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This document serves the purpose of gathering all the useful information regarding the construction of and development of the ubuntu-core flavor.


Every ubuntu-core image is composed of a defined set of snaps.

The base (core) snap

This is the base filesystem with all the bare-essential libraries and tools for any system to work. Like the core snap, this is required to be present on any 18 core-enabled system. Basically it has to offer any crucial functionality that is needed for a minimal system to function and cannot be easily installed through separate snaps.

The gadget snap

Each supported device has its own gadget snap. Gadget snaps are what defines the device, carrying binaries for the bootloader, declaring the partition layout etc.

There following gadget snaps are only used for the 16 series:

  • pi2

  • pi3

  • cm3

The snapd snap

The snap offering snapd itself. This was once part of the core snap but it has been ripped out as a separate snap since recently.

The kernel snap

  • Owner: Kernel Team
  • pi-kernel

  • dragonboard-kernel

  • pc-kernel

  • pi2-kernel