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'''Due to an update in the wiki software, this is broken, please use the Open Office Method'''

Running a HugDay is a great way to get acquainted with the community and learn some new skills. It's all very informal so don't be shy. Smile :)

Identify a Target

Organizing a HugDay starts with choosing a list of bugs to hug. You can choose whatever packages matter most to you but check out UbuntuBugDay/Planning for previous and planned HugDay and add your ideas!

Initial E-mail

To make sure everyone is on the same track, and that there are no other plans for the week, send a simple e-mail to BugSquad after adding your idea to the UbuntuBugDay/Planning page. The cookie cutter e-mail is just an example, you should put your own twist in.

HugDay Target

Hi, I am ... from ... I enjoy ... and ...

I would like to organize a HugDay for <package> on <date>. Are there any other plans for this day?

Your Name Here.

In accordance with

Wiki Stuff

After you're ready to run, add your HugDay to the wiki!


||<tablestyle="float:right; font-size: 0.9em; width:40%; background:#F1F1ED; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" style="padding:0.5em;"><<TableOfContents>>||

This week's Hug Day will focus on '''<<<TARGET>>>'''! 

After you have triaged or fixed a bug put your name in the last column and set the row's background to green by adding '''lightgreen''' in the first cell of the column after '''rowbgcolor='''.  This will let people know that the bug in that row has been hugged.

== 5-a-day-ing ==
During hug days you can also do [[|5-A-Day]] for this one you can do the following in order to tag your work on the hug day:

 * 5-a-day --add-tag hugday-20081016
 * Add bugs to 5-a-day as usual
 * And when done with hug day run: 5-a-day --remove-tag hugday-20081016

== Stock Responses ==
## You should add any stock responses that might be useful on this page as well.

For problem specific Stock Responses see: [[Bugs/Responses]]

== 112 New Bugs ==
'''To mark it off the list you should:'''
 * Verify the bug is still not fixed
 * Request any needed info, Subscribe, Status to incomplete '''or'''
 * Set status to Confirmed

||<rowbgcolor="#FFEBBB"> '''Bug''' || '''Subject''' || '''Triager''' ||

== 37 Incomplete Bugs ==
'''To mark it off the list you should:'''
 * Change the bug's status to "Confirmed" or "Triaged" if the reporter replied with enough information '''or'''
 * Ask a secondary follow up question and subscribe to the bug report 

||<rowbgcolor="#FFEBBB"> '''Bug''' || '''Subject''' || '''Triager''' ||

== 40 Confirmed Bugs ==
'''To mark it off the list you should:'''

 * Verify the bug is still not fixed
 * Request any needed info, Subscribe, Status to incomplete or
 * Set status to triaged [[UbuntuBugControl]]
||<rowbgcolor="#FFEBBB"> '''Bug''' || '''Subject''' || '''Triager''' ||

== Progress ==
## it is nice to have pictures which you can do by directly linking to a graph at just by adding a hyperlink to the graph in the wiki page
## at the end of day I usually save the graph to my local system and then add it as an attachment to the wiki page
## example - attachment:compiz-1day-new.png


== More Bugs ==
## If you think the list you made might be depleted, or want to let others know how to find similar bugs in the future, add a link to a 'live' version.

This list is just a nibble of the [[<<<TARGET>>>|bigger picture]].


Generate the bug list

In attempt to make sure the most recent bugs also are hugged but all timezones are considered, I would usually generate the list of bugs two days ahead of the big day.


The first method is a command line utility designed just for this task.

sudo apt-get install bughelper

Here are some example usages that will save the list to AFile.txt so that you can copy and paste the list to the wiki.

bugnumbers --status=confirmed -p xorg --format=bugday --sort="-nr" --file=AFile.txt
bugnumbers --status=Incomplete -p xorg --format=bugday --sort="-nr" --file=AFile.txt
bugnumbers --status=New -p xorg --format=bugday --sort="-nr" --file=AFile.txt
bugnumbers --status=New -p acpi-support --format=bugday --sort="-nr" --file=AFile.txt

Open Office

Sometimes Bughelper cannot query what you want exactly, so to turn a search results from LaunchPad into the proper format for the wiki here you are.

Copy the table of bugs into Open Office, then delete all the columns except the # and Description. Column A should be the bug #'s and B should be the description. Then fill C with the following formula. Now you can copy and paste column C to the wiki.

=CONCATENATE("||<rowbgcolor=none> [[";A1;"|";A1;"]] || ";B1;" ||  ||" )

Announcement E-mail

The big day is ready, now we just need people to know to where to show up! For the same reasons as above, I would do this two days before the big day. Change to your name, the dates, the target, and add what spin you wish, it's your message! You will have to subscribe to each list before sending the mail.,,,

Hug Day!!

Fellow Ubuntu Triagers!

This week's HugDay target is *drum roll please* <<<target>>>!
 * ### New bugs need a hug
 * ### Incomplete bugs need a status check
 * ### Confirmed bugs need a review

<<<What is the package being triaged and how is it important>>>

Bookmark it, add it to your calenders, turn over those egg-timers!
 * Thursday October 16th

Can't stress it enough: everyone can help!

Have some time? Triage boogz! I won't be upset if you get a headstart~ ;)
Have a blog? Blog about Hugday!
Have some screen space? Open #ubuntu-bugs and keep an eye out for
newcomers in need.
Have minions? Teach THEM to triage for you! :)

Make a difference; we will be in #ubuntu-bugs (FreeNode) all day and
night, and will be ready to answer your questions about how to help.

If you're new to all this, head to

Have a nice day,
[From the BugSquad]

What Now?

Thank you! That's a message from me to you.


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