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Ubuntu HugDay-Tools are a set utilities to simplify the managing of the UbuntuBugDay, it so far allows you to:

  • get a list of ubuntu hugdays
  • get a list of tasks for a hugday
  • mark tasks as DONE

Download it

You can download it from Markus Korn PPA or get the branch with:

    $ bzr branch lp:hugday-tools

Official Package

As from Ubuntu 9.04, HugDay-Tools are part of the ubuntu-qa-tools package, available at universe archive.

To install it just:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-qa-tools

HowTo use it

* get url of latest hugday:

    $ hugday current

* If you would like to run any of the following commands it is essential to run

    $ hugday current --remember

By running this command know on which hugday you operate

* get list of all task for current hugday:

    $ hugday list
    $ hugday list --filter open  (get list of all open tasks)

So far the hugday tool did not change any content of a wiki page, to be able to do so, the tool needs the users MOIN ID, run

    $ hugday init --user LAUNCHPAD_ID --cookie PATH/TO/MOZILLA/COOKIE

Where LAUNCHPAD_ID is the name which will be shown in the 'triager' column after marking a task as DONE. Please only use your Launchpad Id so you can be listed at the 5-a-day automatically as well and COOKIE is the cookie.sqlite or cookie.txt of your mozilla browser profile. Please note that you might have to close your browser while running the command above as the cookie.sqlite can only be accessed by one process at the same time.

If you are not using a mozilla based browser you can also search for the MOIN_ID or MOIN_SESSION in the cookie file of your browser and run

    $ hugday init --user LAUNCHPAD_ID --wiki-id (MOIN_ID or MOIN_SESSION)

Now marking tasks as DONE by you is as simple as running:

    $ hugday close 123456 23456 3456 456

For more information see hugday --help