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Clear message


Semi-disorganised key signing party.


In the conference in general.


From Thursday's lightning talk session onwards.


Put your key ID in the list below. (If you're Hubert then don't worry Smile :-)

Key ID

Your name

Your email address


Daniel Silverstone


Hubert Figuière

I will be emailing the files for the key signing to the address listed here at about 6pm, so make sure your information is here well before then.


You will receive the URL to a single file from me. The file will be of a form similar to:

## Ubuntu Below Zero Keysigning Party

### Key 1
# Daniel Silverstone <>
### 1024 D
### 961F 4EB8 29D7 D304 A774  7782 2BC8 4016 2068 7895

In the last session today, I will show/read-out the SHA1 and MD5 fingerprints of the file.

You should ensure the file you have in your posession matches the fingerprints I read out, E.g. by using gpg --print-mds foofile.txt

You should also confirm that *YOUR* fingerprint in the file is correct.

Verification process

  • Meet someone. Let's call them "Person A". They tell you what number their key(s) is/are in the file.
  • Confirm with them that their copy of the file matched the checksums, and that their fingerprint was correct in the file. This is truly as simple as (assuming all is well) "Did the file match?" ... "Yes" ... "Did your fingerprint match?" ... "Yes"
  • Verify their identity documents
  • Confirm that the name in the text file matches their identity documents
  • Delete the comment marker from the fingerprint line for that person if all is well. (Or put it into your favourite keysigning tool as you see fit)