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Ubuntu HugDay-Tools are a set utilities to simplify the managing of the UbuntuBugDay, it so far allows you to:

  • get a list of ubuntu hugdays
  • get a list of tasks for a hugday
  • mark tasks as DONE

Download it

You can download it from Markus Korn PPA or get the branch with:

    $ bzr branch lp:hugday-tools

Official Package

As from Ubuntu 9.04, HugDay-Tools are part of the ubuntu-qa-tools package, available at universe archive.

To install it just:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-qa-tools

HowTo use it

* get url of latest hugday:

    $ hugday current

* If you would like to run any of the following commands it is essential to run

    $ hugday current --remember

By running this command know on which hugday you operate

* get list of all task for current hugday:

    $ hugday list
    $ hugday list --filter open  (get list of all open tasks)

So far the hugday tool did not change any content of a wiki page, to be able to do so, the tool needs the users MOIN ID, run

    $ hugday init --user LAUNCHPAD_ID --cookie PATH/TO/MOZILLA/COOKIE

Where LAUNCHPAD_ID is the name which will be shown in the 'triager' column after marking a task as DONE, Please only use your Launchpad Id so you can be listed at the 5-a-day automatically as well and COOKIE is the cookie.sql or cookie.txt of your mozilla browser profile. If you are not using a mozilla based browser you can also search for the MOIN_ID or MOIN_SESSION in the cookie file of your browser and run

    $ hugday init --user LAUNCHPAD_ID --wiki-id (MOIN_ID or MOIN_SESSION)

Now marking tasks as DONE by you is as simple as running:

    $ hugday close 123456 23456 3456 456

For more information see hugday --help