Nurture and Govern


18 July

19 July

20 July

21 July

22 July

16.00 UTC

01. "Introduction to Ubuntu Community Week (and more)" - Randall Ross

05. "How I Started an Ubuntu Group in My City and How You Could Too" - Omar Almahmoud

09. "Podcast Your Way to a Bigger Community!" - Alan Pope

13. "How To Raise Your Team's Activity Level. Energize!" - Paul Tagliamonte

17. "Preparing for Approval and Re-Approval. Do's and Don'ts" - Laura Czajkowski

17.00 UTC

02. "Find Your Local Community" - Alan Bell

06. "Starting an Ubuntu Hour Near You" - Nathan Haines

10. "Haters Gonna Hate: Grow Your Community With Less Negativity" - Joe Liau

14. "An Overview of LoCo Guidance" - Laura Czajkowski

18. "Simple Ways to Help Build a Stronger Local Community Team" - Chris Crisafulli

18.00 UTC

03. "Organic Software - Marketing Ubuntu at Your Local Farmer's Market" - Charlene Tessier

07. "Baking a LoCo Team" - Jono Bacon

11. "How to train ninjas" (session in Spanish)" - Leandro Gómez

15. "Community Manager Q+A" - Jono Bacon

19. "Some Spare Time for You to Learn About Ubuntu Community" - You

19.00 UTC

04. "From Graphic to Printed Poster" - Martin Owens

08. "We Party Grande! You Can Too" - Christophe Sauthier

12. "Working With Other Groups In Your Community" - Elizabeth Krumbach

16. "Don't Kill Your Audience! Enlighten Your Presentation Style!" - Paolo Sammicheli

20. "Spare Time for You to Read "The Art of Community" - You

1. ALL TIMES ARE UTC. Please check your local timezone to ensure you are present at the right time.
2. Session Hosts: Please don't make schedule changes without contacting the organizer.

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