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  • What: Ubuntu Below Zero

  • Where: Montreal, Canada

  • When: Sunday 30 October - Thursday 10 November 2005 (see below for details)

  • Who: Open to the Public

Pictures and Videos

Some of us are posting to Flickr.com using the " ubz" and " ubuntu" tags:

Other albums:

Some videos:

Lightning Talks


How to Attend

All core Ubuntu developers will be in attendance and anyone else who is interested or involved in Ubuntu is welcome to attend as well.

While the developer summit is open, we do need to have an idea of who is going to be coming so we can plan the space requirements. Please fill in your information at ["/Attendees"]. Please also note that this is a developer summit, not a typical "presentations and speeches" conference. It's hard work with an intense schedule, mapping out the road to Breezy+1. You'll be collaborating with the lead developers and helping to define the concrete deliverables that make up the next six months work.

  • Join #ubz on irc.freenode.net for random developer summit discussion!

Goals and Agenda

We will have a community focused Ubuntu Love Day on Sunday 30 October. The rest of the conference will be focused on technical specifications and development for Ubuntu Version 6.04 (in the first week) and Launchpad (in the second week). All are welcome, but please expect to contribute in a hands on manner to the technical direction of Ubuntu and Launchpad.

You can learn about the UBZ process in this [attachment:ubz_process.odp presentation].




Sat, Oct 29


Sun, Oct 30

Ubuntu Love Day


Mon, Oct 31


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/monday-schedule.html Agenda]

Tue, Nov 1


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/tuesday-schedule.html Agenda]

Wed, Nov 2

Ubuntu, Launchpad

[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/wednesday-schedule.html Agenda]

Thu, Nov 3

Ubuntu, Launchpad

[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/thursday-schedule.html Agenda]

Fri, Nov 4

Ubuntu, Launchpad

[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/friday-schedule.html Agenda]

Sat, Nov 5

Ubuntu, Launchpad

[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week1/saturday-schedule.html Agenda]

Sun, Nov 6

Day off

Mon, Nov 7


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week2/monday-schedule.html Agenda]

Tue, Nov 8


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week2/tuesday-schedule.html Agenda]

Wed, Nov 9


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week2/wednesday-schedule.html Agenda]

Thu, Nov 10


[http://people.ubuntu.com/~jamesh/ubz/week2/thursday-schedule.html Agenda]

Fri, Nov 11


The list of ["/BOFs"] has been started, please add your suggestions.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the [http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/6c/1/en/hd/yulca Holiday Inn Select] in downtown Montreal. (NOT the Holiday Inn Downtown.) For the geographically challenged, please see [http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=45.506000,-73.560000&spn=0.004086,0.009030&t=h&hl=en This Google map] or point your GPS at N 45d 30.399' , W 73d 33.598'.


Accommodations will be available at the [http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/6c/1/en/hd/yulca Holiday Inn] at a preferred rate. There will be other places to stay as well in the area, and we'll add some recommendations soon.

David Goodger notes: My wife runs a [http://pages.infinit.net/mayumi/ Bed&Breakfast] out of our home, about an hour by train & foot from the site. We have one (and possibly two) rooms available during the conference, which we'd like to offer (free) to any non-smokers attending. High-speed wireless included! Contact me if you're interested: goodger@python.org.


More detailed directions will be uploaded as things move forward. If you figure something out, please don't hesitate to add that information here.

Montreal on Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Montreal

International exchange rate calculator: http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Montreal public transit system: http://www.stm.info

If you're taking your (GSM) mobile phone, make sure that it supports the frequencies used in the US/Canada (850/1900MHz, "triband" and "quadband" phones should work for Europeans). Most international carriers have roaming contracts with Rogers and/or Microcell/Fido; See http://www.gsmworld.com/roaming/gsminfo/cou_ca.shtml for details.

Daylight savings time: DST ends on Sunday, October 30, 2005 at 2:00 AM local daylight time (Before Ubuntu Love Day). [http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=165 Montreal time]

What to Bring

Montreal Help


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