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## * [[https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugcontrol/msg01083.html || Application from kermiac]]  * [[https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugcontrol/msg01083.html || Application from kermiac]]

The Ubuntu Bug Control team (ubuntu-bugcontrol in Launchpad) is a subset of the BugSquad who can change the importance of Ubuntu bug tasks and set the status of an Ubuntu bug task to "Triaged" or "Won't Fix". You do this when you are triaging.

Requirements for joining

Both individuals and teams can join Ubuntu Bug Control. There are generic requirements, and specific requirements.

Generic Requirements

Requirements for Individuals

You need to demonstrate four things:

  1. That you are and promise to be polite to bug reporters, even if they may not deserve it, by signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  2. You need to understand Bugs/HowToTriage and be familiar with assigning bugs, choosing a bug task status and setting a bug task's importance. There is a particular procedure for triaging and each possible importance has a specific meaning, so we want to make sure you understand the conventions.

  3. You also need to be aware of the considerations to make when making an Apport crash report publicly visible. By default these are private. Documentation regarding this can be found at Triaging Apport crash reports.

  4. Have a list of triaged bugs that demonstrate you understand triaging.

Warning /!\ Requirement 4 can be waived if you are an upstream developer / bug triager or if an Ubuntu developer vouches for you and your ability to triage bug reports.

In order to join:


Ways to join:

  • Direct Application
    1. e-mail your application to ubuntu-bugcontrol AT lists.launchpad.net; please copy & answer the questions below in an email to ubuntu-bugcontrol AT lists.launchpad.net:

      1. Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters even if they are rude to you or Ubuntu? Have you signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct?
      2. Have you read Bugs/HowToTriage, Bugs/Assignment, Bugs/Status and Bugs/Importance? Do you have any questions about that documentation?

      3. What sensitive data should you look for in a private Apport crash report bug before making it public? See Bugs/HowToTriage for more information.

      4. Is there a particular package or group of packages that you are interested in helping out with?
      5. Please list five or more bugs which you have triaged and include an explanation of your Triage. Please note that these bugs should be representative of your very best work and they should demonstrate your understanding of the triage process and how to properly handle bugs. For all the bugs in the list, please indicate what importance (and explain the reasoning) you would give it after becoming a member of the Ubuntu Bug Control team. Please use urls in your list of bugs.

    2. Apply to the Ubuntu Bug Control team

  • If you are an upstream developer or bug triager for an upstream project contact Jorge Castro

  • Membership in some teams also grants membership to Ubuntu Bug Control, for example: ubuntu-core-dev, ubuntu-core-doc, and ubuntu-dev. You can find if your team is a member by visiting the team's homepage and looking at the "Subteam of" section.

Evaluation Criteria and Process

The application review is a subjective process; however a list of what we usually look for follows:

  1. Has the applicant provided the importance they would give a bug report?
  2. Has the applicant provided an explanation for every bug provided, is it valid?
  3. Is the applicant respectful and tactful in their communications?
  4. Are the applicant's comments detailed and do they explain their actions?
  5. Is the applicant following the DebuggingProcedures for the package the bug report is about?

  6. Has the applicant made bug titles or descriptions more descriptive?
  7. Has the applicant added any bug watches to bug reports? (Linked bugs upstream)
  8. Has the applicant forwarded any bugs upstream? (Registered in upstream bts and reported an Ubuntu bug)
  9. Is the reasoning for the bug Importance valid?

The review process will take at least one week, 7 days, to ensure that every Ubuntu Bug Control member has had an opportunity to review and comment on the application.

Example Application

The following are examples of high quality Bug Control application which contained lots of different types of triaging work.

Requirements for Teams

  1. The team must be a closed or moderated one.

  2. The team must require its members to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

  3. The team must have at least one representative tasked with educating new members on Ubuntu Bug Control policies.

  4. The representative above must be a current member, directly or indirectly, of Ubuntu Bug Control.


One of the team's administrators should e-mail the team's application to ubuntu-bugcontrol AT lists.launchpad.net. Please give us:

  • a brief reasoning of why it is important for the team to be a member.
  • identify who is/are the representative(s) -- give us the link to the Launchpad page of each one.

Evaluation Criteria

One of the BugControl administrators will review the application and act on it. This may require e-mail/IRC exchange. Evaluation is subjective.

Length of Membership

Initial membership will be set for three months from the date of approval; after this initial period, membership will be valid for one year. Approximately one week before the expiry date an email will be sent warning of the expiration, and requesting action. You are expected to request renewal when needed, following the email's directions.


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