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== September 2009 == == September 2008 ==

Previous Ubuntu Developer Week Sessions

September 2008

The Timetable

Mon 1st Sep

Tue 2nd Sep

Wed 3rd Sep

Thu 4th Sep

Fri 5th Sep

16.00 UTC

Packaging 101 -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

How do I fix an Ubuntu bug? -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

BZR for packaging -- JamesWestby (james_w)

Automated Testing for the Desktop -- AraPulido (ara)

Ask Matt -- MattZimmerman (mdz)

17.00 UTC

Upstream Bug Linkages -- JorgeCastro (jcastro)

Introduction to BZR -- DavidFutcher (bobbo)

How do I update a package properly -- CesareTirabassi (norsetto)

How do I fix an Ubuntu bug? -- DanielHolbach (dholbach)

Unit testing Python code, with code coverage measurement -- LarsWirzenius (liw)

18.00 UTC

Introduction to MOTU -- IulianUdrea (iulian)

Kernel module packaging with DKMS -- MarioLimonciello (superm1)

Introduction to the ServerTeam -- MathiasGug (mathiaz)

A WebKit Browser in PyKDE -- JonathanRiddell (Riddell)

Introduction to the Installer Team -- EvanDandrea (evand)

19.00 UTC

Soyuz and all that Jazz -- CelsoProvidelo (cprov)

Using The Launchpad Web Service API LeonardRichardson (leonardr) and BarryWarsaw (barry)

Introduction to PPAs -- CelsoProvidelo (cprov)

Having fun with the MozillaTeam -- AlexanderSack

Introduction to the Ubuntu Security Team -- KeesCook (kees) and JamieStrandboge (jdstrand)

20.00 UTC

Working with Ubuntu<->GNOME QA (tips&tricks) PedroVillavicencio (pedro_)

Launchpad Hacks BrianMurray (bdmurray)

Various ways to patch a package -- ChristopheSauthier (huats) and DidierRoche (didrocks)

How to avoid making Archive Admins unhappy -- SteveLangasek (slangasek)

Kernel Discussion BenCollins (BenC)

February 2008


Mon 18th Feb

Tue 19th Feb

Wed 20th Feb

Thu 21st Feb

Fri 22nd Feb

16.00 UTC

Patching Packages (Martin Pitt)

Virtualisation (Søren Hansen)

MOTU Processes (Daniel Holbach)

Firefox 3 Extension Packaging (Alexander Sack)

Patching Packages (Martin Pitt)

17.00 UTC

Launchpad PPAs (Celso Providelo, Matthew Revell)

MOTU Processes (Daniel Holbach)

Hosting Code With Launchpad (Tim Penhey)

Writing Scripts For Automated Desktop Testing (Lars Wirzenius)

Launchpad PPAs (Celso Providelo, Matthew Revell)

18.00 UTC

Packaging 101 (Daniel Holbach)

Kubuntu (Jussi Kekkonen)

First Steps On Contributing (MOTU/TODO & MOTU/TODO/Bugs) (Nicolas Valcárcel)

Bughelper - Making Bug Work Easier (Brian Murray & Markus Korn)

MOTU Q&A Session (Daniel Holbach)

19.00 UTC

MOTU School - Working With Debian (James Westby & Nicolas Valcárcel)

Ubuntu Derivatives Team (Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá)

Desktop Packaging Session (Sébastien Bacher)

Bug Triage (Pedro Villavicencio)

Library Packaging - Part 1 (Stefan Potyra)

20.00 UTC

Introduction To The ServerTeam (Mathias Gug)

Debdiffs And How To Get Them Submitted (Daniel Holbach)

SRU/Security Updates (Luca Falavigna, William Grant)

Debdiffs And How To Get Them Submitted (Daniel Holbach)

Library Packaging - Part 2 (Stefan Potyra)

You may also read the schedule via Google Calendar, available in the HTML and ICAL formats.


  • Patching packages - Martin Pitt will explain the different techniques of patching packages. His session will help you get started with UbuntuDevelopment as it's a good entry point to improving the software we use every day.

  • Launchpad PPAs - Launchpad Hackers Celso Providelo and Matthew Revell will introduce you to a great feature of Launchpad: Personal Package Archives. Building packages for testing and preview reasons made easy.

  • Packaging 101 - Daniel Holbach will talk you through the most important properties of Ubuntu and Debian packaging.

  • MOTU School - Working with Debian - We'll have James Westby around, who is very interested in collaboration between Debian and Ubuntu. His session will showcase tools, initiatives and processes to make this happen.

  • Introduction to the ServerTeam - Interested in servers and services in the Ubuntu landscape? Matthias Gug introduces you to the ServerTeam.

  • MOTU Processes - Interested in becoming a MOTU? Daniel Holbach will explain the MOTU processes: how to get involved and how to get things done.

  • Virtualisation - Virtualisation is definitely one of the hottest topics at the moment. Virtualisation Specialist Søren Hansen will talk you through the state of things and answer all your questions.

  • Kubuntu - For those of you interested in development of the big K, we'll have the Kubuntu developers around.

  • Ubuntu Derivatives Team - We have new Derivatives coming up almost every day. The Derivative Team aims to make collaboration seamless and help derivatives to get things done.

  • Debdiffs and how to get them submitted - Daniel Holbach will showcase one of the most important entry points to get involved: how to produce good patches and explain how to get them submitted for inclusion.

  • First steps on contributing (MOTU/TODO & MOTU/TODO/Bugs) - MOTU contributor Nicolas Valcárcel will talk about his experiences and give you first-hand hints how to get started.

  • Desktop Packaging Session - Mastermind of the french Desktop mafia Sébastien Bacher will take you on a tour through Desktop Packaging: your entry point to the Desktop Team

  • SRU/Security updates - Two of our MOTUs, William Grant and Luca Falavigna, experienced in doing security and stable release updates will talk about exactly that.

  • Firefox 3 Extension Packaging - We'll have Mozilla hacker Alexander Sack around, who will talk you through packaging of Firefox 3 Extensions.

  • Writing Scripts For Automated Desktop Testing - QA developer Lars Wirzenius spent quite some time thinking about testing of applications and will take you on a tour through testing Desktop applications.

  • Bughelper - making bug work easier - Bugmaster Brian Murray and bughelper hacker Markus Korn are the de-facto maintainers of python-launchpad-bugs and bughelper. Numerous tools make use of the interface and make working with bugs much much easier.

  • BugTriage - Pedro Villavicencio has an incredible record of triaged bugs and even managed to give Sébastien Bacher a run for his money. He'll get you started doing bug triage which is one of the most important points of development.

  • MOTU Q&A session - This session has become an institution and happens every Friday at 13:00 UTC. For once we'll move this to a later time and invite you all to be there. Prepare your questions and let's get started together.

  • Library Packaging - Long-time MOTU Stefan Potyra will talk about the bread and butter of almost all packages: libraries and how to package them right.

  • Hosting Code With Launchpad - Launchpad Hacker Tim Penhey will talk you through how using bzr and Launchpad's Code Hosting is good for your project.

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