NOTE: UBZ Planning moved to Launchpad

Please note that all UbuntuBelowZero planning is now being done in Launchpad, please don't edit this wiki page further (the changes will not be picked up and used).

Go to: to see the specs which are already registered

If you find BOF topics listed below which have not yet been registered in Launchpad, please create these according to the process listed below.

  1. Create a spec/BOF suggestion on the wiki, see for a template.

  2. Go to$PRODUCT/+specs, where $PRODUCT is the name of the product you want to register the spec against. There a real multitude of tracking options there, including the nice feature of requesting feedback from another launchpad person for your spec. Note, that you will have to provide a link on the wiki for the spec you are registerting, since LP only tracks information and does not hold the spec content.

  3. Note: For Ubuntu specs use:

  4. See and for an example and explanation of how to create the specs.

Old UBZ BOF Planning

As at UDU, the plan is to focus on "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) meetings at UBZ. These will be organised so that each BOF results in a recorded output. It might be a plan, a process, a piece of code, etc. In each case, every BOF should terminate with a written report of the BOF, the conclusions, and the action items (and to who they were assigned).

Ideally we are aiming to at least have a framework spec created for each topic, with a broad outline of the Introduction, Rationale, and some of the Scope and Use Cases listed so that everyone understands intent of BOF topic in advance.

BOFs will be related to one or more of the main tracks:

Startup/shutdown process:

Software management:

Desktop software:

Help and migration:





These are the deferred Breezy Goals, some of which will also be discussed at UBZ. Needs review.

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