Distro Team Meeting Friday 4 November 2005

Here are the notes from the 'Keep, Bag, Change Session' in the Distr Team Meeting on Friday 4 November 2005.





No meetings

Rotating weekly team meetings

early toolchain upload

Two big transitions

Better use of new staff

formal testing

Big wiki tables

Transition strategy

minimal bureaucracy

Kernel ABI transitions

(strike force)

great gnome updates

Lost bugs

Kernel ABI Transitions

time based releases

* esp when stressed

multi release plans

Good release schedules

Clueless testers

test before and after

Freeze approval process

Bad bug reports

*** More effective communication


Ubuntu buildds as test platform

Progress reports


minor version variables in lrm

Formal testing of earlier CDs

** timezones

QA person!

jargon with non-techies

Distilled activity reports

Short term future intentions

Easier intro documentation for processes

Less busy mentors

Developer.ubuntu.com portal

Clearer who/what/where

Clearer expectations for new staff

Keep new staff tasks up to date

Documentation responsibility

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