ubuntu-be loco team.

  • The front page informs about what Ubuntu is and what Ubuntu-be is
  • There must be three main contacts for the three languages. Contacts must be able to answer questions, interview and the rest.
  • Event team. People that are ready to participate in an event (or organisate one) in order to promote Ubuntu. A mailing list can be set.
  • Support list. I suggest to have a list of adress with :
    • LUG that are ready to help about Ubuntu and to borrow/give Ubuntu CDs
    • Vendors that are Ubuntu friendly
  • help forums must be linked to ubuntu-fr, ubuntu-nl and ubuntu-de. No need to duplicate efforts here.
  • is there a need for a local forum ?

    Hosting : LionelDricot has maybe a solution for hosting (depending on the needed bandwidth)

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