Opposed to the UbuntuDemonstrations page this "sub page" is supposed to be as the title says a page with Guidelines and not supposed to be a brainstorming page, so please respect that.

Nothing is written in stone and the Guidelines will most likely change alot in the process so don't take anything as final.

Before doing Screencast

Here follows information on what todo before actually shooting the screencast. Remember that it's important to get it right from the beginning so take time to plan the screencast.


  • Don't ever use a heavily-modified desktop that is far from a fresh install (if the Screencast has a requirement of a previous Screencast this is no problem).
  • No racism, sexism or any kind of material that people can be offended by are allowed. All screencasts are thoroughly looked at to ensure that none of the above is inside.


  • Plan your Screencast thoroughly before you actually makes the final version of it. It's important that you speak clear and at a slow pace so everyone can understand what you are talking about.
  • Don't be too technical if it's not necessary, after all the idea behind the screencasts are to be easy to comprehend and user-friendly, not geeky.

Bandwidth, Megabytes and FPS

Yet to come...

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