Not really a traditional BugDay, but similar. The Ubuntu Community is coming together to help out our friend Debian get their release out the digital door.


Hi all,

On Sunday the 9 Nov we propose to stop merging for one day and focus on helping out or friends in Debian more directly.

As you know Debian is currently trying to release Lenny, and the main thing holding them up is the number of release critical bugs unfixed. We figure that if we use our skills to solve a few of those bugs it may help speed the release of Lenny.

We propose to meet up on #ubuntu-motu and work on some bugs together. We will either have a couple of DDs with us to sponsor the fixes, or those who know about Debian will help to link you up with someone to get that done.

The best resource for finding these bugs is

You obviously don't have to wait until Sunday to get started, so why not open that page now and go fix some bugs?

There will be a real-life portion of this event too, so if you are in the Boston, US area on the day then get in touch with one of us and you can join us (and perhaps suggest somewhere good to go).

Most of you won't be in the Boston area, but if you are local to any other Debian or Ubuntu developers then you may like to meet up to join in, it can be a fun time.

James Westby and Nikolas Valcarcel

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